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COI team returns and more are coming

The Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Complex where the main government offices are located.

Three members of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) are now back in the BVI and more members of the COI team are “expected to join the Commissioner later this month”.

The Commissioner, Sir Gary Hickinbottom, returned last Thursday, April 1, with COI Secretary Steven Chandler and senior solicitor to the Inquiry, Andrew King.

They will be in quarantine for 14 days as they continue with the information gathering and production-of-documents stage of the COI.

“The Commissioner is currently considering holding some initial hearings in the BVI in late April and early May. The Commissioner will publish rules to regulate the conduct and management of the COI’s hearings later this week,” Chandler said in a statement on the COI’s website on Tuesday.

Chandler renewed the COI’s open invitation to anyone who believes they have information that may assist the Inquiry to immediately submit it through the inquiry’s secure website.

In addition to the website, persons can contact the COI through its secure email address (, OR its WhatsApp phone number — +44 (0)7832 111254 — for messages or audio/video calls.

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  1. chanting says:


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    • To chanting says:

      You mean lock up from the head of the police force to the bottom of the police force. How can a man be head of a failing police force where the members are getting arrested more than the street man dem and the head of the police is being hailed as a success. Why is the Police Force and their Head not part of the Commission of Inquiry?

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      • So says:

        You think they got so when the Commissioner got there. You all sickening now. Go back in history and come forward.

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    • To chanting says:

      Lock up the one gone back to the UK that was under the table buying a house on one of the richer sister islands.

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  2. Mad Max says:

    The 14 day quarantine and banning of UK tourists is bizarre/disgraceful given the approach to the US. When will this be reviewed?

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    • Jane says:

      It can only be assumed that the discriminatory treatment of UK travelers is a pathetic attempt to show the colonial oppressors who is boss. Never mind that it is hurting the decimated BVI tourism industry. I guess the strategy continues to be to strangulate that industry so that the business owners sell up/give up leaving space for political cronies to pick them up for pennies. I’d say they need another 6-9 months to really squeeze the life out. What will come first, the death of the industry or the COI report?

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      • Zimbabwe says:

        There really can be no other explanation. Most of the tourist industry, marine and resort hotels etc, is in the hands of white expats and white belongers.

        It all smacks of Mugabe and Zimbabwe. Take over white businesses for nothing. ( and we all know how that worked out)

        Roll on the COI.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Especially as the UK, thanks to its vaccination program now has far fewer infections than other European countries or the USA.

      It’s just part of Fat Alberts unwinnable fight with the UK

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  3. Youth says:

    This is not a transparent process. It is a fishing exercise.

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  4. My my my says:

    I am always amazed how the Governor and the UK can investigate anyone in the islands but no one can look into them. This is colonialism at its best.

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  5. My view says:

    The last governor and the current commissioner of police needs a commission of inquiry on their conducts and management. They were both failures and are using this Commission of Inquiry as a smoke screen.

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  6. Damage control says:

    The extent of the damage to tourism is incredible. Most of the charter fleets have lost 50% of their boats. Moorings have moved 80 boats to the USVI ( though they say they will come back if things get better )

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  7. 2cents says:

    Question –why do they need a 14 day quarantine when tourists require 4 with testing?

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  8. PT9 says:

    They are back to do damage control and hopefully make some people pay for all the wrong they have done to the people of the BVI. Take this Government over, please.

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  9. I took the shot for my country says:

    Excuses, I had a heart surgery, I was really Against the vaccine it was a very hard decision for me, but when I think of the tuff time The country and lots of people experiencing, I decided if taking the vaccine will help make the country and people life better, I took the shot amount ago has no pain no negative adverse effects,, A whole lot of people because they are doing well they have no idea of the suffering and some just don’t care,, Selfish,,,*Live for yourself you live in vein,live for others you live again* ,,

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