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Chinese can only stay for 6 months | Business and tourism only

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith

Government has sought to clear the air on its controversial Immigration policy amendment exempting China nationals from the territory’s visa entry requirements.

On Tuesday, the Premier’s Office released a statement which says, though the Chinese no longer require a visa to enter the territory, they are only allowed to remain in the territory for a period not exceeding six months.

The Premier’s Office further said the Chinese will be granted access in the territory “for business and tourism related matters only”.

The Chinese will also be subjected to the normal border control procedures ‘in keeping with the laws of the territory’, government added.

Governement said this new policy favouring the Chinese was implemented to ‘augment’ its September 2016 decision to allow entry to persons who do not hold a BVI visa but have a United States, United Kingdom, or Canadian visa.


The Smith Administration’s latest statement comes amid major backlash from the local public who are vexed government has relaxed its Immigration policies for the Chinese.

British Virgin Islanders said they are concerned about the possible implications the policy could have on the territory.

But government said its decision to exempt the Chinese from visa requirements is part of a wider and ongoing move to generate revenue from the Asians in financial services and tourism.

Back in 2016, the territory made an application to China to receive Approved Destination Status (ADS).

ADS permits countries to promote their tourism in China and, in turn, allows China nationals to visit these countries.

“Countries without the ADS are not allowed to receive tourist groups from China or to promote their destination in China for tourism and are restricted to business and official travel groups only,” government explained.

“More than 146 different countries and territories have signed an ADS tourism agreement with the Chinese government, and over 127 countries actively engage in tourism promotion in China,” it added.

The government also pointed to other competing Caribbean destinations such as Antigua & Barbuda, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Jamaica, who have offered the Chinse visa-free access.


Government said it foresees several benefits to this visa exemption policy.

It said some of these benefits include enhancing the business traveller’s experience in the territory, helping to attract new clients, providing an easier access for the BVI’s International Arbitration Centre, and providing tremendous help to the territory’s global marketability in tourism and in the financial services sector.

China is said to be the territory’s largest trading partner for more than 25 years and mainland China and Hong Kong companies have accounted for 41 per cent of the $1.5 trillion in assets mediated through the British Virgin Islands.

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  1. Won Hung Lo says:

    Chinese are filthy,greedy and rude. You really think any of them are coming for tourism or “business” that benefits the BVI?
    Just look throughout the Caribbean as to what their impact has been. Not good and no local benefit.

    • Online Now says:

      “filthy,greedy and rude” – well done! Take a look around the BVI!

    • Richard says:

      Well they’ll fit right in then!!!!! Lol

    • Cats and Dogs says:

      I have no problem with them doing financial services business here.

      But no retail products businesses, and definitely none having to do with food, water or health & beauty products.

    • Eh says:

      You must be referring to the transplanted population of immigrants that has infested the VI.
      But you omitted their propensity for murder, thiefing and reproduction.

    • Sad says:

      @wonhunglo your comments are proof that racism and ignorance is present here in the BVI. You are proof that some people here don’t value education and hard work. Your attitude will hold the BVI back from becoming the great nation that it could be and for as long as your pitiful voice is shared by others our country will remain a third world nation subject to mismanagement, possible corruption, and squaler.

    • CW says:



    • Rubber Duck says:

      Racist rubbish.

      But what the Chinese are not is democrats.

      The BVI favors a non democratic country over democratic ones when it claims to be a democracy itself. Outrageous.

      Who is next?

      North Korea? Saudi Arabia?

  2. Richard says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but as a UK citizen with a British passport I’m only allowed in for 30 days, at which point I have to leave or apply for an extension with immigration with documentation supporting the fact that I have the necessary funds to support myself. However if your Chinese you get 6 months. Seeing as it’s the BRITISH Virgin Islands, how is that fair???

    • Rubber Duck says:

      But of course BVIslanders can go to the U.K. for an unlimited time, sign on, get health care etc etc. something the U.K. should stop until U.K. citizens are better treated here.

    • Wow says:

      Is this true?

    • ArthurHodge says:

      Because the British worst than the Chinese. The tale of —– Hodge tells us who the Brits are, thus why you are given 30 days.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        One man from 200 years ago. You are a moron.

      • History says:

        Arthur Hodge, the only slave master convicted by fellow Brits for murdering a slave and hung. Supposedly, he murdered the slave for a mango. A horrible, inhumane…….etc s…b. He has a resting place down at the olde Her Majesty’s Prison. It may be 200 years ago but it is history.

        • Rubber Duck says:

          Get a grip. The Chinese are the biggest executors on earth. Two alleged drug dealer publicly executed in a sports field yesterday. Half the population of the BVI would go that way if it were the Chinese Virgin Islands.

        • History 101 says:

          You know what else is history besides the conviction and execution of a beastly British plantation owner? Answer: the Christian British men who campaigned to have slavery abolished in all its forms, under the principle that each human is a sovereign individual with a spark of divinity, which is what makes us sovereign individuals. Again, that was the British who set slaves free. Can the British not also have six months? Or are you just full of hate and resentment that it really doesn’t matter what the truth is, as long as you can act like a spoiled little runt.

          • Rubber Duck says:

            You might add that the wealth of the BVI has been created 90% by the British. All the finance. Most of the boat companies, the major grocery company, lots of the hotels etc etc. I don’t know of a single Chinese business of any size in the country.

            But it is typical BVI to bite the hand that feeds you.

      • Sigh* says:

        He is a m—-! I’m a British Virgin Islander, I support this attempt to boost our tourism product by tapping into that vast market. That being said, we are BRITISH, how the hell could it be that Chinese are afforded more time here? That has to be an oversight, n if so it needs to be looked at ASAP. Doesn’t make an ounce of sense….then again many times have we as a people been found wanting in the balance of common sense in our actions….

        • CW says:

          People need to let this work itself out before storming the proverbial castle with pitchforks ( or stupidly declaring war on the UK for independence after a long march about something totally different.) SMH

  3. Oh My says:

    I don’t understand over the years working in the tourism industry we get 90% return guests/visitors staying 6 weeks to 2 months and they get so much hassle of going back and forth to immigration for a stamp and pay $10 or $25 whatever it is. and know the Chinese can stay for 6 months. wow!!

    Will they automatically get that 6 months stamps what about our Caribbean brothers and sisters.

  4. Diplomat says:

    Ok. So why not exempt our regional neighbors, ie, Guyanese , Haitian, Jamaica……..etc? Is it because the Chinese are filthy rich and our Caribbean brethren are some broke a..s? The Chinese can come any lame business excuse and hangout for up to 6 months but our Caribbean brethren are put through the wringer. The Willie Lynch effect is alive and well. Lets stop self hating.

    • HA! says:

      Stop it man! If NDP announced VISA free travel for the countries you have listed there would be over 100 comments already, stop acting as if you give a sh-t about these countries. You all don’t realize how stupid you sound all of a sudden coming to the rescue of our so called brothers in the Region. All of a sudden? Hmmmm.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well dear Richard, your situation appears not fair, but neither is it fair for us to be or to be categorized as “BRITISH Virgin Islands.”

    Can a moral predicate be applied to an incongruous non material political matter?

  6. Won Hung Lo says:

    You are going to find you have invited in the biggest racists on earth. Chinese people generally believe all other races are inferior to themselves.

    • Six Points says:

      Chinese people are not the biggest racists on earth. A few well-placed YouTube searches and you will be shocked.

    • Aborigine says:

      Oh please!!!!
      That distinction belongs to the caucasians. The rest of the world is simply disciples, taught,indoctrinated on land, on sea and by the media. History, past and present which includes current events as slanted as it has been written and is being reported,is all about the racism of caucasians and the everlasting effects.
      The VI on its own soil, has dealt with Australians, Argentinians,NorthAmericans,South Africans and others who have and continue to be responsible for the genocide of millions of mellanated humans…none could compare to their barbarism resulting from their disdain. The Chinese can never surpass ever lingering present evil.

      • Uncle Buck says:

        Someone needs to go to read real history and not the ethno-nationalist doctrine that passes for history in these parts. In fact, even today in 2018 the biggest, most disgusting loud-mouthed racists in existence are the bigots who blame everything on Caucasians and who demand the world give them what they want on the grounds of their ethnicity. Those are the real racists.

  7. Trust me says:

    Another slap in the face to the Brits who own , run and control the finance industry the country depends on. And Lorna is surprised they are leaving.

    Suicide BVI.

  8. Rubber Duck says:

    I am sure after the next disaster, the Chinese will send help, navy ships etc. Ormaybe not. But the U.K. whose citizens are treated like animals here will be expected to.

  9. NDP no good for we says:


  10. LMAO!! says:

    All Asians are NOT Chinese! Jesus Christ people really serious? You really think that every red skinned lazy eyed person with a store or restaurant is from China? You do know Asia is not just China? Just like all Arabic looking people are not ‘Serian’..The folks in BVI that we call ‘Chinese’ are actually from Vietnam but don’t let common sense cloud your brain-fart party, carry on.

  11. Contributing- says:

    The airport expansion is rigorously being pushed for a reason; at this stage, it comes down to- the value of money vs the dominant collective societal values. View a few links of many on the topic for added dialogue on the topic. There is nothing new under the sun.

    The China Syndrome: Part One (also view part 2)

    • Wow says:

      Thanks for sharing. It shows we really don’t know what we are getting ourselves into. MONEY TALKS AND CHINA WILL RULE THE WORLD. Many people/countries are saying it will be a new kind of colonisation.

  12. Laura says:

    Bullocks, pure bullocks! We shall reap what we sow.

  13. Freedom says:


    Do try to educate some about the “Willie Lynch Syndrome,” by submitting a brief summary to public media.

    It is suspected that most know not who or what his doctrine was about and or the devastating psychological ramifications we the first still suffer with.

    Do try, whenever possible, to educate the masses. Over time, a bit of knowledge should create change in at least one.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is always an underlying “entitlement” thread existing among the “Brits” blog here,yet they are all so keen to engage in reverse psychology when it comes to the native.

  15. Obsever says:

    The theme for NDP last election was “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.” I hope the people of the BVI were paying attention to everything that has happened to this country and the actions of the government ministers.

  16. ORDER IN COUNCIL says:

    now this is when the UK can step in and issue an order in council against this visa waiver. a number of CARICOM nationals don’t have this…why should the chinese? At least, you could have said those chinese who have US Visa’s don’t need a visa for here.

  17. Oh k says:

    Oh k. For business and tourism only. Well what else it got buddy? (scratching head)

  18. Brad Boynes says:

    STOP Prostituting the Territory ———–

  19. cwalter155 says:

    I hope us citizens will get 6 months also, I have owned a sailboat in bvi for past 6 years. I always have to wait in line to get an extension. Last winter they said I could only get 1 month exension, even after i said that I had over 55,000$ in repairs needed and would like to have it done in bvi to help locals. They said no, so st thomas got the repairs and money.

  20. @Aborigine says:

    Thanks for sharing the gospel truth. We must never let them, our children or us forget!

  21. Uncle Buck says:

    The irony of a BVIslander lamenting the Chinese being granted six months visas, when BVIslanders have a free pass to every benefit the UK has to offer, paid for of course by the UK taxpayer, the bitter enemy. Reminds me of the big loan the UK offered to the BVI, that loan that was the source of so much noise, that loan needed to rebuild the island, that loan that is GUARANTEED by the UK. Which means, the BVI don’t actually have to pay it back because the UK TAXPAYERS will foot the bill. Let’s have some thanks for the Brits please.

  22. @ Uncle Buck says:

    Name one benefit the UK is paying for. And please do not mention the military. That military is for the defense of UK from its similarly composed barbaric neighbors

    Secondly, if you or the UK taxpayer are paying for something and feel ill about doing so for those ungrateful “subjects,” the solution is a very simple one, remove your dominion from over men and set them free to forge their own destiny.

  23. Uncle Buck says:

    Someone has a terrible memory. The UK paid for Valard, they supplied military help, they have offered a good loan guaranteed by UK TAXPAYERS. If your English comprehension was better you would have understood that the benefits I speak of are the benefits UK passport holders are entitled to in the UK.

    Lastly, what dominion? The BVI is an OT by choice. Independence is a vote away. The UK would celebrate the day that happens.

  24. CW says:

    Exactly. BVI is literally .2
    % of the UK economy. They could lose the BVI and never even notice. Well, they would get a lot less COMPLAINTS FROM HATERS FOR ALL THEY DO.

  25. Bob says:

    1.5 trillion an we still got pot hold plaguing us.
    Better leadership.
    More stability
    Open your eyes

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