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City parking lot to hold nearly 300 vehicles, says Transport Minister

The parking facility government will build in Road Town will be able to facilitate nearly 300 vehicles upon completion.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Transportation Minister Kye Rymer said the process to get the project going has already started.

“My ministry is preparing tender documents to build a mass parking facility which will be located at the festival grounds and which will accommodate up to 270 vehicles,” Minister Rymer stated.

Explaining the main purpose for building the parking lot, Rymer added: “The aim of this project is to reduce the parking congestions in the capital as we aim to make the capital a more pedestrian-friendly city while promoting ease of movement for all people.”

The minister said both the parking facility and the festival grounds will co-exist.

Persons who opt to park at the facility will have access to what Rymer referred to as an affordable shuttle service which will transport persons from the festival grounds throughout the town.

Persons who insist on parking at the various parking areas in Road Town will be able to do so at a fee.

Earlier in May, it was determined that the parking lot would be free for all throughout the year, except during the emancipation festivities, since parking in the city will be allowed during that period.

No exact figure has been revealed to determine the total cost of the project.

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  1. CARWASH says:

    You sure it will hold all that after someone go open a car wash. Every time Government builds car park a car wash pops up just saying.

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    • good idea says:

      That’s the ideal spot…..A fisherman will set his trap where the fishes are…..LOL

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    • @Carwash says:

      Don’t forget the food vans too. I don’t see why we need to build anything in there. There is plenty of wide open space to park when the location is not in use.

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      • Dman says:

        Everybody parks there for free already, whats the big deal, the problem is elsewhere. However, nice someone is thinking about the problem. There needs to be an overall plan.

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    • Hmm says:

      Or leave old rotten vehicles in there indefinitely.

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    • Rent Free! says:

      Take up three or four parking spaces for your pop-up business, no rent, no infrastructure costs. Nobody tells them they can’t do this or that. Smart businessmen taking the freebie.

  2. Time will Tell says:

    I thought the festival grounds were designated by law specifically for the purpose of holding festivals regardless of these significance. Where will we put festival when this is done? Is this not the same as giving agricultural lands to BiWater? Why cant we build this parking facility using the current parking lots from Scotia to Bobbys?

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  3. Think of the future says:

    It’s not sustainable to keep building more and more parking lots. Road Town already looks like one huge parking lot and building more is just kicking the can down the road. Tortola is a small island and cannot take a huge amount of cars. Bermuda had the right idea.

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  4. Concern says:

    What about charging people to park rather than use the shuttle because some will just walk to where they need to go. Can be monthly or daily rates.

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  5. pure assishness says:

    Please separate the lanes with painted lines instead of the plants because they defeat the purpose for the festivities

  6. copy cats says:

    Let us follow the same example as st.thomas {dual purpose} PARKING/FESTIVAL

    • Ausar says:

      “Copy Cat”, youve made a valid observation and point!

      I’m tired of the dirt and grass getting stuck under my shoes. And I’m always headed back home in a dusty mess!

      So, perhaps, if implemented, a paved area for the festival area, could be just the answer I need to maintain a “dust-free” look, after festival activities!

  7. STRUPZ says:


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    • son of the soil says:

      why ayo island people dont go back to ayo s**thole countries bur ayo want cheap apartments? like ayo want to create slums in this country?

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      • Hmph says:

        BVI is a slum compared to their countries.

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        • @Hmph says:

          Sadly, the greatest slum is inside your head.

          You suck on the breast that is feeding you, and call the milk dirty.

          Demonish lower class mentality.

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      • @ son of the soil aka dumb a**. says:

        U r a coward. Reveal your true name like your idol Donald Trump.Do U notice he doesn’t hide behind fake names?
        Come on jack a** of the soil, have some balls. Reveal yourself. U disgusting xenophobe and possibly racist.

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      • Me says:

        You r such a fool ….TolIan don’t rent also?

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      • sister of the soil says:

        Its your same cousin that want the cheap apartment.
        You sound very ignorant and xenophobic.

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        • son of the soil says:

          who the heck in their right mind going to the bank to borrow money to build cheap apartments for ayo so? when yo look ayo still cant pay ayo rent then the bank take it?

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          • sister of the soil says:

            That’s where the government will come in to provide housing at subsidized rates so that residents are not held hostage to the inflated rental rates. And we also know son of the soil you don’t use all the money you borrow from the bank to build because you cut corners so you can buy boat and car out of the money. So who you trying to fool

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  8. Home Boy says:

    The problem can be solve by simply building a multistory parking lot in the public parking lot between Scotiabank and Bobbys and get these car washing business out of town PLEASE. While at PARKING, PLEASE do something about the PARKING LOT west of the ROAD TOWN FERRY TERMINAL. It is horrible, need grading off and PAVING. Mr Minister please look into this urgently.

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    • Lodger says:

      I was just about to say why dont they finish the ferry dock parking lot properly. It could hold many more cars.

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  9. Please says:

    This is a waste of tax payers money. I know that it is a new team and everyone is trying to make their mark and be remembered for something but please ensure it makes sense and is good use of government funds.

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  10. Joni says:

    In the words of Joni Mitchell: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

  11. Hmmm says:

    Why not put the parking lot by craft alive and make it at least three levels. One dollar per day for daily parkers and probably two dollars to five dollars for others.

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  12. Simplicity says:

    Move market and food vendors to bandstand/ball field area.

    Use vacated area for parking and also a bus stop. You get some more parking spots by paving over the gut from bridge to supa valu

    Turn the festival grounds into a new bandstand/park. You can still have festivals there.

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  13. Teacher says:

    Mr. Minister, please be careful with this proposed project. Road Town already has serious flooding issues and concrete and asphalt surfaces will only exacerbate the problem.
    If u see the parking garage as the best way forward, please use blocks that are turned just like when u are building and then cover the area with grass. This allows for water to soak into the soil as well as absorb CO2.
    For further reference on this style of car park, please contact UWI, Jamaica.
    When I was there, that was the type of car park they had in some of the areas and it was a beauty- Green car parks.

    • hit the nail on the head says:

      Excellent idea @Teacher.

    • Caribbean Girl says:

      Very good idea. We need the green and no more concrete and/asphalt. If it’s not a multi storey parking, have roofs with solar panels, keeping the vehicles cool and generating power. Saw this in Barbados by the US Embassy in a Taxi stand. Clever idea.

  14. Bloke says:

    Better to build multi story park oposite Bobbys where taxi stand is now and car wash. Lower level to be retail. Charge by the hr automatic credit card. Works everywhere else.

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  15. Plan says:

    The Government plan is to subsidies the shuttles. SMFH.

  16. Sage says:

    One other important point on public roadways – fines should be imposed on owners of broken down vehicles on public roads after a grace period of one day. This should give the car owners enough time to either fix the vehicle, or find the money to pay for a wrecker to move the vehicle to the owners home or a garage. Owners of derelict vehicles should also be fined for leaving such vehicles on public roads. In some areas these vehicles can be seen obstructing traffic while the owners look on and accuse drivers of not knowing how to drive. They would even leave their car doors open and angrily indicate to other drivers to move on with narrow spaces to maneuver their vehicles. Minister, please do something about this situation. I know you have seen this in the 5th district.

  17. :-) says:

    Good idea but expect traffic jams at the roundabout and red cross.

  18. Bandit says:

    A parking garage would have been a better investment for the furture. Which could hold more cars.

  19. local says:

    really VIP

    Complex no fix yet
    Plenty house still damage

    Really VIP

    Fix the place proper from adding new stuff

    Road so %#%$ up shame on alyo muddsa$$

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