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Centenarian gets generator

Photo Credit: Andrew Fahie (Fb)

One of the oldest living persons in the British Virgin Islands, Henrietta Smith, is the recipient of a generator from Convoy of Hope and Representative of the First Electoral District Andrew Fahie.

Like other residents, Smith has been without power after the category 5 hurricane, Irma.

It is hoped that, with a generator to help restore some degree of power to Smith’s Carrot Bay residence, life will become a bit easier for the 100-year-old.

“She was so thankful. This warmed my heart and reminded me what serving people really means. Thanks to the Convoy of Hope,” Fahie said.

“The president of the Convoy of Hope actually flew into the BVI to – among other things – be a part of this presentation. Wow! This brought joy to my heart. We brought new hope to [the] 100-year-old Carrot Bay senior,” added Fahie.

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