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COI grilled our Premier like a common criminal


The ongoing Commission of Inquiry (COI) has been accused of interrogating the BVI’s Premier like a common criminal.

The accusation was made by government minister Vincent Wheatley when he appeared on the Honestly Speaking radio show yesterday, September 16.

Premier Andrew Fahie appeared before the COI yesterday to answer questions about the constitution of statutory boards in the territory and to explain why it was his administration’s policy to discard board members once they (the government) first entered office in 2019.

“I watched the Premier a while ago and all I could do was shake my head. Here’s the leader of a country being grilled like a criminal in the public space,” Wheatley said.

Wheatley emphasised that Fahie was the leader of a democratic country.

He further said the 1880 COI Act was being used like a millstone around the neck of the Virgin Islands. The minister further accused the United Kingdom of playing a surreptitious ‘long game’ in establishing the COI at this stage in the BVI’s development.

According to Wheatley, the BVI, too, must learn to play the proverbial ‘long game’; coming together in a common purpose.

He further stated that the BVI must learn to play chess and not checkers in how it approached development.

“What is the UK’s real role in our development?” Wheatley questioned.

He said the UK had a right to make sure the BVI was on the right path from day one.

“Don’t come and try me like some common criminal after all these years when you were supposed to be making sure that we [get support] … It’s time for us to take things into our own hands” he added.

“Since you have failed us, let’s row our own boat ourselves now,” Wheatley continued.

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  1. Lol says:

    Oh well. If the cap fits !!

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  2. Stone d***k says:

    This man like he hitting the s***e hard again. Smh

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  3. Lmfao says:

    He is a common cr***nal. If the shoe fits wear it.

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  4. eyes says:

    Well Mr wheatley if you have a boat you can row it but i aint jumping in no boat with you to be lost.

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  5. ok says:

    Vincent shut up… just shut up

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  6. 1st district says:

    You wait late to recognizing that according to character!!

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  7. Legally speaking says:

    Mr. Wheatley are you saying that the Premier should be interrogated like a sophisticated criminal, an international criminal or a federal criminal?

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  8. stop bawling for foy says:

    Frazer went there more than any one else and he is not bawling

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  9. LOL says:

    These guys had all the big talk when Gus was here but they never realized quiet mouse bite the hardest! The Premier called this on himself. You were elected in February and instead of trying to familiarize yourself with the boards, departments, issues etc., your first order of business was to fire everybody who was not a VIP and that is where your downfall started. Don’t blame anyone but yourselves, kitchen only getting warm!!!!

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  10. 911 says:

    You correct Vincent the coi is out of order

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  11. Honestly Speaking says:


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  12. COOKIE JAR says:


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    • Fact Checker says:

      Comment flagged as false. The election process in the BVI is a democratic one. VIP was elected by the people in a fair election so whether you like it or not they were elected in a democratic process.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        It was not elected by the people. It was elected by a small self serving segment of the people. Two thirds of the inhabitants pay taxes but have no vote.

        And therein lies much of the problem.

        And I do have a vote btw before you start.

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      • Jane says:

        A majority of adults residing in BVI are disenfranchised. That isn’t democratic

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  13. Common sense says:

    The plain fact, is, in the UK he would ultimately be charged as a criminal, perjury is a criminal offense, and, is he plainly guilty of that?

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  14. Strange says:

    Is he or is he not a criminal? Was perjury committed? Is the BVI an extension of the British Empire or not?

    Leaders have had the pleasure of their actions not subjected to scrutiny for years…the tables has turn. The COI at work for the public interest! 👍🏾

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  15. The Truth doesn't Lie. says:

    The Premier was the one who wanted for the hearing to be Public . Therefore, Mr. Wheatley Please take your seat, we all have to answer for our selves when that day comes it does not comes with Status attached, you want to pitch marbles with the big boys you get your chance… stop your crying and do not take your marbles either.

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  16. Spinner says:

    This Wheatley fellow was better thought of when he said nothing. Now that he started saying a lot of things recently, it is clear that he is really saying nothing. At least nothing with sense.

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  17. Hmmmmm says:

    Let me help you out a bit Hon. Wheatley.

    “What is the best definition of criminal?

    A criminal is defined as a person who has done something illegal. … Criminal abuse. adjective. 4. Having the nature of crime; being a crime.”

    Based on evidence given at the COI, the Attorney General advised the Cabinet that revoking the board of a particular body was ILLEGAL. The AG, the legal mind that advises the Government, put on paper, formally, that if the Cabinet moved forward with revokation they would be committing an illegal act. Cabinet went ahead and committed said act despite the advice of the AG. When pressed on this point, the Premier said they took a ‘risk’.

    So Vincent, based on the facts above I think your guy was grilled like what him and the other Ministers in Cabinet including yourself, have proven yourselves to be. What are you called when you commit an illegal act under law?

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  18. PT9 says:

    Vincent, you are clueless if Andrew Fahie was telling the truth he won’t have being grilled like a criminal in public as you put it. These government minsters think that they are untouchable. Both governments did as they felt right or wrong because they had no one to answer too but your buddy Andrew Fahie called for this COI so you guys just have to sit it out. Andrew have been in this game for more than 20 years but he is crying to the COI telling them how young the government is anything to try and get away with his crap. Vincent try and find something else to do because this government is done, hope you had a nice ride.

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  19. Meh Son says:

    Interesting choice of words there minister. Very interesting.

  20. Real talk says:

    Why is this dic***or talking about democratic country

  21. Unconventional leadership says:

    Something is really wrong with this guy. And he showing his a.. when ever he try to climb. He is obviously the dullest bulb in the room. Is he trying to curry favor with the premier. The ship is sinking fast, instead of this f .l try to save his a.. he trying to save a man who said plainly he is guilty. But you voted for ineptitude this is what you get. I am ashame that these druken sailors are showing the whole world who the vi are. Oh we need to have a year of prayer and fast day at are definitely not enough. In two years we have wondered in the wilderness. Thank God the Moses came to lead us out. Thx Coi for opening the eyes of our people.

  22. Lmbo says:

    He sure it’s a common cr****al. Prefect description.

  23. More…. says:

    ….I hear of Wheatley and Malone the more I realise Albert wanted non too bright compliable people around him.

  24. Rex FeRaL says:

    Vincent have a love affair with putting his foot in his dam mouth.

  25. That's Why. says:

    he’s not a COMMON criminal. There is only one Chief minister.

  26. Hmmm says:

    But is he a criminal?

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