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Christmas message from Melvin Turnbull


I am Melvin Mitch Turnbull, Representative for the Second Electoral District and I’m honoured to extend Season’s Greetings to you on behalf of my family and the Second District Community.

As the year is quickly coming to an end, I pause to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and 2018. I also take a minute to give God thanks and praise for His many blessings and mercies especially after the devastating storms of 2017. Thank you, Lord, for remaining faithful while we are sometimes faithless, and for Your continued protection and provision for the people of the Virgin Islands.

I also take a minute to remember persons and families in my district, their families and those in the wider Virgin Islands community who have lost loved ones during the past two years. I extend my sincerest sympathies and prayers for your continued strength and peace.

In 2015, I was given the opportunity to serve this Territory to bring about change. My voice and my actions represented the change needed to put the Virgin Islands back on the right path, ensuring that country is placed above self. Together we have begun a good work, we have made significant strides to accomplish the goals set and I will continue to do my best to move District 2 forward.

God Bless you and may God continue to bless our home, our country these beloved Virgin Islands.


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  1. Bye Melvin says:

    Melvin, you try everything to get supporters for your own gain. You are an, incapable untrustfull, power hungry person. Have a merry christmas, but step out of politics as we don’t want you.

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  2. Sit down says:

    Little boy…

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  3. What! says:

    Shame on you BVI News, to give a platform to a political nobody. Independent mediums should only relay Christmas messages of the government, premier or governor. What were you thinking??

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    • Agree says:

      @What!, for real. BVI News, I part ways with V..O the news site that is the fly in the bowl of milk. Please don’t make me part ways with you.This power tripping kid acting like he is leader of Country. There is no way I am going to have Mitch and his gang represent me.

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  4. 2 messages in one says:

    I guess he bringing 2 messages, one from his district and one as deputy of his party since his head do not believe nor celebrate Christmas.

    See based on all who brought message his head pvim should bring message also but he would never ever because as far as his belief, they do not celebrate Christmas.

    God forbid if they should win election they might abolish Christmas celebration, just saying. Thing to think about people.

    Merry Christmas. According to Frazer, it is sad for BVI.

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  5. SMH says:

    Dude standing in as the Deputy Premier of his Party!

    • Where is the honesty says:

      This PVIM whatever they call themselves is not trust worthy at all. This is now 3 strikes against them, so you know they are OUT!!!

      How can you come here saying message from your district, when no other district has message?

      Check this out, Governor, Premier and leader of political parties, Andrew – VIP, Frazer – Progressive United (Yet to see who uniting with him). The next one should be Ronnie, but instead we have his deputy posing as 2nd district when he know from his deceptive heart that he is there as deputy to Ronnie who do not believe in Christmas and would never give Christmas message.

      Thank God, he neither sleep nor slumber. God knows the intent of the heart.

      Mitch, for your sake, give it up, this is no dolly house business. You are not ready. stop the deception NOW.

    • LMAO says:

      For real, if he was not promised that position,he would not have been standing up there. Mr.X tourist board is doing his S..t on the down low. Mr.Tourist board open his mouth the wrong way,he is going to get roasted like he is sitting in the Friars Club.

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  6. Ok..... says:

    Mr. I was promise second in command position. Ya still not going to sit in the chair little boy. Just imagine this little boy having to represent us overseas. In Tortola every flea and his off spring can run for office.What a joke. Ohhh, the outside is having a good one takes you people serious.

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  7. big sht says:

    This man is under attack from both vip and ndp but he will overcome

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  8. How the story will play out says:

    Mitch is doing a practice run.If the Blue Wave of confusion win, Big Pa pa will be Premier and Mitch will be second in command. Mitch is going to cause some type of drama and big Pa Pa will be out and Mitch will be Premier. That is the plan,Mitch will be a very dangerous person if given any kind of power.

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