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Castoff 3rd-generation BVIslanders living overseas gets 6-week Belongership offer

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Premier Andrew Fahie is calling on castoff and statusless third-generation BVIslanders living overseas to return to the territory to receive Belongership.

He made the appeal at Monday’s sitting of House of Assembly when amendments to the territory’s Immigration and Passport Act successfully passed.

These amendments were done to facilitate his government’s regularisation programme.

“With the passing of this [Immigration] Act, all Virgin Islanders who are third generation can come home. They have a chance now to get their Belongership with this fast-track,” the Premier said.

The Premier, however, noted that this Belongership offer will only last for a limited time — a little more than a month.

He said: “Whether you are in New York, Atlanta, Timbuktu, England, Guam, Dubai, every third Virgin Islander have a chance in the next six weeks when we announce the date when the applications will be coming.”

While noting that the decision was made less than 24 hours before Monday’s June 2 sitting of the House, Premier Fahie also explained the circumstances which resulted in third-generation BVIslanders now becoming eligible after living overseas.

“We have a lot of persons who for medical reasons had their children abroad and there are Virgin Islanders and their children grew up and got older and got their children abroad, but now that child abroad can come home to the Virgin Islands and claim their grandparent’s rights,” Fahie said.

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  1. Jane says:

    So let me understand this, someone who whose grandparents were born in BVI, but who themselves was born abroad, lived abroad gets fast-tracked to Belongership but someone whose grandparents born somewhere else, but who has lived here 19 years, worked here, had their children here, has no fast-track???? And so these born-again BVIslanders dont need to show their community service, their commitment to these islands, its just enough that their grandmommy and grandpappy was born here is it?

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    • Meh Son says:

      Yes, you have that right!

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    • Love for my Country says:

      @Jane: These are persons who no doubt will have claim to land inherited from their grandparents/parents. These are persons who come home from time to time. They also make contribution by financing some of their family members and pay for land taxes. They are different to your status.

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      • @Love for my Country says:

        Why are you explaining anything to them for? These are our family, or blood. Can’t you see that all they care about is their bloodline? Well… so do we! The greater difference is that this is ‘OUR’ country they are trying to fight over.

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      • Absurd says:

        What land Tax? The land Tax here is minescule. Some of the land Tax charged to beolngers cannot pay for the reciept, the ink, the electricity to print it and the person to collect the meager sum.

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        • dog says:

          I’ll bet that as soon as you get status, that minuscule tax is exactly what you’re going to want. If, God forbid, they give you status, I hope you have to pay through your nose.

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    • Flash says:

      They’re entitled to a few things here.

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    • Reasoned approach says:

      Yes my friend. They may only have heard about the BVI, can’t locate in on a map, never lived here,never ever contributed to the country, would never ever give their first world life style to come here and live but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that their grandparents are from here.
      And I guess, they won’t need to show what they have contributed to the territory in order to gain such status however, a child born here to expat parents, live here all their life, go to school here, contributing to the society through sports etc, know no other home,has to go through hell to even get residency. Mr. Premier,I think these knee jerk reactions need serious thought. Slow down please or you may end up loosing support.
      As it is right now, u have disappointed a large number of expats who you told that you were going to give them a little bit of stability to their life.
      Again, slow down, discuss with your cabinet before you make these far reaching announcements.

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      • So waaittt says:

        You want to leave your good green islands with Alkaline rivers to COME CLAIM WHAT IS BVI OWN? I don’t care if you live here for 2k years. WHERE WERE YOUR PARENTS BORN? WHERE WERE YOUR GRANDPAPPY DEM BORN? Thank you for your contribution if you want to bich and leave the door knob will not hit you where the good Lord DIDN’T bless you.

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      • J says:

        This is laughable! You are cautioning our premier because expats have become disappointed? Please learn the difference between a ‘right’ and a ‘privilege’. You are not entitled to anything in this territory but maybe granted such based on the generosity of the people and leaders of the territory.

        Yes, you may have contributed to this territory. However, please be reminded that most expats came to the BVI for the soul purpose of earning a living. My point is, you were paid for your contribution. I call it fair trade. Keep that in mind as you ‘caution’ our premier.

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    • @ Jane says:

      This is BVI business, and this is our children’s business, our grandchildren business. Our country! We do not cross into your country’s affairs… so stay out of our affairs. So we are to allow our offspring to be disenfranchised to another’s in ‘our country’? Think again!

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    • Exactly right says:

      It is called nationhood by heritage and it is valid and totally legitimate

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    • Kam says:

      That’s correct. You made the choice as an expat full well knowing the laws of the overases territories but you expect laws to change to suit you

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    • Carli says:

      When you go home you expect the same regardless of how long you have lived abroad and I am sure you are not denied, so what’s your beef.

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    • shu flu says:

      But that’s how it’s been from donkey years. He hasn’t done anything new

    • @Jane says:

      I don’t understand why this is a problem. These people are our family. We don’t need to say more than that.

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    • @Jane says:

      You guys know more about BVI immigration matters than you do your own nation’s…but if I ask you about your country’s citizenship requirements ‘you have not a clue’.

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    • yes says:

      That’s what it means to be from here. You are on their land. Just because they may be overseas doesn’t mean they don’t own land and pay taxes here.

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    • Yes, says:

      Stupid. Do you expect their families to turn their inheritance over to you? Virgin Islanders can be born anywhere in the world and still be Virgin Islanders. We are a unique people, we own our own land. We are not giving it to you. You should not have had your children here. Just make sure you take them home to get a passport,for they are not stateless children as some are trying to claim, but belong to the state from which you came. And no, they do not need to show any community service, that has been done for them over the generations by the blood sweat and tears of their ancestors. So there it is.

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    • Thank you. says:

      Mr. Premier. The only thing wrong about this is the short timeframe of six weeks. People cannot react that fast. If others can be giving 20 years in our territory, the least we can do is give our people 20 weeks or even more because they are going to have to arrange vacation time and also time to gather the necessary documentation as evidence. Albeit, this is a very good idea.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      SO all you people that won’t get rights in your own lifetime.
      Your Grandchildren can become belongers! What’s the fuss. Just needs a little more patience.

  2. Great says:

    gesture, except:

    1) Time frame/window is to small.
    2) What other incentives are being planned to encourage such.

    There are much to consider here relative to this good idea:

    1) How many will give up their professional jobs to return to work here under the current salary scales and exorbitant and daily cost of living.

    2) What incentives will be offered in retaining those 3rd generationers with regards to land, housing and job placement.

    3) What will be the criterion established for job placement.

    Or, should this be an effort to encourage those with business capital and knowledge to come and invest, so creating jobs and wealth for the territory.

    How will the strategies unfold in enticing or convincing the doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, financial manager, etc., etc. to give up an already constructed life and career to come and begin anew.

    A great idea, but a challenging one for sure.

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    • Stone Cold Steve Austin says:

      They are not returning to work. They are only coming to claim their right to belongership by descent. The way you are questioning is as if they will be getting it thru immigration, which is a different category of belongership.

      Also note the time frame is not too short. It’s a 6 week window AFTER a date has been established to start the initatiative.

      Finally, the cost for belongership by blood descent is far less (may be free, only cost of card – need clarification) than the cost of immigration granted belonger status.

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      • @SCSA says:

        ?????????????? ever happen to r&c.???????????????????

      • @Stone Cold Steve Austin says:

        True statement, but blogger-Great, is making some good points. However, many of these persons already have inherited land and some homes and yes it would be great to encourage many to return home if possible. Hopefully this will be a start. I would additionally recommend e-forms and online processing of applications as an alternative to returning home to process applications. I for one would be very happy to deliver all of my family’s documents needed from the BVI to attach to their applications. Thank you Premier!!!

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      • Lilly says:

        You do the same. Stop accusing people of doing the very things you do. It’s just that we could care less and do not check.

      • My head says:

        Lord I just can’t take it anymore first I was happy as an expat living here for 16 years thinking I would of get my Residence I wasn’t even studying the Belongers now it get block now ur telling me some 3 generation living overseas can come and get their Belongers etc because a granny and pappy this is crazy I’m confused I’m confused so confused is this really right?

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    • Not a political virgin says:

      Why 6 weeks??
      I will tell you why – someone in the government wants one of their family members to get a free ride!
      Think people. This is a gift to someone…not to any of us. More coruption spewing out of BVI politicians is all it is.
      Get used to it!

  3. Confusion says:

    So, we are to understand that persons who were not born here, have not lived or worked in the BVI, has not contributed to the government or communities in anyway are now being fast-tracked. But persons who have lived and worked in the BVI for years, payed the laundry lists of taxes imposed, pay the necessary annual fees to continue to live and work year after year, contribute to their communities, STUCK AROUND WHEN DISASTER STRIKES, built their lives in the BVI are told that 20yrs = MAYBE you MIGHT get some status IF we feel like it. Mr Fahie. I was rooting for you but this right here, this fresh caught tuna flip flopping shows that you have no spine. But don’t worry, in the eyes of the matriarch, lords and knights of the BVI, you are doing a bang up job. Stop toying with ppl’s livelihood in this way!

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    • @Confusion says:

      If you’re still in confusion then you really have a greater problem don’t you? lol….

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      • @ Reply, says:

        Clearly English isn’t your strong suit. The title is “Confusion”, not “Confused”. So before you try to come for someone next time pop open a dictionary before you spew ignorance for the general public to see!

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        • @ @ Reply says:

          Well Blog Grammar Police… You are correcting grammar when you yourself are ‘in confusion’ and ‘confused’. lol…

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  4. Everyday says:

    Between Fahie and the man in the wig I ain’t know who have less sense…

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  5. Anonymous says:

    seriously in what way did they contribute to the territory? They were not even born here unlike kids to expats and they getting belonger stat.when kids to expats aint getting noting!!! too unfair when they already have rights in usa or uk but kids born here still have to pay for time to live here.

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    • @ Anonymous says:

      Believe me just about all of your BVI born children have something awaiting them in your country and their grandparents status will help them to qualify for it all. SO GO SIT DOWN, and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

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  6. facts says:

    Premier u rong ! so what happen to expats kis born here?

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    • Antiguan breed says:

      Actually 3rd generation always could of gotten their status so he is not doing anything extra special and the law about expats kids was made by the queen not the bvi government and was placed in effect in 1983 and because they can inherit property they at some point have to get their status and expats are fortunate now because back in the day when my mom had me they put you on the plane and send you back to your country to have your child

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      • Thank you says:

        I thought this was always in place. The only thing is this time requirement. So if someone applies after the 6 weeks, they can’t get it?

  7. Wow says:

    So u telling me dat my grand mother frm d bvi and i was born in d states i never even traveled to d bvi or hav any intention of doing so may only to visit once every 10 yrs can just cum and claim belonger ship even though since my grand mother left d bvi she her self never return there wow yet u hav people there who was born there live work contribute people who has children who grew up to hav children and day cant get belongership ship simply becaz their original parents is not from there mr fahie dat is utter foolishness pure rubbish u can do better dan dat
    D bvi has nutin to offer us so do u think most of d people travel out and make a life out here and dnt bother doing much suport uthink we are ever gonna give up our lives to move back to d bvi to help build or do anything much less contribute more dan d people dats living there common most people will only visit and den live non will stay only it day get deported frm the US u see dem run back to bvi and dats wen day remember day frm ther

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    • @wow says:

      You guys no more about our immigration matters than you do your own nation…ask you’ll about your country’s citizenship requirements and you have not a clue.

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    • ConcernedThinker says:

      I dont know why some are making noise. Its its called inherited rights. It should be ongoing for these kids actually. When their parents and grandparenta pass, guess what, properties could become theirs. In bible times an inheritance had to be left for kids. This should not even be debatable in my opinion.


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    • Really says:

      The 3rd generation and later children we are speaking of vacation here, and most already own property here and pay taxes. When we were broken after the storms, they sent to us while money worked for here kept going out -IJS.

  8. Me says:

    Big thank U@’great these things Andrew need to think about before.He said NDP.give over 2000 his minister said nearly 1000 pls.Come on u guys are not in sync so how am I to come home when nothing is in parallel to guarantee me my earnings when I gove away my status immediately

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  9. Hmm says:

    But yet children who born here of parents from overseas still can’t get status?

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  10. vip heckler says:

    So after 6 weeks and they don’t/cant show up they are no longer bvislanders?

  11. Facts says:

    This is nothing new. Belonger status has been granted and will continue to be granted after the 6 weeks window, to children born outside the territory to persons who are BVIslanders or Belongers.

    • Deh Watcha says:

      To my understanding from speaking with a past officer if the 3rd generation born child (grandchild) has a child (great-grand child) born outside the territory, that 4th generation child has no ties or claim.

      Remember it says grand parents born in the Territory.

  12. expat!! says:

    what happen to kids that born here to expat parents ? They have to pay for time and have to wait 10 yrs to get a passport??

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    • @ expat! says:

      You know the laws, why would you then choose to do so?

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      • plesae please please... says:

        stop the madness. Your child is entitiled to your home country status. If you had a baby in most other parts of the world the same thing would pertain. Baby automatically has the mother’s birth right. I am an american living here for work and when my child was born I registed him with the US consel as I have no status here. So my child is BVI born, but is an American because I am. Same hold true for you all in regards to your country of birth. While it may be a little more labor intensiveto make happen it is possible. I have a friend I met here from Trinidad and her born here baby has a Trinidad passport.

  13. Ausar says:

    Thank you, Premier Fahie, for thinking about many of us who live abroad and would like to become Belongers.

    For so many, Belongership was a dream deferred or an impossble dream. To own land, many had to apply for alien land holding licenses.

    And for so many others, the possibility of employment, was virtually impossible without work permits.

    Now Premier, six weeks is quite a bit of a stretch. You’re asking persons to return from whereever they are in the world, to comply.

    Thats quite an expensive feat. With multiple children and such, plane tickets can become quite expensive.

    How about extending it to the end of August, thereby tying it in to the festivities. I think it could be a grand home coming for many of us.

    Also, online applications could greatly help in relieving expenses.

    Again, Premier, a great move in securing the homeland for BVIslanders, once again; those at home and those abroad!

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  14. It's a trick says:

    These people don’t even know where the BVI is located, they are Americans, they not leaving USA to live here in this slow islands

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  15. Diaspora says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! What is a castoff 3rd Generation Virgin Islander? How insulting. This is another rush job like the fast track regularization for expats. Another seat of the pants/skirt decision. Premier Fahie is taking this rush action to placate the critics of his supersonic speed Immigration and Passport amendment. Again, what is the rush?

    Does the Premier realized that the so called castoff 3rd Generation BVIslanders may have jobs, enrolled in school…
    etc? They have a life and is not just sitting around waiting to response the Premier seat of the pants decision making, pushing on a string. The Premier’s governing style is making the VI the laughing stock of the region. Here is a news flash for the Premier. Slow and steady wins the race. The current situation is a clear example that experience and demonstrated performance matters. The green team is off to a rocky start. It is less than 90 days and it has already made enough missteps to give the opposition nuff talking points. Unless it corrects course, doubt it will make it to 2023. Holler if you can say one-term.

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  16. CW says:

    This is one reason why our tourism product (that brings $40,000 a WEEK to local business) doesn’t visit the BVI anymore. Sick of the bad attitudes, racism, entitlement, and all while you destroy the beautiful natural environment and quality tourism you had. But sure, blame the expats.

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  17. BVI Constitution says says:

    ‘ a person belongs to the Virgin Islands if that person is born outside he Virgin Islands of a father or mother who descents from a father or mother who was born in the Virgin Islands’

    Dont be fooled with smoke and mirrors, third generation VIslander have automatic right to get a belonger stamp.

    There is already a process for residents over 20 years and children born in BVI to expats.

    All the Premier has changed is to ‘fast track’ those already eligible, unfortunately the darned ‘fast track’ is proving a slow monkey of chaos

  18. Anonymous says:

    As one of the few real indigenous Virgin Islanders with my ancestral roots being of both Carib and Arawak before Africans were brought by boat to the country that my forefathers owned I do not appreciate black people claiming titles like belongership and BVIslanders. Tortola and the rest of the Caribbean do not belong to Africans. We travelled by canoe from island to island and nowhere did we ever encounter black people.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      Another racist fool…All of those persons were killed of by the European settlers…and you know this too.

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  19. Jenny Boy says:

    “We have a lot of persons who for medical reasons had their children abroad and there are Virgin Islanders and their children grew up and got older and got their children abroad, but now that child abroad can come home to the Virgin Islands and claim their grandparent’s rights,” Fahie said.”

    THIS IS THE CURRENT LAW.Nothing new here. People need to be educated about the lowhole as it relates to BELONGER STATUS.

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  20. son of the soil says:


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    • Vicar versa says:

      We need to know America is for Americans when we leave our sweet island to go live there!

      • @Vicar versa says:

        Isn’t this the underlined issue at hand? Persons wishing that their children and themselves could receive US/UK rights as well however, living in the OT’s is a close second.

  21. Quiet Warrior says:

    Clearly, the VIP didn’t think it was going to win and was ill-prepared. The Premier cause some jaws to drop when he said that he was surprised that former MEC Myron Walwyn lost. Even if it were thought about, it is not something that should have verbalized. Which of the 4 At Large candidates he thought was going to lose? Pure greeness and inexperience at work. The Premier is acting like a Fire-AIM-Ready type of leader. It seems like to him everything is a transaction; this is Trump MO.

    The fast tracked Immigration and Passport amendment was rushed and an amateurish process of developing, getting buy in and passing a major policy. It was not vetted for unintended consequences, social-political-cultural impact, long-term impact…….etc. The castoff 3rd Generation Virgin Islanders Belongership policy change too was rushed and not fully vetted. It was pure fully unadulterated politics with the aim of appeasing critics. Many of the “castoffs” as they are called lived in US, Canada…etc and need time to prepare to make the trip to the BVI. They are not traveling from St. John or St. Thomas. But the government is only seeing things through a political lens and is blinded by the other factors. The proposal seem good politically so to hell with everything else. No consideration of the human factor(s).

    Moreover, a coalition government would have been the best thing for the BVI at this juncture. No single party had the talent pool to govern effectively. We may jump high or jump low but experience is vital. Experience cannot be bought at the store; it is either you have or you don’t; it takes time to attain. It cannot be force fed. There is a high price to pay for inexperience. The top leader must have the experience, stature…….etc to earn the confidence, respect, followership ….etc of others.

    The VIP team comprise of good people but they are just green without the experience. Who are the seasoned professionals with government experience? No one. It is all learning on the job; what a long learning curve. However, the down side is that there are a lot of major things to do.

    This may be a broken CD but the Premier while taking care of basic services should call a standdown, conduct a situational analysis and construct both a short-term and long-term strategic plan of action. Plan the work and work the plan. This is the advice that any paid consultant will give to anyone taking hold of an organization, ie, government, NGO, MNC, non-profit, School principal, Pastor….etc We need to stop the trial and error approach; it is costly, costing time, money, lack of services, delay…….etc. It makes potential investors take pause.

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    • RealPol says:

      “The Premier is acting like a Fire-AIM-Ready type of leader. It seems like to him everything is a transaction; this is Trump MO.” Real talk. All this is about politics. Politics always outweigh good business practices/decisions. Bad politics slays good business practices.

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      • Quiet Rebel says:

        Indeed, quick draw and bad aim. Expended a silver bullet for what? Squandered political capital on actions that didn’t markedly change things. A costly misreading of conditions on the ground. The offer to castoff 3rd Generation BVIslander is a gimmick to placate the loud voices asking what is the rush, the emergency. A better way to have attacked this issue would have been appointing a focus group and conducting a survey.

    • thoughtfull sailor says:

      Do you suppose that esteemed consultant, Skelton Cline, thought to give him your good advice? He could have earned a bit of his salary!

    • Eagle and Buffalo says:

      “This may be a broken CD but the Premier while taking care of basic services should call a standdown, conduct a situational analysis and construct both a short-term and long-term strategic plan of action. Plan the work and work the plan. This is the advice that any paid consultant will give to anyone taking hold of an organization, ie, government, NGO, MNC, non-profit, School principal, Pastor….etc We need to stop the trial and error approach; it is costly, costing time, money, lack of services, delay…….etc. It makes potential investors take pause.”

      Premier Fahie, this is some free advice that should be given a close look. QW has been consistently offering this free advice from Day 1. To me, it would have been a more effective strategy/tactic than the scatter shot approach that is being employed. Clearly, the VIP is operating in a discrete mode and decisions being made do not seem to be conducted from a central plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Each minister, including the Premier, seems to be racing to roll out policies that serve his/her personal political interest. It is disappointing that a party that spent 8 long, lonely years in the political wilderness is not better prepared to govern. It is operating like it didn’t expect to win and shocked that it won so convincingly. Now, it is struggling as to how to effectively pull the levers of governing. As other bloggers have also noted, the BVI needs a National Development Plan.

      Let’s lead like eagles, not careen off the cliff like buffaloes.

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  22. YO says:


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  23. yes sah says:

    I am glad the premier did this. It brought out the ugliness that was hidden for years in the heart of BVIslanders. From Marlon right down. Marlon is a politician so are the others on his team so they dare not risk taking a stand. So mum mum is the word. Dont wwant to offend his indeginous people and cannot risk the displeasure of exp. who can vote. Best deal do not vote. This is a cowardly act on his part. Stand up for something or fall for everything. You did not show any backbone. Myron would have taken a STAND win, lose or draw. Ladership matters. The same isssue that made Myron lose is the same issue Premier running with at the chaos in the country. The haterd is felt in the workplace, in some homes with inlaws, in the CHURCHES. What a ting!

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  24. Sam says:

    Will the same status be given the the, white Irish and Scottish slaves that were on BVI long before the African slaves brought here . Most on BVI don’t even know that fact because they don’t really care about history or the truth,they are just racist lazy good for nothing Africans. BVI is finished , it’s over and you could try to save it but you are all too busy robbing of each other and blaming everyone else and hating on everybody. Let this continue and Disney can sell you as a mini Haiti fun park.

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    • Go Home says:

      I hope you already have your ticket to leave this mini Haitian fun park. All you’ll dissing BVI but nobody’s leaving. What does that make you’ll?

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    • @Sam says:

      @Sam, go crawl back under the rock that you lived under within your twisted friends. There are daily ferries and planes leaving the territory. Shut your trap bout Irish and Spanish salves. They probably came as prisoners as the prisoners that were sent to Australia. Bye, bye.

    • @Sam says:

      Let’s go deeper then white folks, all the whites, Irish, and Scottish slaves can claim their African ancestors rights if they like? I dear you! Cause as we know… all of mankind came from Africa.

    • @Sam says:

      Believe me, they died out before the Africans were brought here. They could not withstanding hard labour in the sun. So go talk that Sammy boy!

  25. Latino says:

    Hey Pappi Tank You For Dis Appotunity Am So Happy to hear this News I was born in the BVI but my parents move back to Santo Domingo if I check the Bloodline of people who I know was here my Village might have 2,300 person we will come and get our Belongers Tanks Again Pappi Fahie

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  26. Rudolph says:

    Why do they have to come home in person to obtain belonger status? Very inconvenient.

  27. Nun says:

    I wish that Nurses, doctors and other medical staff at Peebles – who are expats – would go on strike for just 2-3 days and see what will happen to ya’ll sick people. And also those who work at the Old People Home. If that happens, we would be able to see how BVI Islanders would be able to manage their sick people.
    Tek that!!

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    • wow... says:

      we took care of our own before and we will do it again if the need arises,but it won’t arise because when and if you leave there are others in line waiting for the opportunity to come to this “TERRIBLE PLACE” that you are fighting to get status in, while begrudging us.

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      • Stop says:

        Dear expats, Stop fight for this land, don’t you see our people don’t need you here anymore, work, pay your bills and taxes honestly, pay you rent, save a bit of the US dollar send it to the land you where bone on, don’t worry about your children who were bone on this land, just build for them in your born land, keep the peace and let the BVISLANDERs fight for their own, let them fight their own battles, they have a right as humans, to fight if they feel threatened, stop catching feelings, and if you have fallen in love with this place and want to live forever and have a family here for generations, FORGET ABOUT IT, take the back seat, let go and let GOD, stop fighting battles that are not yours.

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    • Well says:

      We dare you all to do it. Hurry up!

  28. $ says:

    Hon. Premier, you have created a nightmare. The expats have not gotten their rights yet and they are already turning on you. Hint! Hint! You need to take more time to think things through.

  29. $& says:

    Hon. Premier, you have created a nightmare. The expats have not gotten their rights yet and they are already turning on you. Hint! Hint! You need to take more time to think things through.

  30. Unify and Centralize says:

    Dear CARICOM nationals/expats,
    Please have some sense of self and pride. Stop arguing with the people of the BVI about rights and privileges, as the saying goes ” a fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. Remember who you are and where you are from (this includes being great kings and Queens of Africa) and be proud of this.
    Appreciate yourselves, the culture in which you were raised and the contributions you may have made in the BVI. Start to THINK… so they say that you came here for financial gain and you got that right? well STOP GIVING IT BACK!! STOP SPENDING MONEY IN THE BARS AND LOCAL ESTABLIMENTS (research the Montgomery bus strike) START INVESTING IN YOURSELVES AND YOUR COUNTRIES! Develop your retirement plan, set up yourself in your own country. Buy land, start business. Live within/below your means( spend the bare minimum here) and bank/invest it in your home countries. Keep your eye open for opportunities or create them. Become an entrepreneur in your country and create opportunities for others so that they don’t have to come to the BVI and endure what you did. STOP THE NEW AGE SLAVERY NOW! Their very own Honorable Chief Minister H.Lavity Stout said that where there is NO VISION the people PERISH…do not perish. Don’t be afraid, work together, support each other, invest together. Time to get off the plantation.

  31. Hmmm says:

    I was born on St Thomas, moved to JVD when I was 10. Attended JVD primary school and graduated and attended BVI High school went all the way to 4th form. Went to St. Thomas to my grandfather’s funeral and on return my birth certificate was confiscated. I was told I had to move back to St. Thomas. I caught a boat everyday to school and immigration would harass me everyday about why my mother haven’t come to collect my birth certificate so they could deport us. I had to move because my parents or grandparents weren’t from there but my great grandparents were from there.

  32. Deported says:

    I was deported because of this law even though I spent most of my life there

  33. Anonymous says:

    So the fact that my great-grandparents and grandparents were were born, lived their ENTIRE lives and died on VG and my mother and her siblings who were born on VG (2 of the 4 still live there) makes me NOT a belonger because I was born in the states?? I would think you would WANT people who are actually blood related to BVI to come back to live, invest or visit instead of the ones who just come and buy land and have no connection to the islands.
    But that’s just me.??‍♀️

  34. EBR says:

    The BVI —and— the UK grant belonger status and/or citizenship ‘jus sanguinis’ otherwise known ‘right of blood’. In contrast, the U.S.A. grants citizenship ‘jus soli’ otherwise known as ‘right of soil’. Please, do not mistake the two.

    The law is the law. Do your research: BNA of 1948, BNA of 1981 and British overseas Territories Act of 2002. BVIslanders are in a very unique position, where through descent, can obtain Belonger Status, a BVI Passport, a UK Passport and if born with in the U.S., a U.S. Passport. It should be noted, that a UK citizen cannot obtain a BVI Passport without Naturalization, and those born in the UK do not automatically gain citizenship unless proof of blood right can be established. All native BVIslanders, and their descendants share an extraordinary and distinctive history. The BVI Government is simply trying to preserve this history through future generations.

    Land ownership generally stays within a family for, in some cases hundreds of years. With all things being equal, Im sure that migrants or expats who chose to settle in the BVI, enjoys certain privileges in their country of origin that only they may enjoy…

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