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Cline, Turnbull to start doing a lot more together

Bishop John Cline (left) and Dr Melvin Turnbull

Bishop John Cline had a rare participation in the emancipation service held at the Sunday Morning Well in Road Town yesterday amid talks that the working relationship is improving between himself and Reverend Dr Melvin Turnbull.

Dr Turnbull is Chairman of the Virgin Islands Heritage Committee, which hosts the annual emancipation service and Gospel Fest as part of the emancipation celebration. He also heads the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church.

Bishop Cline, on the other hand, is Senior Pastor at a different church – New Life Baptist.

Some Christians have raised concern that churches – except Dr Turnbull’s Cane Garden Bay Baptist – are not involved in the emancipation service and Gospel Fest.

Bishop Cline read a scripture verse during the emancipation service yesterday.

Dr Turnbull later told the audience: “I am glad that Bishop Cline has decided to be here and stay here [throughout the emancipation service]. And I don’t think I will have to convince him anymore.”

“So we are gonna be doing a lot more together… You all watch out. We are gonna be talking and we are gonna be working, strategizing and getting things moving. We are a people of power,” Dr Turnbull further said.

Meanwhile, in an interview with BVI News Online a year ago, Dr Turnbull refuted claims that his committee had not been reaching out to other churches regarding the religious aspect of the emancipation festival. “People will always talk. The truth is we have always – and you can underline the word ‘always’ – we have always reached out,” he declared.

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