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Child rapist sentenced to 8 years in prison

Andre Stedman being escorted from court

Trinidad & Tobago native Andre Stedman has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment for raping a minor a few years ago.

The former security officer who is in his late 50s was also slapped with a 12-month prison sentence for indecent assault. His sentences are to run concurrently (at the same time).

In handing down the sentence on Friday, Justice Ann-Marie Smith said the aggravating factors of the case outweighed the mitigating ones.

She said his continuous denial of the offences, the apparent abuse of trust, the fact that the offences took place in the complainant’s bedroom, the threats that Stedman allegedly made, coupled with the negative impact on the minor were considered as aggravating.

Victim impacted 

The court also heard that the minor, who was 13 years old at the time of the rape, has considered harming herself since the incident.

This is according to the victim’s handwritten witness impact statement which was read in court.

The court heard that the minor had difficulties focusing on her school work, often felt ‘weak’, and became uncomfortable among her peers.

It was at that point she decided to report the rape to her parents and subsequently, the police, the court further heard.

What the court heard happened 

The court heard that on the day in question, Stedman met the rape victim’s stepfather at their family home for a social meet-up.

The two men then proceeded to watch sports on television while the young lady remained in her bedroom.

Sometime later that night, the stepfather went to bed while Stedman fell asleep on the couch. The court heard that at some point during the night, the victim exited her bedroom and noticed Stedman sleeping. She subsequently returned to bed.

Later that night, the young woman was awakened by Stedman on top of her. He had penetrated her, the court heard.

The matter was reported to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, and Stedman was charged.

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  1. Only says:

    Only 8 years a grown A** rusty man got for sentencing a child to a lifetime of emotional h**l? That B**ch need his D**k hacking off to the stump.

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    • me again says:

      @ Only I feel the same way as you do . The Justice system is LACKING here . We need Serious interpretation or upgrading of this system

      Like 24
    • @Only says:

      I walked in that little girl shoes and yes, it leaves an emotional scar. This happened to me when I was fourteen years old, I am now 35 years old and the scar is still embedded in my mind.After hearing the girl impact statement the judge should have sentenced him to more time.

      Like 31
      • SPEAK OUT!!! says:

        This is sick behaviour and happens to too many of our children. Children, I want you all to know that this is not something to hide and do not keep the pain to yourself. SPEAK UP, tell it to your Mom, an Aunt, a Teacher, a Counselor, a trusted adult, anyone, but please do not go through a lifetime of pain. You DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!! DO NOT BE AFRAID OR ASHAMED!! BE STRONG!!! Stand up for yourself and all the other victims who are too weak to do so. Much love.❤

    • Really says:

      No wonder the BVI refuses to extradite criminals to the US because sentencing in the US is harsh. This man needs life in prison not eight years. How long will this little girl live with that memory? Her whole life? Then that’s how long he should spend incarcerated. The BVI is a lawless Territory where criminals commit crimes and IF they are caught the punishment is so light it doesn’t matter. Don’t imprison the African. His ancestor 10 generations ago was a slave. Get the f**k over it.

  2. I am going to say it says:

    Shame on the Judge. 8 years only? Yeah something is very wrong with the court system in this Country. That man violated a child in the worse way and he only got 8 years.

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    • I know says:

      Foolish people…you don’t know she had to follow the precedents that went before. If you had LISTENED she read out all the similar cases over the last few years. They were 6 years 7 years and 8 years so she was right within the limit. I hate when misinformed people speak.

  3. Trini says:

    Them would of deal with him accordingly back home, you come till Tola to do some ish like that!

    • Honestly says:

      I would pay someone on the DL some good money to cut his D**k off. He sentence a child to emotional pain and I want to sentence him to having to sit on the toilet like a girl when he have to take a leak. I wonder if all the child molesters and child rapist stick together up on the hill.

    • Advise says:

      Pumpkin got another piece of fresh meat to break in. When you break him in go hard so we can hear the screams way down Town. This man have to feel the pain he inflicted on that girl.

  4. GWEN says:

    Eight years in Prison for a nasty, dirty old man who took away the purity and innocence of a young lady. He should be castrated in prison and served his genitals for his meal, and when his sentence is up deported.

  5. Time says:

    Castrate every one of these molesters. Enough is enough. Which government will take a strong stance against this behavioue and not just with lipservice.

  6. Families suffer too says:

    This type of crime not only destroys victims but also their families. Forty years ago my 15 year old sister at the time was raped by a Vincentian boyfriend of my mother residing in the BVI. My sister was afraid to report it to the police, even though I begged her to, for fear of my mother who preferred to protect her boyfriend, rather than her daughter. Sadly my sister never got the psychological help she so desperately needed. Eventually my sister became dysfunctional in her adult years. Our family continues to suffer the emotional scars from a despicable rapist who got away with his crime and still lives in the BVI.

  7. What? says:

    We need to review sentencing guidelines but also how we as a Caribbean and BVI community deal with this problem. It’s a vile and disgusting crime on the most vulnerable and the social as well as legal implications against those who carry on like this must be unwavering and serious repulsion and rejection. Where two consenting same sex adults enjoy a private relationship together, everyone and the pastors are in uproar. Where there is the rape of children, they don’t seem to care one bit. Is that due to being part of the problem? due to misunderstanding the fundamental difference between good an evil in the Christian and other faiths?

    If ever the phrase a**iman is appropriate it is for this guy, the Vinci who slit his wife’s throat and in front of children.

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