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Carnel Clyne resigns as Festival Committee Chairman


Carnel Clyne has resigned as the Chairman of the Virgin Islands Festival & Fairs Committee.

Culture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said he received Clyne’s resignation ‘not too long ago’, which he (Wheatley) accepted “reluctantly”.

“Mr Clyne made mention of unforeseen personal responsibilities which will impact his performance as Chairman. He felt that under those circumstances, he would have been challenged to devote the level of attention that the Committee would require and deserve,” Dr Wheatley explained in the House of Assembly on Thursday, June 11.

The minister then proceeded to condemn Virgin Islanders who he said have been tarnishing the character of others and ‘tearing them down’.

Dr Wheatley did not explain what he meant. He, however, said some of these detractors are members of Clyne’s community.

He added: “Some of these persons are Carnel Clyne’s family … The bible tells us, ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’. I pray as Virgin Islanders we stop throwing stones at each other.”

The minister further suggested that the attacks he mentioned seem to be politically motivated and accused Opposition legislators who were part of the former NDP government of engaging in a “witch hunt”.

Clyne served well

In the meantime, Dr Wheatley praised Clyne’s performance during his one-year stint as Committee chairman. He applauded the Clyne for preparing the required annual report of last year’s festivities — the first the be done in three years.

He further said that Clyne’s leadership also saw better money management than the leadership that was in place during the NDP regime.

“Under Carnel Clyne’s leadership, we have cleared all outstanding bills from as far back as 2017. This is the first time in many years that we are going into the festival season without any bills hanging over our head,” Dr Wheatley added.

In the meantime, Dr Wheatley said co-Chair of the Festival & Fairs Committee Khalid Frett will assume responsibilities as Acting Chair until Cabinet approves and appoints a replacement for Clyne.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Don’t believe the explanation one bit. There is no carnival this year what committment is he talking about?

    Something tells me he is heading back to Tourist board.

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    • Why oh why says:

      Why oh why do we bother with the Aug festival. It is an expensive embarrassment year after year. A poor copy of festivals held in other islands. Let’s just abandon it! We are the only country in the Caribbean where it is more expensive to fly away for festival than to fly in For festival – that tells you all you need to know.

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  2. Shameful says:

    Natalie has no shame whatsoever. The festival had an overrun of over one million dollars. Schools still don’t have furniture and resources and he is being trivial about it. Why did Carnel resign then? It’s a serious matter Mr. Minister.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Natalio has been Minister of Education for little over a year. A quarter of his term has been by put to a standstill due to Covid19. Whatever problems the education system may have today were not caused by Natalio.

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      • @anonymous says:

        You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Natalio appointed the festival committee. There was no proper oversight from him that why you have over one million overrun in the costs. And you’re right maybe, he has done nothing for education. They are running on what Myron put in place.

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  3. Parent says:

    Best thing he ever do! …

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  4. Soap opera says:

    So he prays as Virgin Islanders we stop throwing stones at each other. Wow! Yet rather than laying the report and accepting responsibility for overspending by over a million dollars he states that the previous government didn’t lay all the reports. That is very hypocritical.

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    • @Soap says:

      He is saying that but meanwhile they are after Walwyn like white on rice. Who are they fooling?

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      • Facts says:

        They just fraid that Walwyn runs again. They know regardless of what Walwyn is still threat because people still like and respect him.

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    • My Point says:

      Exactly!! and if you listen to the House of Assembly from the day they went in there… Check how many persons/organisations/statutory boards were criticised.

  5. Blighted says:

    This position is either blighted, or something because everyone who goes there resigns in short time it appears this position which is always 99% a local receives so much undue pressure and criticism whoever holds the seat gives up
    Because I guess it’s just not worth it.
    Stop tear down your own the most u can say however is whoever else comes next better have some balls or ? of steel

  6. Big pep says:

    Any Festival this Year.???

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  7. Diaspora says:

    Unlike like Texas, the most remote of the US Slave states and who found out on June 19, 1865(origin of Juneteenth celebration) approx 2.5 years after Slavery was abolished, the Slaves in the VI found out time on 01 August 1834 that they were free of physical slavery. Informed of their freedom, the Slaves bust loose with wild celebrations and their descendants have been celebrating ever since.

    Now. an approx two-week celebration has emerged with the 1st Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August being official holidays. The current celebration has shifted from an emancipation and cultural event to now mostly an entertainment and commercial event; it is a costly two week respite from residents life travails. Government, ie, taxpayers, is expected to underwrite a significant portion of the cost, incurring cost overrun in most years. Is there something rotten in the state of Denmark?

    Moreover, in recent years, it seems as if we have been playing musical chairs with the top leadership of the VIFFC. Any organization that undergoes constant changes of leadership is a clear indication that there are structural challenges with the organization, ie, the organization may not be able to run effectively as currently structured. Thus, an ad hoc committee needs to commissioned to look at a)cultural relevance and purpose of festival, b) organizational structure, c)duration, d)type of celebration, e)financing (public v. private)……etc.

    Other regional countries, eg, Antigua, have cancelled their 2020 Emancipation celebrations. What is the status of the VI’s?

  8. vip heckler says:

    I can safely say that the trough is dry this year so there isn’t anything for them to stick their snouts in

  9. One term says:

    Hon. Wheatley is all mouth and no action. One termer definitely.

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  10. W.E Man says:

    In over 30 years I think I have been on three occasions, never enjoyed it, can’t see the point, awful food in wooden shacks and terrible music, a new concept is well overdue.

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  11. Wha wrong with this crook? says:

    He has not seen any reports for the last three years but he knows that Cline is a better money manager…because he presented a report?

    W.E. Man you sad.

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