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Christopher wants cultural village status for Fahie Hill

A mural along the roadway in Fahie Hill.

Describing it as one of her ‘dreams’, Fifth District representative Delores Christopher said she would love to see the quaint community of Fahie Hill be officially declared a cultural village.

Fahie Hill is already known for its popular mural depicting old-time British Virgin Islands lifestyles.

Christopher shared her vision for Fahie Hill at a public meeting at the Watch House to discuss government’s proposed Recovery and Development Plan for the BVI.

“From time to time, we get ideas on how we can get our people involved in an area that they are comfortable with, an area that they know. One of my dreams is for building and enhancing our culture, for promoting it, is to establish a cultural village,” she said.


“My dream is for the whole village to become a cultural village where they [tourists] cannot only drive past and see something, but they can meet the people, buy a little piece of sugar cake, cassava bread, woodwork, go to the art gallery … drink some juice right here,” she said.

Good for Tourism

According to the Fifth District representative, tourists to the destination would find their stay even more interesting to learn about the way of life in the islands.

“Now more than ever the tourists want to get out and see these things. Some of them never seen a real chicken before,” she noted.

“This is a giant that is still sleeping that we have not yet been able to awaken, and we don’t need how many millions of dollars to have it either. We just need a small amount, but you have to understand the importance of it.”

Christopher did not estimate how much funds would be needed to have her ‘dreams’ materialized.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    99% of the homes in the entire 5th district are with roofs. How this helping them now?????

  2. Snoppy says:

    “….. Some of them never seen a real chicken before,”

    Says the ‘representative’.


  3. Cultural Status? says:

    Many people are still struggling to get their lives back in order and all you can think on is cultural status for your district? Seems as if our priorities have been further twisted since Irma/Maria.

  4. Youngin says:

    How the heck you want the 5th District to be a Cultural Village when there are houses without roofs, people still homeless, school system needs fixing, roads need fixing etc etc… this woman good?? The place needs fixing before the next hurricane season which is right around the flipping corner again. This shouldn’t even be in the news. This is utter rubbish (in Simon’s voice)

  5. Diplomat says:

    The BVI is rapidly losing its heritage and culture; it is forsaken both and adopting/adapting external cultures, especially the culture of developed countries, ie, gang banging, materialism, greed, self destruction……..etc. Sad. Heritage tourism is an emerging attraction that should be added to the attractions list. Barbados and other regional countries are embracing and offering it. BVI should offer it also. Fahie Hill as a cultural village is a novel idea that should be capitalized upon, ie, where did the name Fahie Hill come from, what makes Fahie Hill unique as a quaint village……..etc.

    Nonetheless, timing is everything. The people of the D-5 like the rest of the BVI are trying desperately recover from the ravages of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Consequently, at this time, their focus are elsewhere, ie, getting electricity back, getting their roofs on before hurricane season starts in a few short months, unemployment……..etc. It is a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs thing. D-5 residents basic, security and belonging needs must be met before tackling self esteem and self actualization needs.

    • TurtleDove says:

      Run Diplomat Run….being funny but what you are saying make sense. All she said was declared a cultural village, people not seeing chicken before then talk about money in these trying times….really? The entire BVI should adopt a similar approach to what you have described. Not only for the tourists but all. Whats in the name Fahie Hill, Cane Garden Bay, Carrot Bay, Long Look…..etc

    • Socrates says:

      What is the BVI culture, its heritage? Can most Virgin Islanders narrate what BVI culture or heritage is and do they care? Are Virgin Islanders more interested in accumulating stuff than that touchy feely culture ting? Is BVI culture and heritage a ting of the past? Are Virgin Islanders ashamed of and neglectful of BVI culture, customs, courtesies and heritage?

      Further, are Virgin Islanders more passionate of the American popular culture than the BVI’s ? What part is the MEC playing in protecting, preserving and sustaining BVI culture? Should the MEC play a bigger and more active role in preserving BVI culture? Should the BVI flagship entity for higher learning, HLSCC, be more heavily invested in preserving VI culture?

      Should the VI gradually integrate other cultures into the national culture as the diversity of the population changes? Though the timing may be off, given the suffering of D-5 residents, agree or disagree with the Hon Christopher does she deserve a ????????for raising the cultural heritage issue of Fahie Hill? Is the name Fahie (Foy, Fa-hie) Dutch, English, Danish, Spanish, French…….etc origin?

      What should we call ourselves, VI or BVI? Should we pursue a legal name change from VI to BVI? Should we surrender the claim of being the real VI to the USVI?

  6. Sam the man says:

    Cultural status just because an ugly concrete retaining wall has been decorated by some superb local art work to enhance its appearance ? hardly sufficient reason Delores…hope you haven’t been given any leafy stuff by Dr Pickering too…I’m getting real worried by how many ministers are coming out with dumb ideas when there are much more important issues to tackle…Just waiting for a minister to suggest a toboggan track down from Ridge Road to Road Town!!!

  7. BVIlander says:

    I hate to admit it but my rep is out of touch with reality. Madam the people of the 5th district need help getting their lives and homes back together, the child may need counselling most of them are still afraid every time the wind blows. The secondary roads need guard rails and some roads need retaining walls so that we can safely get to our homes. I do not want a cultural village, I want a safer and better organized district.

  8. attractions says:

    yeah, right near the wall tourists can stop an watch dogfighting, cock-fighting, an area of abandoned wrecks and a general sense of menace. They’ll be giving us five stars on tripadvisor for that surely.

    You need to think about education, infrastructure, crime and how you want to kill the economy. We do need to do more culturally for residents, preserve heritage much better and to provide for tourism but you have issues more pressing that a mural.

    @SamtheMan – I think you just solved the morning traffic problem!

  9. Watcher says:

    Mean even want to hear you Delores, I am a young person and believe me I won’t be voting for you ever again!

  10. WELSAH says:

    Help your district rebuild their homes

  11. Dontplay says:

    Another sceme…not one day this lady came out and hear the ppl’s cries…but she wan invest in something thats already natural in culture… #moveout!!!

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