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China company could have COVID-19 vaccine by early next year

A representation of a Covid-19 vaccine

A Chinese pharmaceutical company said it is currently developing a coronavirus vaccine that could be ready for worldwide distribution by early 2021.

The company developing the vaccine, SinoVac, said it is to undergo its third and final round of testing on humans.

The vaccine is being given to more than 24,000 people in Brazil, Turkey, and Indonesia, as part of SinoVec’s clinical trials. The vaccines are also being given to children.

SinoVac said these countries were chosen because they all had serious outbreaks, large populations and limited research and development capacity.

If the vaccine passes this final stage of clinical trials, SinoVac said it will apply to the US Food & Drug Administration to sell ‘CoronaVac’ in the United States.

“Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world including the US, EU, and others,” the company’s CEO, Yin Weidong said.

Historically, Chinese vaccines have been blocked by stringent regulations in the US, the European Union, Japan, and Australia.

China has been one of the biggest competitors in the global race to develop a coronavirus vaccine. It currently has 11 vaccines in clinical trials.

Globally, there are 38 vaccines in human trials; nine of which have reached the last stage of testing, according to the World Health Organisation.

China has started giving experimental vaccines to people in “high risk” professions namely frontline medical personnel, medical staff at fever clinics, and customs and border personnel.

The COVID-19 virus originated in Wuhan, China in late 2019.

It has already claimed some 999 thousand lives globally.


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  1. Yea Yea says:

    Who is surprised by this? They are the ones that created the fake scare with this virus, which was amped up by W.H.O. Of course they will have the vaccine, they’re the ones that created it. Look at China now? No curfew, no lockdown, back to life as normal and where is more congested than over there? Yet we are here playing the fool. They created the fake scare and are now making all the money on the masks, sanitizers, sanitizing equipment etc. that they are manufacturing, up next, vaccine profits. We are so stupid we don’t see the pawns that we are in this game.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      This is one of many vaccines being developed around the world. A leading vaccine contender is being developed by Oxford University and Astra Zeneca of the UK. It has already undergone considerable testing. It is likely that that vaccine will be offered free to BVI inhabitants during early 2021.

      Up to individuals whether they use it or not. But expect some travel and other restrictions if you decide not to be vaccinated.

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    • Cure in the BVI says:

      Them need to test BVI blood because we immune – no persons from BVI gettin ill, and the person at the Sea Cows Bay well has a cure anyways.

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      • Jane says:

        @Cure in the BVI: so lemme get this straight, you are saying that BVI people are genetically different to other people of African heritage such that you do not get the disease?
        Hmmm OK, imma gonna guess science isnt your strong point. Who is this mythical person in Sea Cows Bay and why arent they making billions of dollars with their “cure”.

  2. Yup says:

    Good news for the BVI. You should all get inoculated with this crap. Don’t use the US, UK or Israeli vaccines. You love the Chinese. If it’s up to the Foy he would have you speaking Chinese by now. You will soon be a Chinese colony.

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  3. Not says:

    I ain’t want no vaccine coming out of China! No sah

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    • @Not says:

      Don’t want no vaccine period, It doesn’t matter where it comes from.

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    • TG says:

      Congrats to chin but it is risky to get vaccine that originates from China.
      Most of the products from china could be fake.
      In addition,colonization may follow after allowing them in as they do in other countries of the world. People need to think twice when dealing wit Chinese.

  4. well sah says:

    how come they didnt test it out on the chinese? tey have a bigger population if soething goes wrong

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  5. Who they could fool says:

    I aint want no vaccine period. A set of wicked people fighting to rule or dominate a world they did not create.

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  6. no certs needed says:


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  7. Hello says:

    whatever happened to the covid cure in a bottle that was offered by a local farmer not too long ago?

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  8. Think says:

    I don’t get how within 2 weeks everyone recovering like this thing is just a cold. With Covid-19 people in the hospital for weeks and months.

    • real says:

      the answer is most if not all are asymptematic so did not become ill from the virsy probably due to the 35% to 60% of the population already having inhibitors from the human coronavirus (common cold) the worldhas also learned how to treat the virus with simple steroids and so the virus spread may be outof control but treating the virus is now under control.

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    • Black says:

      It is truly amazing to see the lack of education amongst the black man. It is said some people are too ignorant to know they are uneducated. First, multiple vaccines are in the final stages by multiple companies in the US. This is way ahead of the Chinese. Second, the vaccines being tested in the free world are under extreme scrutiny. The Chinese hide actual test results. They won’t even test their vaccine on their own people. Instead they use the poor of third world countries. I find it truly amazing that BVI News writes an article about a Chinese vaccine and it ignores those vaccines being tested with open results in the US. There is obviously an attempt to persuade the limited educated of the Caribbean to see the Chinese as their saviors.

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      • The War against Cannabis.. says:

        This Covid virus is no mistake it’s a conspiracy of billionaire to re-establish their pharmaceutical chemically driven medicine from which they make their billions is now under threat from the new natural curing medicine call *Cannabis*..As it becomes legal they know they are losing the medicine hold they have on the world. They have successfully oppressed this natural medicine for decades…

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  9. @ Not says:

    Why you left USA, Gates, the vaccine assissin, and the world out spoken leader in Black population reduction, if not extermination world wide, who have already killed, crippled and mamed thousands across India and Africa, UK and the rest of the Euro world who wants to rid the world of the Black race? ItChina is not the only player on the world stage seeking to dominate the world and its resources.

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  10. Smoke says:

    We will test it out on all of our elected REPS… first, then the Doctors and Nurse’s.

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  11. Zagred Smith says:

    hard pass

  12. Vaccne, We in trouble... says:

    We dont need no China Vaccine..Let them keep it and give it to their billions of people..U see the Covid and Vaccine evil conspiracy is between China, Mr B Gates and World health organization….i kno they are going to be offering the caribbean and Africa free Vaccine,,,When we hear the word free we Jump in line and clap, but We will be getting the bad and corrupt batches, they keep the good ones for themselves.

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  13. Seriously says:

    SYLVAN SPRAGG on Facebook BVI news report
    “We need to send back all the china ppl back home to china…
    .they are trying to control the world…..”


  14. BVI says:

    It would be much easier for them to try it on themselves..after all it’s them that have the world in this mess..they have had large outbreaks, they have a large population. The other side of this story is that, they as usual was trying to use Africa as their testing grounds, but that failed..Good thing the sleeping giant is waking-up.

  15. Rick says:

    Why not do trials in China

  16. Quantum says:

    Virus is a Hoax for the vaccine and every government is playing the people they suppose to protect those people that drink baby’s blood are here to de populate the world and the vaccine is the next step

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