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Cars queue for drive-thru vaccines as BVI sees 13 COVID deaths


As the territory reels from at least 13 COVID-related deaths — 12 of which happened in the last few days and weeks — several vehicles have been queueing at the festival grounds in Road Town where the government is hosting a major vaccination campaign dubbed Operation Protect Each Other Drive-Thru Vaccination.

Operation Protect Each Other Drive-Thru Vaccination takes place today, Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, July 18 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Residents of the Virgin Islands will have the opportunity to receive their first or second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine through this campaign.

The drive-thru will allow vehicles to enter the eastern gate of the festival grounds and occupants will be able to register, get inoculated, receive their cards and drive off in the convenience of their cars.

Persons aged 18 and older are advised to pre-fill registration forms available online walk with government-issued identification, wear their face masks as well as short-sleeved tops for easy access to getting the vaccine.

As this vaccination drive happens, persons are advised that the inbound lane of the dual carriageway will be closed to facilitate the campaign from 9 am to 5 pm.

Meanwhile, Premier has issued an urgent message to unvaccinated residents during a broadcast last evening.

“Whilst, it is voluntary, I strongly urged you to take the vaccine being vaccinated gives your body the best chance to fight the virus. I especially urge those who have underlying health conditions, the elderly and the young; safeguard yourselves.”

As of 7 pm on Friday, July 16, the BVI has recorded 2,020 positive COVID-19 cases overall. Of that number, 1,596 are active cases, 420 have recovered, and several have been hospitalised. The Ministry of Health has indicated that only one vaccinated person has been hospitalised since contracting the virus.

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  1. Smh says:

    No drive through for hungry persons But for effing vaccine.What a shame.

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    • Well says:

      Fasting and praying makes you hungry.
      Not saving for a rainy day,in time u will be hungry.

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    • Lmfao says:

      The bush people aren’t taking the jab. They smarter than the whole world. Remember bush negros can’t even feed themselves. You want dem to be smart for da jab. No way mon. How many cars show up? 2

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    • To smh says:

      You sound like a real @$$…you remind me of the woman who went on the community board and ask if she can take BOTH dose at the same time ……poor humanity

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    • Hurtmyleg says:

      The photo look like Friday night back of town.

    • Tum says:

      Did 5 people died out of hunger in the past week? How many hungry people are being hospitalized?

      Keep it going … nature will fix it up by natural selection

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    • @smh says:

      As long as you have health and strength you can get a hob and feed that hunger

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  2. Wow says:

    About people wake up

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  3. WWE says:


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  4. We says:

    Lock down
    Hurry up, what you waiting for

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    • @Lickdown..Lazy Civil Servant says:

      Go to work. Practice to work for what you want…It is lockdown that have us in this position…It is lockdown that caused people to smuggle in…

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  5. Curious bvi islander says:

    What about those without government issued IDs…are they turned away from receiving the vaccine?!

  6. Ausar says:

    THIS is great news!

    I would hope that this initiative is conducted weekly, until all desired to be vaccinated are afforded the ability to do so.

    Sooo proud to see my people driving up to get the jab!

    The life you’ve saved is your own, your family’s AND the general community at-large!

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  7. Safety says:

    Hope all recipiants are kept waiting 15 minites before driving away incase of possible allergic reactions

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  8. Liane Le Tendre says:

    It is so terribly sad to hear of these 13 deaths that could have been so easily prevented. Sigh.


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  9. This Is China's doing says:

    China and their accomplice world health organizationn are killing so much innocent people to achieve their own selfish Goal..With the Absent of Trump China is left to do as they want..With a very weak Amirican president, we doomed..

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    • Tum says:

      And we are back … back to another conspiracy theory…. Just focus on what you can control or could have .. take the vaccine everyone was tell you to….

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  10. Get lost says:


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  11. DOTS says:

    To the people who need food sounds like you need a food bank. Anyho we in a serious situation vaccine could help. Somebody will give bread.

  12. Do Whats right. Vax up says:

    We are saving our own lives…We will enjoy a better day..

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  13. @Lickdown..Lazy Civil Servant says:

    Go to work. Practice to work for what you want…It is lockdown that have us in this position…It is lockdown that caused people to smuggle in…

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