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Cayman’s same-sex law takes effect, raises questions for BVI

The rainbow flag (also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag) is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) pride and LGBTQ social movements.

As of today, September 28, same-sex couples can make their unions official and receive legal documentation in the neighbouring British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands.

This is because of the Civil Partnership Law, which Cayman’s Governor approved though it was defeated in the territory’s Legislative Assembly. Cayman’s governor, Martyn Roper, said he was instructed to do so by the United Kingdom.

The Civil Partnership Law will provide same-sex couples with a legal framework equivalent to the marriage of heterosexual couples.

The law outlines how couples can apply for a civil partnership licence and allows for the appointment of civil registrars and civil-partnership officers, who can officially formalise civil partnerships.

Controversial law

Even as the law comes into effect today, tension is still high in the Cayman Islands as many religious and civil society groups have been protesting since Governor Roper approved the bill.

Governor Roper stepped in after Cayman’s Domestic Partnership Bill was debated and rejected by the Legislative Assembly. The Governor then used his reserved powers under Section 81 of Cayman’s constitution to give assent to the bill.

Governor Roper explained that: “UK Ministers instructed me to take this action to uphold the rule of law and comply with the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal Judgment in November 2019. The Court of Appeal declared that same sex couples were entitled, expeditiously, to legal protection in the Cayman Islands.”

He added: “The UK, therefore, had no option but to step in to ensure we comply with the rule of law and international obligations under the terms of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Implications for BVI and other OTs?

With the Civil Partnership Law now in effect in the Cayman Islands, it raises questions about whether the UK will ask Overseas Territories to follow suit. BVI News asked Governor Jaspert’s office whether this recent development in the Cayman Islands holds any implications for the BVI and other OTs? 

BVI News received the following response from Governor Jaspert’s office.

” The UK Government discusses human rights, including LGBT+ rights, with all the Overseas Territories’ governments to ensure they are respecting international obligations. It is the UK’s constitutional responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the people, including LGBT+ people, living in the Overseas Territories,” the response said.

The response also said: “The UK government supports LGBT+ rights and believes that the strongest, safest and most prosperous societies are those in which all citizens can live freely and play a full and active part in society.”

Premier mum

BVI News also asked Premier Andrew Fahie similar questions as those sent to the Governor’s office. However, he did not respond.

With the Civil Partnership Law now in The Cayman Islands, fees will be charged for the registration of each union. 

BVI News asked Premier Fahie and Director of the Tourist Board Clive McCoy, whether the territory’s tourism could be boosted by such a law. However, both leaders gave no response.



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  1. Doh says:

    BVI is next. Or else Royal Marines will come in and force the issue coming from a crown edict. Not kidding.

    Religion will be the facade Belongers will use to claim decency and reasoning. Yet they are the most corrupt, immoral, racist, and decadent people in the Caribbean. Fail.

    So step into the 21st century you idiotic BVI bigots and embrace your gay friends with love.

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    • Why so angry says:

      Couldn’t you just make your point without name calling? Your character speaks loud in those few blogged words. A lot of you come on here disrespecting this country and it’s people. Have you ever stopped to think that the blogs of the few don’t represent the views of the majority. Would you like to be stereotyped that way? Then don’t do it to others. Have some respect. Stop joining the disrespectful bunch whether it’s BVIslanders or not. Set an example and make your point respectfully. If we all take that approach it would help to reduce the unnecessary hate and anger. We need to make a start somewhere – Geez.

      Like 20
      Dislike 3
      • Lol says:

        See below posts from other people from bvi who you claim to show “respect”. Point proven

        • Stop the hate says:

          Believe it or not “Why so Angry” addressed those as well by making allowance for any ANGRY and NEGATIVE comments hereunder. READ for crying out loud!!! Take time to READ. Too much hate belies the heart.

    • @Doh says:

      Is homosexuality immoral but adultery not? How many Belongers speak out about the nastiness of adultery? Oh, God is in favor of adultery but He is not in favor of homosexuality- set of lying wicked religious hypocrites!

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      • well sa says:

        yes God hates all sin, however; Adultery was and is being done world wide, but the example he sets with Sodom and Gomora being deep in HOMOSEXUALITY tells you what He stands for @Doh. And as our Caribbean people would say FIRE BURN THEM!!!!!!!!! Also, if the gay people know what that good for them they will keep their fat where they are do bring your bold self in people place/places. Stupes!

        • fool says:

          you sound so stupid and you’re quoting from the bible,watch how you going hell for thinking one sin greater or less than the other.Sin a Sin.

      • No says:

        Sin is Sin. No one sinful act is greater than the other. All sin is sin.

      • Actually says:

        I don’t see what all the fuss is about. We all look the same upside down.

    • @Doh says:

      You spot on bruv, as long as you weren’t being facetious. The most morally bankrupt people live here, but they are always passing judgment. So many of them are also gay, in the closet, bearded. I guess they will feel exposed if a same sex marriage law was to be passed here and lovers start making demands. All in all, Governor Roper made the right call.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      There are many more important things about people than where they like to hide their sausage

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  2. horse Crap says:

    Comin up next folks if we condone this BS is pedophile rights, beastiality rights and the likes. Human rights should stay within the laws of natural order. Once we start dividing and acknowledging different sects then all the others in darkness will come for their rights too…… What about KKK Rights, Black People Rights…… yall blind if you dont see what will happen.

    Like 12
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    • Idiot says:

      You’re a perfect example of why gay marriage needs to be passed. Your bigotry, hatred, and stupidity is on display for everyone to see. Is that the bvi? Think about that as the borders begin to open. The world is watching.

      Grow up and join the human race

      Like 31
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      • horse Crap says:

        @idiot… your a hypocrite….bigotry is intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself. I tolerate the gays quite well but you cant tolerate those with my views apparently… NOBODY stopping yall from being GAY! Go ahead and be gay….. but yall head get so big that yall think a lifestyle choice means yall need rights SEPERATE from the human race? You tellin me i must get with the human race but yet you unhappy with said human rights as they stand.. so yall need GAY rights??? Gtfoh…. Being gay comes with a price, hence the reason there is no reproduction…. All the other qualities about love, being kind, intelligent etc dont require you to be gay in order to have them! We understand what gay is and our beef is with HOMOSEXUALITY not the HOMOSEXUAL! Stop while your ahead….. If being gay was something natural then the act in itself could go beyond SELF INDULGENCE. Instead you end up with a bag of health risks, relationship issues and normal everyday problems like the rest of us. Sometimes i wonder if gay people realise CHILDREN ARE WATCHING! Yall want to raise them to say “Hey kids, you dont have to be straight….here is another way you can live life” meehhhnnn i done.

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    • butch says:

      you sound cute call me x

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    • oh my says:

      you are a horse’s ass. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. Jhc says:

    I condemn this. Homosexuality is already here in the BVI. Yes.. but this is just giving them more privilege to be open with their nastiness. Yes it is nasty and an abomination. It is not natural.

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  4. Nope says:

    Not here in these Beautiful British Virgin Islands. God already mad at us for our behavior. We don’t need him to hit us with another disaster because we went against his will. No same sex marriage noting here. Not today , not tomorrow. I say not never!

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    • Lol says:

      God is not happy with YOU. That is the reason for disasters like you. Step up your sense of humanity, love, and respect for your fellow human.

      There will be no bvi love until people like you show it to everyone

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    • First says:

      First women wanting to vote, then Black people not wanting to be slaves… what is the world coming to??

  5. MBGA Man says:

    These people out of place. In our time of greatest need , they say not a penny to help. But they want to be passing down royal decrees. They can stuff it.

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  6. Reality Check says:

    God is perfect and the creator of all things!

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  7. Read Your Bible says:

    Remember these other choice Bible quotes when you are forcing your Christian beliefs into other peoples’ faces. :

    1 Timothy 2.12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence

    1 Corinthians 14.34 – Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.

    Leviticus 19:19 – Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.

    Leviticus 25:44-46 – You may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.

    I could go on, there are loads. This fairy story codswallop should be confined to the history books. It is colonial garbage used by the Europeans to keep the enslaved in line. Why are people in BVI still brainwashed? Free your minds from this mental slavery.

    Like 10
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    • @read your bible..I agree says:

      I see nothing wrong with what you mentioned and agree with it all because I know and understand who we are according to the scriptures…here is my favorite (Revelation 13:9-10
      [9]If any man have an ear, let him hear.
      [10]He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    • @Read says:

      And yet another horse’s ass.

  8. What!!’ says:

    If your holy book tells you how to treat your slaves your holy book is disqualified as a source for moral code.

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  9. Question says:

    What is romantic about pi$$ and sh$t? Gross.

    • @question says:

      not just gay people who have anal sex….

      • well sa says:

        well that is their rights cause God made man and woman, and the bed is undefiled, meaning that they please one another. the issue is not anal sex the issue is with who. He didn’t make man and man, he made man and woman. Adam and Eve, not at all Adam and Steve.

  10. REALITY says:

    The twisted and dark mentality of the colonizers are at the root of our destruction. A woman and woman cannot procreate neither can man and man. This is a recipe for destruction. Why so much wickedness.

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    • @REALITY says:

      Get a grip. Have you any idea how many people are actually gay? This is not a likely cause for the discontinuation of the human race. Far more likely is the economic slavery people find themselves in where thy cannot afford children. Go fight that instead.
      Look at the latest report on global population predictions – likely to halve in China, and decrease from over 130m to less than 90m in Japan by the end of the century. European countries running a birth rate at less than 2 per couple which means a decrease. This is NOT because of a sudden increase in gay people …

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    • Weak says:

      The colonisers forced homophobia on Africa and Africans. Homosexuality was widely accepted and tolerated in Africa before the colonisers arrived. But Black people are mentally weak; when the white man says “hate gay people”, Black people will abandon their traditional culture and follow the white man’s words for the next centuries.

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  11. BVI Love says:

    If the LGBT do not repent you will burn in hell. It’s your choice! Sodom and Gomorrah had their share from this loving God. He loves the LGBT people but condemns their dirty lifestyle. We say no to same sex marriage because God says so. Our prayer is that you wake up before it’s too late and turn from your wicked ways. Turn to God.

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  12. Wow says:

    What is the bigger SIN homosexual or gambling ? Just curious .

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  13. 17th Century says:

    We arrived in the Virgins in 1695 and found it a gay place. All the natives were the gayest people yet to be encountered on our travels. The place was characterized by cheerfulness and colour. Upon our departure we were reluctant to bid farewell to our new found gay friends, But we promised to record in our chronicles we had discovered paradise in the sun and the the gayest place on earth.

  14. well sa says:

    EXACTLY!!!!!!!!a bunch of them that are answering for and agreeing for it is not really from here, and most are a certain type of people, go where you all from with this nastiness. this doesnt belong to us and will never be, it is a mental disorder that they have tried to condition the black man to be indulge in. this started back by trying to belittle the masculinity of the black man and his power. it is sad there are those that have give in to it, and those that are in it because they have been violated by sad cases; and the cycle continues some are messed up. It is a mental state. Mankind has messed up God’s plan for His creation. But a time is coming when He will create a new earth and heaven, hope you will be there when the time comes to enjoy it. REPENT YOU HUMONGORS! NASTINESS IT IS FOR SURE

  15. No says:

    Sin is Sin. No one sinful act is greater than the other. All sin is sin.

  16. FEO Gomez says:

    That’s my PREMIER and GOVERNMEN. When reached for comment there were silent. RULE#1 NEVER answer to a FISH scale gut and fry alone.

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