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CLINE: Put territory over personal agendas or keep from politics

Bishop John Cline

As the British Virgin Islands readies for the next general election, outspoken clergyman Bishop John Cline has sought to fend off political candidates seeking to get elected for self-serving reasons.

In what can be described as a spirited address this week, Cline said the territory requires representatives capable of delivering it out of an economic hole that has been induced by poor governance and the 2017 hurricanes.

“It must be country first above political party and friendship. If that is not you, stay out of politics. If you are seeking political office for power, stay out. If you are seeking political office for position, stay out. If you are seeking political office for personal gain, stay out,” Cline said.

He said the territory needs what he describes as ‘righteous leaders’.

The clergyman then criticized the National Democratic Party (NDP) government for their response to the United Kingdom inquiry on the future of the relationship between Britain and the BVI.

Cline said it was ‘insulting’ that government has not consulted residents for their input into the inquiry.

“Thank God for the Honorable Leader of the Opposition who brought this matter to our attention for our input,” said Cline, who the NDP administration forced to resign as Chairman of the BVI Health Services Authority back in 2016.

He expressed those sentiments while noting the importance of the next general elections, which are constitutionally due in 2019.

“Please hear me, ladies and gentlemen, this coming election is critical to our future,” he said.

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  1. duck1951 says:

    No matter what your political preference is beware of religious leaders and their political leanings .

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    • Not2Sure says:

      He should just declare that he is running already.

      Tired of all this “shadow boxing”.

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      • @Not 2 sure says:

        And — would get a set of blows. Both h– and — nephew can’t win any election so they stay on the sidelines and bark hoping to confuse us the voters and get us to do what they want us to do so in the end they can benefit by having who they want in government. I am no prophet but I can see straight through this ——–, h– n————-, h– b———– P—— T——- and the whole clan. I just want them to remember that God is watching all of them.

  2. Amen says:

    Clearly it is up to us to rebuild our country. Our current leaders have left it broken while they pursued their secretive personal agendas. Now we realize the total folly of wasting our resources on ridiculous secretive projects conducted without any planning or due dilligence.

  3. The real agenda says:

    The Cline/Turnbull/Skelton clan Again. I am sorry but I believe this group has the biggest agenda of all. There is something going on with these people that has me concerned. Their attitude wreaks desperation and it is self———. What is more troubling to me is like they think that they alone have brains and the rest of us just stupid. The way they feel like they could pull the wool over our eyes using the p——.
    From the one who froths at the mouth on — talk —- and who hate the NDP now because — lost h– job at the P— to the Pastor at C— B—- who always has to find h– voice in the news on something political even writing h– own press releases for h– church to this one who is the best friend of Ronnie and uncle to the frother and was fired from the —– Authority. Now he really wants to kill the NDP
    You do not see any other family behaving the way that these people are behaving. It can’t be that only they love the country and not the rest of us. They are the ones with the personal agenda from as far as I can see.

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  4. Go left says:

    This man loves to hear his own voice. Go fix your personal life and your church Bishop.

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  5. Gandalf says:

    Well if it is not the self-c—— nar——— hobbit come back to lord over h– minions and guide the lost with h– vision and superior intellect!

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  6. Standing Ovation says:

    Round of applause Bishop! And the congregation claps with great enthusiasm!

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  7. Fed up says:

    To me these Clines and their affiliates are concerned about money and access to power. That is what I see. Why they have to be flapping their mouths every minute so? It has to be something and don’t tell me it’s love for country. It’s not that.

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  8. Brad Boynes says:

    @GO LEFT.The man’s personal life is really and truly not any of your business. Your dam business.

  9. Diaspora says:

    Bishop Cline is preaching to the choir from Sage Mountain. But he has a credibility problem. If Dr. Smith didn’t fire him as chairman of BVIHSA, having publically sided with Ms. P that Ronnie should be MoF, would he be on the mountain top as a leading town crier, beating an empty kerosene pan? No. Nonetheless, the reality is that all of us act out of self interest, even we do good. When we do good, do we (most of us) not want recognition? Yes!

    Moreover, my fellow Virgin Islanders must grasp/seize who has the true power. The people has the true power; politicians, apparent power. If there is any doubt who has the true power, observe politicians behaviour and attitude during the election season and campaign. You will see and hear people you have not heard from in years who come on their knees begging for your vote.

    Nevertheless, power is useless if it is not used effectively. As such, the electorate must do more than cast its vote on Election Day; it must stay engaged and holding politicians accountable and responsible. It should reward those who perform well (serve the prople’s Interest, not self interest) and kick the non-performers and charlatans to the curb.

    Moreover, political patronage and dependence on government has caused us to stay silent, look the other way…….etc on poor performance and bad behaviour. That behaviour is acting in self interest, not the national interest. And eventually the chickens will come home to roost; they have come home to roost. The BVI GDP was approx $1B per year but what does it have to show for it? Not much.

    It had a great window of opportunity but has squandered it; now the window is almost sealed tight. Fellow Virgin Islanders, the future of the VI is in our hands; we must not just do things right but do the right thing for our nation/territory and the next generations. Register to vote and vote; voting matters and every vote counts. If you doubt that every votes count, take a peak at Gore vs Bush 2000 and Clinton vs Trump 2016; Bush won Florida by less than 600 votes and Clinton lost to Trump by less than 174,000 in 4 key states (Rust Belt).

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