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Rock urges churches to reach out through sports

Dr Ian Rock

Rector at St Georges Episcopal Church Reverend Dr Ian Rock has called for local churches to form alliances with sports groups in the territory.

The native of Barbados said such an initiative is a good way to promote community development.

“When I was in Barbados, one of the things that I found very important was the link the church has to sports clubs… I was at Christ Church, and for some time the Gall Hill Football Club would come to the church for their blessings in their football suits.”

Dr Rock noted that the footballers were not members of the church at the time. “That was not important,” he continued.

“The fact that they were making a presence in the church that morning – they were attending service, they were meeting and building relationships – is the type of thing we need to do. [We should] encourage our sports teams and whatever to come and recognize that there is another dimension – a divine dimension to their sporting activity, and help them to recognize that the gifts that they are exercising in sports are gifts that were given by God. That is the type of building society that at the church can be in,” Dr Rock said.

He added that the church should not only be interested in winning souls over for Christ.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be confirming people and bringing people into the service, but rather reaching out and allowing people to recognize their God-given talents and to explore it within the context of society and make positive contributions to society.” the clergyman further reasoned.

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