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Cellmates deny selling drugs in prison, 317 grams allegedly found

Prison inmates Chambers (left) and Walters (right) being escorted from court on Thursday.

Cellmates Deron Walters and Nickail Chambers said they were not selling drugs at Her Majesty Prison despite allegations that 317 grams of cannabis were found in their prison cell this year.

The accused men proclaimed their innocence by pleading not guilty to possession of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to supply to another when they appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Thursday.

The court heard that the drugs were allegedly found during a search operation on March 20.

They were charged nine days later.

Defence attorney Corine George is representing Walters while Chambers is unrepresented.

Attempted murder, rape, and assault charges

Walters, a resident of Fat Hogs Bay, is serving a 22-month sentence for an unrelated case of possession of marijuana with intent to supply.

Over the years, Walters has been charged with a number of other offences ranging from possession of cocaine, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, as well as being armed with an offensive weapon.

Meanwhile, Chambers is also serving time at the prison and has been charged with previous offences such as burglary, rape, possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a controlled drug, common assault, handling stolen goods, and attempted murder.

They are due to return to court for reporting on October 12.

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  1. Concern East says:

    The Court have all can of charges towards Mr. Walters and also the two men who in prison now for gun charge Mr. Thomas and the young dude. but cant put forward the case against Mr. T—- —– “B– s—” who was found with a gun or that case getting buried?????/

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  2. Serious Note says:

    These Prisoners are being searched regularly, going in and coming out, so how in the world did that quantity of weed get in that cell?
    From what I understood, these guys were not present when the search was conducted so that could be a problem.
    You shouldn’t admit to what you didn’t see or know nothing about.
    A lot of times Officers do carless, dumb work and waste the Court’s time.

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  3. Shark says:

    This guy chambers is a Jamaican national with Belonger status could that be revoked.

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  4. de silent one says:

    The whole system as it relates to some of the officers need to be flushed. They are there too long and are too cozy with some of the inmates and their families/friends that brings things for them. On the other hand, its about time that they deport Mr Chambers from this country, he has been a nuisance with his criminal life style.

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  5. Dirty Officers says:

    I would like to know if all the drugs that are seized are secured in a safe place at the Police Station?
    In the past and it probably still exist, there were Officers stealing the drugs from the Station and have the same Drug Dealers who they should be arresting selling the drugs on the street for them.
    They are “Dirty Cops” and they are the ones who should be before the Court, along with some of the “Officers” at the Prison. Both departments need a good reform. We have to get those “Bad Apples” out
    Once caught, they need to be taught a lesson and set an example of by putting them behind bars for a long time.
    Instead of upholding the Law, they’re breaking the Law.
    I hope they know, everything is only for a time and once they continue to do wrong, one day it will catch up with them.

  6. Know says:

    Please depot this man to his home country. We DO NOT NEED ANY MORE criminals than we already have.

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  7. Big Deal says:

    Yardie as u call him is not a born BVIslander, he’s a Jamaican born so his paperwork can be revoked & taken away depends on the he nature of his crimes.
    I agree strongly that he should serve his time & be deported back to his country of birth. He’s [allegedly] involved in too much serious criminal activities.
    Attempting murder is indeed a serious charge that the Governor should seriously look at after time served.
    — shouldn’t be left here because the next charge might be Murder because as you can see he has access to Guns.
    — obviously doesn’t care knowing — has papers,
    — feels — can do what h– wants and –’s untouchable
    but he needs to be set an example of.
    He definitely need to be deported.

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  8. Answer says:

    They stash the drugs in their rectum and they cut a hole in the waist band of their underwear and hide the bags of weed. That is how the drugs is getting in.

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  9. An:swer #2 says:

    The prison have to start doing body cavity search when inmates return from outside.

  10. Question says:

    Can an Inmate stash 317 grams of weed in their rectums or in the waist of their underwears?
    They are searched in & out so how is it getting in the Prison?
    Think about it? Persons on the outside as well as them on the inside have an idea of exactly what’s going on.

  11. Disrespectful says:

    BVI News, U all need to stop allowing comments on your site.
    It’s not a nice thing that u all are doing.
    We all have families that do wrong & we ourselves do wrong as well so u all don’t know when your time will come.
    Would u like people to write nasty comments about u or your families? Remember the world is round & what ain’t catch u, ain’t pass u.
    U all need a Law Suit & I can see it waiting to happen. Only a matter of time.

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