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Chambers sentenced to more than 10 years for attempted murder, firearm

Nickail Chambers being escorted from the Magistrate’s Court

Jamaica national Nickail Chambers has been slapped with prison sentences amounting to more than 20 years for his one-man role in the attempted murder of his former schoolmate back in 2017.

Chambers was sentenced to 11 years and three months for ‘use of firearm with intent to endanger life’ and 10 years in prison for the attempted murder charge.

The sentences are to run concurrently, which would see him spending no more than 11 years and three months incarcerated.

The court ruled for his sentences to begin from July 22 2017 — the date that he was first placed on remand.

In handing down the sentence on Friday, Justice Ann-Marie Smith said the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating ones.

She said the fact that the firearm is still at large, the shooting was premeditated, multiple shots were fired in the public domain, and his previous convictions were considered as aggravating factors.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that in June 2017, Chambers and Cory Prince were arguing over $60 Prince reportedly owed Chambers.

An altercation ensued between the two and onlookers had to intervene to break up the fight that had turned bloody in Belle Vue.

The pair were separated, and Prince returned to work in Fort Hill.

Sometime later, Chambers was reportedly spotted riding on a scooter past Prince’s workplace.

The court further heard that Chambers returned in a vehicle armed with a loaded firearm to the establishment and discharged several rounds towards Prince.

Prince fled the scene, and the matter was subsequently reported to the police. Chambers subsequently turned himself into police, and he was later charged.

CCTV footage from the establishment placed him as the gunman, the court heard.


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  1. Well Mr.Chambers says:

    I guess you will be enjoying the August festivities from behind the fence on the hill. No rise and shine tramp or village for you bro for a longggggg time.

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  2. @well mr chambers says:

    you need to mind yuh F**king business and leave other people businees Ms

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    • Hello says:

      Its’s on the news it’s everyone’s business now!!!

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      • Second hello says:

        No one will know the way your funky underwear smells unless you sit it out for people to take a whiff. It is on the news so therefore the public have a right to post what they want.

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    • And....... says:

      You need to go rotate on a 10 inch sex toy MF. Don’t get mad because your sweet thing have to look from behind the fence up on the hill. Have a good day sucker.

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  3. Yardie says:

    I’m a Jamaican and he should have gotten more time. They should also call every Jamaican in the bvi to give some good licks . So sick and tired of their behavior.

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  4. asdfghjk says:

    cory u n dung playing bad and ratting. dislike this meen care. pay the man he money

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  5. Why says:

    Should we pay for this scumbag for 11 yrs.
    6 x 2 hole blocks a short swim…

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  6. Lyfe unfair says:

    It no easy to lend a friend u last and wen time to give back it lead to this sad story if u owe me pay me simple but nuff a uno like to barrow and no want pay back this always happen in a life sometimes u and de person end up stop talking Jan knore star warn hold u head up soldier it nah easy at all in a Babylon system

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  7. from Here says:

    @Yardie you Especially need to mind your F**cking business Ms who cares where the h**l you come from eh? i sure know where you come from you have to see and blind and here and F**king deff!!!Ms

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  8. from Here says:

    @AND……..come S**k me out back way who the F**k send call yuh Ms dont be a bull behind your laptop jack a** ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  9. Repeat Offenders says:

    I never understand why repeat Offenders are allowed to carry on life as usual. This man should never be here as a repeat offender. Who’s responsible for this, maybe the magistrate? These people need to do their jobs!

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  10. @lyfe unfair says:

    Stop chat stupidness, I just read it in the Jamaica news that they were arguing over $60. Tell me now that’s the money you talking about? One must go around killing people for that, my God so many would die. I lend a lot more than that and never get it back and I leave those people to time. That’s just crazy to want to kill someone for that. If you cannot lose it don’t lend it.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    All who in s**t Tortola have bad thing to say go and s**k them mother ???? ….

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  12. @Anonymous says:

    I love you to BOBO, How you doing? You have a blessed day.??❤??.

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  13. @Lyfe unfair says:

    Begin with the end in mind. When people bawl, I bawl back hard. Not a soul need my money more than me.

  14. Wow says:

    10 years for Attempted ad 7 years for slashing wife’s throat. :/ … Stranger system. 7 years for killing a person. People will do it more. More years for holding marijuana and guns. Confusing.

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    • MariposaBeauty says:

      Real real messed up system.. Nik hun just hold ur head up…You know u messed up..u know how to level yuhself ..Dont mind the noise..most of them talking BS on here and would do worst..Zone6 Baby!!

      7yrs the man literally slashed his wife throat but that’s okay to do..the dude ain’t even dead..Parna ALIVE ENUH ALIVE & he getting all them yrs…

      TORTOLA & Them Messed Up SYSTEM!!
      Not even amazed !!

  15. mmario says:

    To WOW. What that means is that you shouldn’t commit either so you will not get 10 instead of 7. Just be Cool and no need to worry.

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  16. wow says:

    Justice System is really broken. Are these judges taken for b***e or is it a lack of good judgment?

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  17. Coincidence says:

    The irony is that both him and his friend who allegedly robbed the jewellery store are now inmates at HMP Balsum Ghut. So go figure….2 bad eggs. How will that work out?

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  18. R says:

    Some of the people here cold many of the comments dont sound good u wish bad for people and one day ur turn willcome

  19. Z6ne says:

    A lot of ayo talking bad about my boy Nick he a good man that boy barrow the man money and have he doing all that time the judge don’t know what she doing give a man 10 for attempted mudder and a man 7 for taking a life then a next get 32 for a next attempted mudder and you give a next 26 for a tv what is it going on ???

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