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Clothes being collected for some job seekers


After recognizing that some young people seeking its services did not have the proper clothing to make a lasting impression at a job interview, the Youth Employment Services this month launched a collection drive.

“We have a number of unemployed persons coming to register. We realize that a number of them, while they do have the urge to find a job, they did not come dressed appropriate most of the times, even when they were asked to dress appropriately,” said Rochelle Lawrence, coordinator of the Youth Employment Services, which falls under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Lawrence further explained: “If you come to register, you don’t have to dress formally. But, if we are doing mock interview, you would have to. And I find that it is either that persons don’t understand how to dress appropriately, or they didn’t have the clothes.”

“I said ‘let me do a career drive’ where I can have persons donate lightly used or new clothes, because sometimes you order things online and they don’t come right, or you are going through your weight loss and have stuff just sitting there. When you donate, the clothes can be used by the persons in the programme to prepare them for their job interviews and at least make that grand first impression,” added Lawrence.

Professional wears, shoes, and accessories are all being accepted.

“We have drop-off locations right now at Sol Gas Station – that’s the Botanic service station across from the O A Shirley Recreation Ground, RiteWay at Prospect Reef, and the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports.”

“It will be a running [collection] drive. We started on March 15th but we want to run it for about three weeks based on the volume that we are getting. And, even when the drive is discontinued, persons are still allowed to drop them off at the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports,” Lawrence said.

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