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COI team returning next week as they consider holding hearings

Inquiry Commissioner Sir Gary Hickinbottom (left) and Inquiry Secretary, Steven Chandler.

Head of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) Sir Gary Hickinbottom and his team will be returning to the BVI next week to continue with the information gathering stage of the inquiry.

The team that will join Sir Gary include COI Secretary Steven Chandler and Senior Solicitor to the COI, Andrew King. 

The trio will be quarantined for 14 days on arrival.

As for what comes next, a media release from the COI on Monday said, “the Commissioner is currently considering holding preliminary hearings in the BVI in late April and early May, before the main oral hearings”. 

“The Commissioner will publish rules to regulate the conduct and management of the COI’s hearings shortly,” the statement further said.

Over 100 requests for info sent

In the meantime, the COI has renewed its open invitation to anyone who believes they have information that may assist the Inquiry to immediately submit it through the inquiry’s secure website.

In addition to the website, persons can contact the COI through its secure email address (, OR through its WhatsApp phone number — +44 (0)7832 111254 — for messages or audio/video calls.

To date, the COI has sent more than 100 letters of request for information/documents to public officials, including elected and statutory officials.

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  1. PT9 says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie, The boys are back in Town.

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  2. Just saying says:

    I do hope that an opportunity is provided for a young lawyer from the BVI to provide some supporting role to the Commission as this would be great exposure for the individual.

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Wyatt Earp riding into Dodge (y) City.

  4. @ ajr says:

    Let the truth be told ABOUT LAND of the hidden secrets ( the canary and his choir WHO’S diversionary tactics IS not going to work

  5. Wow says:

    Over 100 requests sent🤭

  6. WEW says:

    Bring the troops with you

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  7. Human being from planet earth. says:

    BVI needs protection from its own people. Yet they sit and blame all the whites and down islanders!!! It’s time to bring in the brits to sort this BS out. It’s been long overdue. Greed got the better of these people and they got blinded by it. You still go to church every week and some how are able to sleep at night. You rape and abuse your women like they are pieces of dirt and you somehow sleep at night. The UK will do for now but your real judgement will arrive in the name of the Lord. I have travelled the world and I can honestly say I have never meet a more privileged bunch of scumbags than black yes black BVIlanders. You think it’s fine to treat everyone who chooses to come and work and help support this beautiful little place like dirt. From your front line officers (customs and Immigration). To the greedy self helping officials that think it’s ok to get wealthy assisting in the supplying of narcotics that are killing our kids. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and we are all grateful the White man as you call them is here to stop this ignorant bunch of greedy scumbags. The youth here have no choice but to choose the path of the criminal because their fathers are too busy worrying about themselves. This what we are seeing on the streets is now the knock on effect from this ignorance. God help us!!!!!!! Life can be simple and prosperous for all if we work together!!! The past is just that and should be left right there in the past. The future is the path we are all on so let’s stop the hating and greed and really start living as the Lord intended, AS ONE

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