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CGB cemetery threatens community’s tourism

A section of the cemetery in Cane Garden Bay.

Residents are concerned that the Irma-destroyed retaining wall at the Cane Garden Bay public cemetery could hurt their tourism product if the problem is not addressed promptly.

Using the NDP Radio forum recently, one resident complained that tombs could get washed into the community’s beach if another major or minor disaster hits.

“I’m wondering how urgent is this matter to the government and how soon will it be taken cared of,” the female resident said.

“We were lucky this last surge that we had didn’t take them [tombs] out,” another resident and businessman said during a subsequent interview with BVI News.

He also noted that tombs in the community are already being undermined.

“I understand it [water] was going all the way in them. Some of the tombs have fallen; the sand has gone from under them and so it needs to be addressed as soon as possible,” he added.

The same businessman said tourists could be severely put off from Cane Garden Bay if caskets or bodies get washed ashore.

Even on Salt Island, the September disasters uprooted a body and flung it miles from the burial site.

CGB problem to be addressed soon

Minister with responsibility for cemeteries Ronnie Skelton has promised to address the issue at Cane Garden Bay ‘soon’.

He said the problem has not been addressed yet because of funding issues.

“It is one of the government’s top priorities,” Skelton said.

“We have a proposal on the table to sheet pile the seaward side of the cemetery. We are waiting on some funds to get it done and also to completely fence it and make it attractive again,” he added.

According to Skelton, contractors for the project are “ready to be mobilized”.

“That should be done as soon as the funds are ready,” he added.


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  1. No agency no funds says:

    Love the fact Ronnie is saying it will happen when there is funds but is against the agency and the means of getting the funds….

  2. strupes says:

    The money ronnie wasted on that wall at spooner’s {proposed old people home} could’ve been put to good use now

    • Time will tell says:

      Like the money J—- wasted in the stop lights and Bi-Water, or like the money A—– wasted on the Medical School proposal – when we barely had a hospital or like the funds he wasted on the drag race proposal? We tend to conveniently forget what those who complain now did in the past. How much did O— spend on green houses that even he could not make functional? While I might dislike how NDP is operating the fact is the choice available is not any better and in my opinion will be worse if they get the chance. I vote we work with the evil we know once they get rid of the dead weight.

  3. Not impressed says:

    I honestly do not see Ronnie as an effective minister (a personal opinion). I am sorry. CC is his nephew and JC is his friend so they wouldn’t criciticize him on radio. Why the cemetery problem,
    In CGD couldn’t been fixed a long time ago? Why people still sheltering in the complex – couldn’t he fix another shelter to put them in?
    I laugh when I hear them say give Finance to Ronnie. This is the same Ronnie who has Finance back in 2003 when they lost. People complained bitterly when he was handling the money so much so that he even … How come he is our financial saviour all of a sudden. People keep your etes open there is a SC invasion happening in our country. R— and M—- on the inside and C—- and J— on the outside.
    I understand as well from good grounds that he is the influence behind the behavior of the b———. It’s shameful if that is so. Quite frankly I believe it.

    • Positive says:

      You sound like a real hater, why don’t you come kick some rocks up in the Quarry to get your head straight? A “SC invasion”?? Really?!! Sour, dumb puss you are.

  4. vi says:

    They need to stop using that area as a cemetery. Find another plot of land further inland. That area should have never been used for that purpose

  5. hmm says:

    CGB is a cesspool

  6. Naked and famous says:

    Yeah graveyards next to beaches go together like oil and water. Weren’t thinking ahead when they buried their loved ones right next to a beach. Surprising it is still there.

  7. TurtleDove says:

    Why cant all those businessmen in CGB help? Quito can put some good paintings on the outside wall facing the beach….they will all get their money back…..

    • hmmm says:

      …because we have been taught to get as much from the government as possible, with out contriubuting to much. “Something for nothing and our checks for free”

    • Bay says:

      Problem is gov is not giving the ok to do so…. every time u ask they block you they goin deal with it…

  8. disgraceful says:

    How you respect your dead is a good measurement of a country. They need to properly wall in the cemetery, or move it. Tourists coming across remains of a dead person would be the nail in the coffin of tourism in the BVI. Not to mention the disrespect of the people who once lived in the territory and their family members. Find the funds. Fix the place or move it.

  9. VOW says:

    From the early eighties I have been complaining about these cemeteries. My first one was they are spread out and wasting too much space I told them they need to put in rows. Second some of them to close to the sea shore and then putting three bodies on top will be a disaster if earth quake or flood hit the ministry say I am to annoying but I live to see what I were telling them both government have to blame for not protecting CGB cemetery.

  10. SMH says:

    Why can’t the Community come together as a whole and build back the wall instead of waiting on Government. Remember it’s your love ones resting place and could affect your tourism.

  11. rastarite says:

    Dead is dead!! Simple! Erect a nice memorial – incinerate all the old carcasses and bones and use the valuable land for something more productive.

  12. good idea says:

    Let us exhume those graves and take them to a proper cemetery

  13. Dead says:

    And M—- is against accessing the monies to repair the country. How will cane garden bay be repaired so that businesses can get back on their feet?

  14. Why worry says:

    That cemetery looks wonderful compared to the s—house up the street … BVI’s own trailer park trash by the sea. What an absolute disgrace. Junk cars, foul mouthed wannabe thugs, dogs chained up and left out all the time.

  15. First of All says:

    First of all, its a stupid place to have a cemetery. Even the Bible speaks against building anything that is meant to be stable on sand. Of course another storm will bring the same result.

    The cemetery is on a coastline, which is even more stupid because this is prime land in a country that depends on its coastlines for all its touristic beauty.

    In general, the hurricane exposed a lot of stupidity in the way BVIslanders regard the physical planning of their society and it seems rather than to wise-up they are doubling down on the same type of thinking that got them to where they are at in the first place.

    Develop long-term schemes for each community. Develop zoning rules and laws to advance such schemes. Reshape land owners’ boundaries or even exchange equivalent Crown land to allow for proper drainage, transportation, utility infrastructure and recreational areas. Do not give a building permit unless the construction drawings are accompanied with qualifications and professional indemnity insurance for architects, engineers and contractors.

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