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Case against gov’t tossed out, Skelton Cline mum

The matter involving the non-renewal of a contract for the former Head of the BVI Ports Authority, Claude Skelton-Cline was tossed out of the high court on Thursday by Justice Vicki-Ann Ellis.

The matter was against the then Dr Smith-led National Democratic Party (NDP) administration which lost the recently-held general election to Andrew Fahie’s Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

Notably, Skelton-Cline was an NDP supporter, but he has since turned his allegiance to the VIP.

The reasons behind the case’s dismissal are not yet clear.

When BVI News contacted the usually vocal clergyman for comment on whether he intends to appeal the judgement, he responded with a ‘no comment’.


The matter was first brought before the court in 2016.

Media reports are that despite being reportedly promised a new contract, Cabinet did not renew his contract to head the Ports.

Skelton-Cline was represented by Tana’ania Small-Davis from Hunte and Co. Law Chambers.

During her submissions to the court, Small-Davis said there was no issue with her client’s performance and hinted that it may have been a political move.

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  1. Reply says:

    ‘no comment’

  2. ndp/vip heckler says:

    So now we will never ever hear the other 98%

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  3. Oh well says:

    He’s mum for the moment, get ready for the rant and rave soon.

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  4. Seasalt says:

    Of late CSC had so to say about legal matters especially that of the speaker of the house and Vanterpool, but he did not see this one coming. Appeal my brother because you can do that since you are a secret minister in this administration. They will use the taxpayers money to finance your appeal. I am sure the ministers have not come to realise that you are paid better than all of them. Good going my brother, you’re the real deal.

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  5. Lol says:

    Case got tossed out cause of that big contract? SCHEMES

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  6. Political Intelligence says:

    Of course the case would be tossed out. S Cline was on a time limit contract, the government was on no obligation to renew. S. Cline was not a permanent employee, he was on contract. CASE CLOSED before it even began.

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  7. E scott says:

    Question . Does he have to give his real name in court.
    Oh and one thing don’t call him a pastor the closest that this man gets to pastor in the cheese on pasta .

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  8. Ha Ha says:

    Mr.CSK, Karma works this way, it can come swift and hard or it can come slow and painful. A man always reaps what he sows.

  9. Ha Ha says:

    Mr.C. Karma comes fast and hard or slow and painful. A man always reap what he sows.

  10. Quiet Rebel says:

    It was an iffy law suit. At the end of the contract term, CSC had the right not to renew the option to continue as MD and so too did the government. Consequently, Cabinet had the right not to renew the contract provided no policies were violated.

    Nonetheless, some verbal agreements can be viewed as contracts and are enforceable; it depends on the circumstances. The question is was there an offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity and competence…..etc. If the case continues on to Eastern Caribbean Court Appeal, these are some of the things that will be looked at.

    Anyway, in universe of human resource management, some statutory body employees may be considered at will employees; MD position may be an at will position and can be let go at any time; there are no normal civil service process/right, ie, notice of intent, rebuttal, review by a board…..etc. Nevertheless, an employee can always pursue legal action. However, it is generally a best management practice(BMP) that no one is let go without cause.

  11. E Scott says:

    according to the head line his Mum threw it out so how does that count !

  12. 8th District Gyal says:

    Is it me or has this case already been settled right before our very eyes? A contract in lieu of case being dismissed? staywoke

  13. Sam says:

    So Cline has been TOSSED by his Mum …….. not the first time

  14. lok says:

    why do the continue to allow completely unqualified people s***l their monies and wreck their institutions. this guy should be sued, not be suing. minister who happens to be port authority? he even know how drive a dingy?

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