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China not to be trusted, revoke visa exemption for them — Fraser


By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Citing reports of China deceiving a number of developing African countries with bittersweet business deals, Opposition legislator Julian Fraser wants the government to reconsider giving the Chinese unfettered access to the territory.

“The Chinese are going to come whether you have visa restriction or not. They are going to come. Their numbers are not in the billions for no reason,” Fraser argued while speaking in the House of Assembly on Thursday.

“They must travel and the few that are going to come here, those are not the ones you have to get a visa restriction lifted to get here. I appeal to the Premier to rethink that notion,” he said.

Fraser further urged the Smith-led administration to ‘open their eyes’ to the dangers of doing business with the Asian nation.

He told the House of Assembly that “China is not what it appears to be”.

“Until we understand what it is, we will get duped like every other country like Africa is being duped right now … nothing in this world comes for nothing.”

He continued: “The point I am making is we have to wake up and if we don’t wake up, we would have sold the birthright of our children, and their children’s children to another entity who will enslave them for the rest of their lives.”

Fraser, who is also Representative for the Third District, said he wanted the record to show that he warned the local government of the reported dubious mannerisms of the Chinese.

BVI is benefitting from China, says Premier

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith was not minded to accept Fraser’s warning.

He said the territory has and continues to benefit from the relationship with China in tourism and the financial services.

“We will do what we can to improve that part of the economy and assisting them (Chinese) to get to the BVI as visitors is something that will consecrate to the continued development of tourism in the BVI,” Premier Smith said.

He continued: “I do not think it warrants an apology to say that it is something that we need to do to continue to build the economy of the BVI.”

Premier Smith said the territory can learn ‘a lot’ from the Chinese, adding that he is pleased and grateful for the territory’s long-standing relationship with the Asians.

The Premier also said he was impressed with China’s infrastructure and business ventures. He further noted that they have a successful economy, and he expects the BVI-China relationship to continue.

When Premier Smith first broke the news of the visa exemption for Chinese nationals back in June, many were ‘up in arms’ and called for it to be withdrawn.

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  1. Sum Ting Wong says:

    Fraser finally hits the nail on the head. Chinese not your friend

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  2. VG68 says:

    Be careful! Be very careful. This is how the ultimate “thank you for helping us” takes over.

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  3. Albion says:

    Dear Lord, that man is i——–. The policy relates to visas for Chinese tourists – we are not signing contracts with the Chinese government to hand over large chunks of land, or pay them big sums of money.

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  4. Reply says:

    I agree with Mr. Frasier. The Chinese are infiltrating every where they can for both economical and external political power & influence. Its part of their globalization strategy.

    They do what they do in anticipation of something in return. They are the new globalist on the block.

    Unfortunately, the Premier apparently does not see this, nor appreciate their long term plan. The BVI should think twice before getting in bed with the Chinese.

    Rest assured, the Chinese will benefit MORE from the BVI than the other way around…way more.

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    • Numskul says:

      Let’s focus on putting out our domestic fires before attacking others. China is not a threat to us. Our biggest challenges are dealing with our own simple problems that no elected official has been able to deal with. Are you satisfied with our education system and school buildings? Are you satisfied with your internet speed? Are you satisfied with the reliability and cost of your utilities? Let’s solve these problems before we attempt to save Africa from Chinese investment. Remember the words of our Lord, “Cast not a stone if thou livest in a glass house.”

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      • Reply says:

        This has got to be one of the most craziest responses to a post I have ever written. It has me scratching me head, as it makes no sense to me. ..none whatsoever. How does judgement come into play with a discussion of China. What are you talking about?

        Jesus! May I suggest you educate yourself on China, a communist country, before you say another word.


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        • Numskul says:

          @reply useith not HIS name in vain.
          That China is governed by the Communist Party should trouble you less than the fact that our country is currently governed by those who do not practice due dilligence nor issueith the audit. Nay, our system is repleat with kickbacks and corruption. Yea, China does not permit corruption.
          @reply the average man from China is better educated and works harder than our fellow countrymen.
          @reply you appear to be a xenophobe.

          • Reply says:

            I know you are off your rocker when you accuse me of being a xenophobe. LOL. Again, what you are writing makes no sense to me in the context of the conversation. You are on your own planet.

            Your handler “Numskul” explains it all.

            No more to add. Carry on. You have a nice evening.

  5. What Time Is It? says:

    Dr. Smith is being to Nieve. Frazer is absolutely right. We have come to far; lifting ourselves buy our own bootstraps to allow our progress and Freedom to be washed away, never to return.
    There is something basically wrong with our approach to nation Building. To start with, our population and country size are small. Britain realized that when they made us so called full citizens and gave us British passports; but didn’t make it reciprocal for British citizens to come into BVI with full benefits (like Americans have anywhere under its flag). We are already outnumbered; both in population and in business ventures. Taking the quick and easy way is not necessarily the best approach.
    Our decisions must be made with the “Best Interest” of our country and people in mind. We are where we are because of not having a proper nation building plan. We invest in airplanes because somebody says its a good idea, expand cruise pier without knowing what it will cost. We are running out of wiggle room; without much space to wiggle ourselves out of bad decisions and get back on track. We have sit back to long and allowed our government to make decisions or not make decisions in our best interest. Time to apply the brakes.

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    • LOL says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but a huge chunk of our financial services revenue comes from Asia.

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      • Jokes says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble, your point is totally irrelevant.
        Financial service clients and direct foreign investment are completely different, not related.
        Do some research, Frazer is correct to be careful of who you sign a deal with. The upfront reward may well prove to be a big loss later on.

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      • What Time Is It? says:

        @ LOl a large chunk of our imports comes from other countries; including foreign Direct Investments. What do we give away? America gets a large chunk of her oil from different oil producers (billions of dollars worth); China and Japan buys America’s Bonds to raise capital. What is America giving away?. Maybe we need Donald Trump here (~/\~)
        Suppose we manage our resources more Prudently, less wasteful? like the $7.2 we gave away to a broke one-plane airline; the 10 million spent on the runway expansion; the 40 million overrun on the pier Park and still not completed; the million dollar walls etc. Suppose we find other ways to incentivise investors unlike what we giving Branson and Oil Nut Bay (Duty free for ever and ever). Little Dix Bay Resort is one of our best investors for the past 60+ years. What have we given to Mr.Rockefeller except Pioneer Status and Citizenship just before he died. But Mr Rockefeller also gave back Sandy Spit; the little island east of Jost Van Dyke. He bought all the land above 1,000 feet on Virgin Gorda and gave it back and now forms Virgin Gorda National Park. Peter Kilner, the multi Billionaire at Nail Bay, who bought building materials and gave for building and repairing homes, generators and chain saws and paid for cleaning up. I am not aware of any freebies he got. There’s also a story about a shipment of building materials imported from Puerto Rico he wanted go directly to Virgin Gorda, but Customs wanted it stopped and checked in Road Town duty free. He insisted it go directly to Virgin Gorda and gave customs a $10,000 and headed for Virgin Gorda with the shipment.
        The point is that there are real investors that knows our True situation and doesn’t want anything else from us other than the natural beauty and the peace and quiet we provide. We are only a tiny 60 sq miles and running out of Freebies. If we will be Real leaders; visionaries prudent with love for country and countrymen, we wouldn’t need to be constantly giving away our country.

  6. They says:

    are no different, but identical to the American, English man, French, Danish,, Belgium, Arabs, Jews and others in relation to the exploitation of the Black man.

    Our officials must be very smart in dealings with the. They are now ravaging Africa.

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  7. p says:

    real talk Mr Frazer ‘ look how them Chinese take over jamaica’them come 2 frist then a hold barage of them coming in to swap land for work’ then them soon started to open Chinese store then restaurant/ then soon CHINA town ‘ no it’s real talk just wait and u will see

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  8. Went primary school says:

    You n****z cant friggin read?
    The waiver is for visitors.

    Zzzzzzzzz. Christ

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    • Rude And Out Of Place says:

      I do not appreciate the implied racist comment in your first sentence.

      No doubt you are in our land raping us to make something out of your worthless self and still maligning us. Look – here’s the door.

      Feel free to walk through it!!!! We can do well without people like you.

  9. What is right says:

    Ask for the details people, explain to me why they are or aren’t not.

  10. comeright says:

    Either you are saying to me our leader are stupid or corrupt.

  11. hint hint says:

    The chinese already took over anguilla

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  12. How? says:

    Someone wants to lead this country with such retrograde language!

  13. Jane says:

    The Visa issue is a red herring, that isnt the way the Chinese will take over. As the Chinese push the Belt and Road they will make debtors of BVI, holding leverage for infrastructure development and seeking political submission in return. Recommend reading this article on how they are doing this in Sri Lanka . BVI may push for independence and may get support from China to do so. Wouldn’t China like a new friendly UN vote they could rely upon? I should think they would. Next will be Citizenship by Investment, then the BVI may find the local population swamped out by new Chinese residents who vote for pro-Chinese policies. Should the BVI care whether they become the colonial plaything for China as they part-ways with UK? Perhaps it would be a good thing, the British Empire is dead and China is the future. But people need to be aware what choices they might be making. Could we become the Chinese Virgin Islands? I think we possibly could.

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  14. SMH says:

    I’m not saying he is wrong or right but i think these politicians need to have a sense of discretion. I think you should of sat down with the Premier in private and discuss the matter. It’s not really wise to publicly criticize a WHOLE race or Country, whether we are going to do business with them or not. It does not give us a good look but that’s just my two cent…..i’m not the politician what do i know

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  15. E. Leonard says:

    China is an emerging super power. The BVI should have a working relationship with China but it must properly dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Any partnerships or agreements should be win-win, properly structured and monitored. China is filling a void in developing and emerging countries left by the US and others.

    Sensing this void, China, flushed with cash, moves in for the kill offering low or no interest loans and other assistance. However, with this assistance, the resource-poor developing and emerging countries have to agree to use Chinese labour, material and equipment; eased immigration rules for Chinese citizens, support Chinese interest items at the UN and other world bodies ( Of course. the VI, as a non-selfgoverning territory, does not have a vote at the UN)…..etc. The VI must trust but verify.

    Moreover, Africa is a resource-rich continent with many poor countries. Despite the rich resources, many African countries are poor because many lacked the economic mechanisms and skills to develop strong primary or secondary economies. Often, the resources are mined and exported; little to no manufacturing occurs to put locals to work.

    Over the ages, many resource-rich African countries were exploited by developed countries, ie, UK, France…….etc of their resources for the benefit of their economies and citizens at the expense of residents of these African countries. China may be just the latest to exploit these resource-rich countries. It is way past time for Africa and its people to wake up and unite for the public good of Africa and African.

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  16. Shark says:

    Does the premier has A————-

  17. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Indeed, China is an emerging true superpower; it is nipping at the heels of the US to become the #1 economy. Due to the void created by the US, as well as others, China has increasing influence in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Caribbean …….etc. Moreover, China has large investment in the US and other countries in the West; it holds a massive amount of US debt.

    Moreover, China exercises its influence in these areas by providing low or no interest loans and grants. In turn, it demands that countries use Chinese labor, material, equipment………etc. Further, in many countries, labour camps are esatblished. Additionally, it is also advancing its military capability on the road to becoming a true super power.

    The VI should maintain a working relationship with China, an emerging super power. Nonetheless, government should ensure that any working relationship is in the best interest of the VI and its people. As I understand it, the VI is currently waivering visa requirements for Chinese visitors.

  18. Sambit says:

    Mr. Frazer you Looking to the future ; first thing they going to do is to take one of the street a mark they territory bringing their culture idols in to the island, and next damage all the business lest after crisis.

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    • Dim Sum says:

      “Culture idols?” Who in the world are you referring to? Bill Gates, Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba)?
      “Damage all the business?” Maybe they could figure out a way to put out the fire at our dump? They could certainly rebuild a faster internet. They could rebuild our roads and public buildings in a week. They could repair our broken schools and introduce a higher level of education.

  19. Old says:

    We need China because the bvi gov is not do in’s what they say they will do The will help . No man own a counter

  20. K says:

    Been to Greece lately? It has lost all of its culture and what the photos online don’t show you is all of the Chinese people there. You will think you are in China… their takeover is real…and slowly happening.

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  21. Go getter says:

    Mr. Frazer, African countries were not duped. Those countries were sold out by their corrupt leaders who knew exactly what they were doing.

    Stop the talk and and fear mongering. Show the BVI that you are capable of engaging the Chinese in a way that would benefit the BVI.

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