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Christian fired from Junior Minister post

Archibald Christian

Local legislator Archibald Christian has been sacked from his position as Junior Minister of Tourism.

Governor Augustus Jaspert fired Christian from the post on Thursday, November 15.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith told members of the media that the governor sacked Christian on his (the Premier) recommendation.

Christian’s removal from the post follows his resignation from the National Democratic Party (NDP) this week.

Meanwhile, Christian told BVI News Thursday afternoon that on account of him being fired, he is now officially associating himself with the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM).

Government minister Ronnie Skelton is being reported as the leader of the PVIM but that is yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Good, take a hike Archie!

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  2. Archie says:

    Like a dog on a leash! Following your Master out the door. Only that your master has yet to tell these islands that he is actually running his own party because he lost and bitter about losing internal elections! Pathetic! Grow a set of balls and show a little transparency if you want my vote!

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  3. Voter says:

    Hmmm. you not running again. Not that it mattered. So Bye Bye.

  4. Wow says:

    Yo never see a fowl bottom until the wind blows

  5. To Archie says:

    No matter where you run your political days are over. You were NPD’s weakest link. So try have a seat.

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  6. Oh boy says:

    Ronnie Skelton got to get fired too then. Uh ooh

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  7. Irma says:

    They’ll all be ok. I still shacking with family for over a year since my home was destroyed. I’m disabled and can no longer work, don’t qualify for a loan and couldn’t afford home insurance. They have their problem and I got mine. None of them offer to give me assistance to patch up my roof so I could move back in. Ain’t want to here from none ayo

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  8. Double standards says:

    So to the damn speaker was supposed to be fired from the time she affiliated herself with a party, struupes…

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  9. SMDH says:

    The NDP is in shambles.

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  10. Reply says:

    The Governor did the absolute right thing. Mr. Christian made it known that he was joining another political party yet was going to remain as Junior Minister of Tourism with his former party, the NDP.

    He wanted to have his cake and eat it to. One foot out the door and the other in. Thats some duplitious bs. If he had any honor, he would have resign all posts, but clearly he had none and thought he could get away with his shady behavior.

    Well, the Governor has spoken.

    Good riddance.

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  11. Hah says:

    I hope he get used to the feeling because in April the people will fire him again but this time a few of his colleagues will be joining him.

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  12. oops says:

    Time to flush out all the cockroaches and or RATS hiding in the wheat?????

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  13. Political Observer (PO) says:

    This should not have been a surprise to the Hon Archie Christian (AL), having resigned as a member of the reigning NDP. He could have saved himself a little embarrassment by also resigning as Junior Minister of Tourism in the MoF. Then, again he may have wanted the battle scars of being fired. If he had resigned as Junior Minister of Tourism on his own, it would have been a low key, non-issue. Now that he has been fired, it is headline news. It is sexy having been fired, is it not? The Hon Christian had have known that the NDP trail was derailing a long time ago but was he being a loyal, disciplined soldier? Do not cry for Archie, for he, having served two consecutive terms in the HOA, qualified for his pension. Then again, he may be jamming for PVIM.

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  14. Love fr my country says:

    Since when does it becomes the Governor’s job to fire politicians or Ministers? The Premier is the one who appoints and gets the Governor to issue the appointment. Stop giving the Governor overall power of these things.

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    • Ok says:

      Since when jack***** are allowed to blog? The Governor makes those appointments based on advice from the Premier and can revoke in the same manner. The Premier asked the Governor to fire him which is said quite clearly in the story.

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    • Looking In says:

      Have you even READ your own constitution????

  15. Rest up says:

    To foolish….if you know that youre a weak link then stay with the strongest link nah buddy. Strupes.

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    • @Rest up says:

      Exactlyyyyy,The NDP is the strongest and will continue to be the strongest. If I were to ever get into Politics, I would join forces with NDP. #TEAMNDPALLTHEWAY.

  16. Archie Comics says:

    Brother Archie could have avoided all this drama by just keeping his mouth shut and letting the clock run down to the next elections. But he likes talking too much for that. Now he is out of a job, and we all know how that feels especially when payday comes around. Next time either quit before they fire you, or stay quiet.

  17. Faith says:

    Just like how calypsonians make songs on situations that affects society I think this man fits well ????

  18. @Faith says:

    @ Faith but when u look at his picture he looks like he would fit better being a pastor Come on Sir u have The Biblical names already let’s do this thing there’s more power in Faith And Beliefs “LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN

  19. @Archie says:

    You try to play the rat game and you got zonked. Wonder if you were squeaking like a rat while being driven to the curb of shame in the Bently. All rats get exposed.YOU ARE DONE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA.YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED,NO ONE WILL VOTE FOR YOU.Heard they were taking applications for HEAD RAT positions down in the sewer. You should apply.

  20. Damn Archie says:

    You finally experience what it is to be driven to the curb. That is what happens when you think you are soooo slick. A rat always get caught on the same trap of peanut butter and cheese that he lays out for others. Dude, who is going to trust you now? No one is going to vote for anyone that is affiliated with rats.

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