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CDC rating BVI has low risk for travel is because of govt’s strong leadership

Minister of Health Carvin Malone has said the recent travel ratings from Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for the British Virgin Islands is proof the government’s COVID-19 protocols have been effective.

The notice listed the BVI as a very low-risk jurisdiction for travellers to contract COVID-19, while many other neighbouring countries were categorised as high risked places to travel at this time.

Speaking to BVI News in a recent interview, Minister Malone said: “This notice is proof of our protocols that we had started from in March. It is proof in the investments that we have made in making sure that we balance lives and livelihoods.”

“This status was not gained just by chance, it was gained after careful analysis, careful implementation and careful adherence and we must give credit to the hard-working team of the HEOC to the government of the Virgin Islands and to the people of the Virgin Islands.”

Investment into healthcare showing paying off

Malone also said the millions of dollars the BVI government invested into local healthcare during the pandemic has also contributed to the global recognition by the CDC.

“We were adamant that if we invested in the development of our healthcare infrastructure that we can then look in terms of an early and sustained reopening of our internal borders and then later our external borders,” the minister stated.

“As we see it we had to make sure that the quarantine regime works and we have seen whereby the process of having persons quarantined – the one case that was announced so far – we were able to catch the person before they were released in the general public,” he added.

So far, the BVI has recorded a total of 12 positive COVID-19 cases. Three of these cases remain active, eight have recovered, and one has died.

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  1. Human smuggling says:

    Now the Government need to focus on securing our borders from neighboring Islands.

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  2. LOL says:

    This is just DUMB! The risk factor for COVID is accepting travellers. The reason we dont have many cases is because the borders are closed. As soon as borders reppen we will have many cases just like USVI so what is the point really?

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  3. strupes says:

    Pyur bull !!!!

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  4. Need to get serious says:

    The reality is unless you are enforcing social distancing, especially masks and routine cleaning of surfaces you are playing with disaster. You must do this as the first and most important defence!!! Your healthcare system is secondary once you are infected.

    Get serious about masks, hygiene and social distancing and you will be fine regardless of open borders. Just ensure your screening at the borders is solid and detects those who are infected.

    Even the USA has an infection rate of 1.5% Just don’t let the 1.5% in the country and you are fine

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  5. CDC says:

    It still appears that this US agency in still unaware that the BVI borders are closed to all visitors.

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  6. Yesss says:

    But this gov is caving under pressure. No solid footing. Flip flopping. Now 5 More possible cases???!

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  7. WTF says:

    Who cares? It’s not much of a success if we can’t accept visitors anyways…

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  8. @lol says:

    You are just another I***t.. aren’t you?

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  9. Former Tourist says:

    Your Country is a lovely place to vacation and I am looking forward to vacationing there again in the near future. However, we are not willing to travel or vacation anywhere while we are in the middle of a world wide pandemic no matter what the CDC says. In order to leave my State, one have to go into quarantine for fourteen days, after the fourteen days, you have to take two COVID-19 test and test negative in order to travel. It simply is not worth the risk nor the stress .

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  10. No nonsense says:

    The CDC and WHO representive of the BVI will open the boarders when the BILL and MELINDA cocktail is ready for us. Then we will be COVID FREE!!

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  11. @Need to get serious says:

    Precaution is good but it’s not an exact science like you make it seem. Do we even know what’s in most of these hand sanitizers to determine whether they’re even effective?

  12. Windy says:

    The politicians want’s to take ALL the credit. The people had nothing to do with it ? Stop the BS

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  13. Yup says:

    By tomorrow this article won’t of aged well

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  14. ok says:

    lets see that smirk on your face later today

  15. Local girl says:

    Government’s strong leadership my A$$, all of you full of BS
    Set of pathological liars
    Bunch of Deplorables.
    Wait! Election soon come around again

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  16. Propaganda says:

    What a load of self grandstanding bulls**t has come out of this mans a**. You are a closed and shut away small island that has done no testing or inferior testing and thus you claim to be the showcase to the world of what to do. Are people allowed to move about freely, travel to and from other countries? NO!! Is your Territory falling apart from economic disaster? YES!! Is the government taking credit for their failing economically? NO!! It’s best to sit the f..k down and let people think you are stupid rather than open your mouth and prove it.

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  17. Saturday the 22nd says:

    9 new cases. still bragging ? Sure chastise the people. now we can say the government let us down by not keeping a better eye on the boarders.

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