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Clubs allege major corruption in BVI Cricket Association, regional body informed

Local cricket clubs across the British Virgin Islands have submitted a damning complaint against the management of the BVI Cricket Association (BVICA) to the regional cricketing body — Leeward Islands Cricket Board (LICB).

The complaint sent in the form of a letter outlines a number of allegations against a member of the BVICA who they suggested crowned himself association president since the legitimately-elected president, Charlie Jackson, left the territory.

That reported self-hailed ‘President’, as he is described in the letter, is a prominent member of the local sporting community.

Financial misconduct

The local cricket clubs have collectively accused him of a number of things; chief among them being financial misconduct of the BVICA’s finances.

“Non-accountability for the use of the BVICA’s funds has become an open secret — ‘open’ in the sense that the cricketing community is very well aware of the impropriety and yet ‘secret’ in that the BVICA is not submitting any minutes of meetings or audited financial reports (which are required) to anyone, including the cricket clubs which are members of the Association. Another member of the so-called Association, (NAME REDACTED), has been signing cheques for various expenses on behalf of what must be an illegitimate BVICA,” the local cricket clubs said.

They continued: “Recently, it has come to our attention that two (purported) members of the BVICA are attended a meeting with the LICB and that one of the matters considered was the disbursement of funds to the Association from the proceeds of a previously held hurricane relief effort in England. It is our firm position that such a disbursement of funds will be counterproductive at this time and we, therefore, propose that such, or any other, financial assistance should only be effected when a legitimate body is in place, one which will be legally responsible for the use of the funds and hence held fully accountable.”

Contravention of Association laws

The said so-called ‘president’ is also accused of trying to circumvent the regulations that govern the territory’s cricket association.

This, the cricket clubs claim, is to keep himself at the helm of the organisation.

They said: “Only a few days ago, an Annual General Meeting and [internal] elections were called by Mr [‘President’] for January 31, 2019. [It was] called without the constitutionally required seven-day period of notice and with only some selected clubs invited. Clearly, this is an attempt by the present group of persons led by Mr [President] to secure continued control of the Association.

Further claims are that the president in question has caused the sport to become run-down in the BVI.

Below is a redacted extract of the letter to the Leeward Islands Cricket Board:

It has become incumbent that we write to you, as a matter of grave concern, regarding the state of cricket in the British Virgin Islands in general and the operations of the BVI Cricket Association (BVICA) in particular.

We feel compelled therefore to outline the following matters for your information and urgent attention:

1. BVICA Annual General Meeting and Elections were due in January of 2018 and none has been held thus far.

2. The single cricket tournament held in the BVI for 2018 was not organised by the BVICA. One member of the so-called BVICA, (NAME REDACTED), organised the tournament privately under the sponsorship of a local business, but [he] has still not given out monetary prizes and trophies to the winners and runners up.

3. There has been no effort by the BVICA, neither collectively as a group nor individually as members, to inform cricket clubs of any developments, or lack thereof, about cricket.

4. Kiddy Cricket has become defunct over the course of the past year and half, a state of affairs which pre-dated the hurricanes of September 2017.

If, in fact, the BVICA has found a way to continue its existence legally, the Association is certainly not operating with any sense of desire to have cricket developed and played in the Territory.

The submission of this letter to LICB and to the local media has been carefully considered with cricket as the central focus of attention and, in this regard, several clubs have chosen to co-sign.

We do look forward to speaking with you and would certainly welcome you or a representative to visit the BVI for a first hand observation of the state of cricket, quite apart from our stated concerns as per this correspondence.

Yours sincerely, Vincy Cricket Club, Royal Knights Cricket Club, Vikings Cricket Club, Cavaliers Cricket Club, Under the Tree Cricket Club, Virgin Gorda Cricket Club, RiteWay Cricket Club


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  1. Oneil says:

    Corruption and fiscal mismangement is so widespread her today. We can fix that at the polls. We can make things better. We can fix the broken sewer. We can out our the fire at the dump. We can fix our roads. We can make our utilities more reliable and affordable.

    We can do all of this by notmrelecting those who have put us behind.

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    • Concern says:

      I am very concern as to who have the power n authority to sign off on the signature letter please gt speaker

    • Sniper says:

      These bunch of power hungry s.o.b.s are some low down dirty
      Nasty snakes not even they own people like them always want to take over every where they go spreading false info for power

    • @Oneil says:

      Excuse me…what does what you said have to do with cricket?

    • Anonymous says:

      Every inch of the BVI Is corrupt. Not a facet of daily life isn’t abused by someone looking to steal. It would be interesting to see how many candidates would run for office if the Treasury was empty with nothing to steal. I guess we will see soon enough

  2. justice says:

    lock him up

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  3. dfdfdf says:

    Wind, Rain, Shadow, Wood, Sword, Thunder, Power, Sleep,
    Cardcaptors of the Clow,
    Expect the unexpected now.

    The secrets of the Clow,
    Were all a mystery,
    But when this mighty book was opened,
    The powers was set free.

    Cardcaptors, a mystic adventure.
    Cardcaptors, a quest for all time.

    Each card possesses a power of its own,
    We’ve got to find them to bring the power home.

    Wind, Rain, Shadow, Wood, Sword, Thunder, Power, Sleep,
    Cardcaptors of the Clow,
    Expect the unexpected now.

    Cardcaptors, a mystic adventure,
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    Cardcaptors, Cardcaptors!

  4. executive member says:

    IT took the clubs a long time to retaliate, but it good for them when they had a good president they talk all kinds of stuff about him, just because he was Guyanese. The white boy and the black boy were two waste of time.

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    • Hmm says:

      That’s a racial comment.
      The very people who complain now should have step up to the to the plate a long time ago, But instead when nominated for positions the decline. Now accept position when when the kitty is at 4 g instead of 50+ g…
      a perverb “ never pass the buck” to blame someone or make them responsible for a problem that you should deal with:

      Everyone knew fully well of that person track record. But still refuse to take the responsibility…

      Too late is the cry here, but Don’t cry I hope this serves as a great lesson to everyone not just person who is affiliated with the bvica but across the territory “track n field, football etc.

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  5. musa says:

    a coming back

  6. focus says:

    Get this country back to full respect,of what it used to be 50yrs ago with our cricket official back in the days with good leadership and club they come here wanted not to leave things as it is in it country.jail faults leaders,jailing time for that.

  7. Joe says:

    No cricket and till we find that money please

  8. umm says:

    Whitey get he share and gone with it.The dough. Are you tek dat. Set a hypocrites

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