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CCT among 3 approved for duty free privilege

The government has awarded pioneer status to three entities including Caribbean Cellular Telephone Limited (CCT).

The designation allows the approved companies to import certain goods duty free for a period of time.

The goods being allowed in relation to the three latest approvals were not identified in notices dated June 22, and published in the Virgin Islands Gazette.

CCT’s pioneer status is effective for a period of five years, starting February 1 this year.

“CCT is declared to be a pioneer investor, authorised to engage in the provision of Telecommunication Services in the territory,” said a notice in the Gazette.

Green VI

In the meantime, Green VI also received pioneer status.

It is effective for a period of 10 years.

“Green VI Inc is declared to be a pioneer investor authorized to engage in the Enterprise of Waste Glass and Glass Products Manufacturing services in the

territory,” said the Gazette notice.

The Green VI pioneer status took effect on January 1 this year.

BVI Orthodontics

The other company declared as having pioneer status is BVI Orthodontics.

“BVI Orthodontics is declared a pioneer investor authorised to engage in the service of provision of Orthodontics Services in the territory,” said the Virgin Islands Gazette.

The status, in this instance, is also for 10 years, starting December 1 last year.

According to the Government Information Service website, persons seeking pioneer status should submit a completed application form, along with a self-explanatory cover letter and required documents to the Premier’s Office.

The application is then processed, and the applicant informed if the request is approved or denied.

Pioneer status is conferred under the Pioneer Services and Enterprises Ordinance (Cap. 297).

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