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Colombian drug lord’s capture hoped to reduce trafficking to BVI

Commissioner of Police, Mark Collins.

The Commissioner of Police said he hopes last weekend’s capture of Dairo Antonio Úsuga — reportedly the biggest drug lord in Colombia since Pablo Escobar — can stem the flow of cocaine through the BVI.

Commissioner Mark Collins acknowledged the capture as great news for the police’s war on drugs. However, he is weary someone may take over the Colombian drug cartel since it is a lucrative business.

“Any drug lord arrested or taken out would mitigate or lessen the opportunity to traffic drugs. But don’t forget, for every drug dealer taken out, there is a void. That void is filled pretty quickly with other people that want to take over the market,” Commissioner Collins said in an invited comment.

The Colombian military force had captured Úsuga, who is widely referred to as Otoniel, on Saturday. He is the alleged leader of Clan del Golfo — a violent Colombian drug cartel that has been targeted by the United States for trafficking cocaine.

Úsuga was described by Colombian President Iván Duque as the country’s most wanted man and said he is the most feared drug trafficker in the world. The Colombian president compared the magnitude of his capture to the death of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar in the 1990s.

BVI a transshipment point

Meanwhile, the British Virgin Islands has been found to be part of the network of transshipment points in the Caribbean for cocaine from Colombia. The territory has been reported as being a springboard into Europe because of its strong diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, former Police Commissioner Michael Mathews said the police force was tracking the drug trade in the territory and noticed illicit drugs such as cocaine was coming from South America.

He also noted Colombia was producing significantly more cocaine than it had previously done. This, the former top cop said, influenced the supply of cocaine to the territory. He added the geographical location of the Virgin Islands makes it an attractive route for drug trafficking to the US and Europe.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has been down on the drug trade in the territory in recent years. In November of last year, the RVIPF had its largest drug bust in the Virgin Islands’ history as approximately 2,300 kilograms of cocaine valuing nearly a quarter billion dollars was seized. A police officer was held in connection to the seizure.

Meanwhile, in recent days, the police force seized 188.04 kilograms of cocaine valuing nearly $19 million. A security guard who works for the government was arrested in connection to the matter.

Colombian drug lord Dairo Antonio Úsuga David during his capture at the weekend.


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  1. strupes says:

    Wha wrong wid he? He just trying to be in thing….Dem quick to bad-talk the BVI sah

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  2. BVI says:

    Why he failed to mention the UK? Weekly shipments are being intercepted to the UK

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    • Grow up says:

      Are you looking at his skin colour or where he hails from? Focus on what needs to be done fix the BVI. Let Uk handle their business or you could fly over there and show the UK how to handle theirs. This tit for tat is not helping the situations be it in the UK or BVI or America or Columbia. Geez man

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  3. Hope he is not racist says:

    Seems like Collins is another jespert in the making

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  4. nonsense says:

    what does this man have to do with the BVI? Is the BVI some big drug place? The USA and UK have the biggest drug dealers. I do not like this commissioner at all. He just reach and has not gotten the chance to learn the BVI but labelling us a big drug place.

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    • Hmm says:

      Lets be real… is a big drug place… but idk how i feel about the statement being made in the coi insinuating that high ranking government officials are involved without nothing tangible to support that claim…at least not yet… yes there have been busts and arrests but have there been any arrests of high ranking government officials for drug trafficing lately that i didnt see in the news? If anything is the police wha wha getting catch with the dope and they under the governor.

  5. NEXT says:

    Another cocaine boss will emerge… can’t stop demand.

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  6. 1EYE says:

    Stop the demand to stop the trade. Also don’t blame the BVI for the drugs in the UK, what kind of crap is that? little BVI can’t supply the UK and we have no direct flights to there. Your narrative lacks truth and is stretching to maintain the agenda.

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  7. sturpss says:

    Drug lords come and go all the time… has it affected the drug trafficing anywhere any time ever? Just want to have something bad to say about BVI.

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  8. LMAO says:

    Someone please buy this guy a vowel or a clue! The only reason that there is a demand for the white horse is because of the appetite in US/EUR so don’t blame the Caribbean folks that make a few dollars from it passing through. As long as it doesn’t stay here let her fly. The commissioner needs to find some real work to do it seems. El Chapo was one of the biggest, he was caught and I’m sure supply hasn’t changed.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    In an African Caribbean country/community, that photo is very disturbing, insulting, inflaming and it is speaking volumes..

  10. Business says:

    Trans shipping illegal drugs through these Virgin Islands is regarded as a typical shipping business in the BVI. The problem though is that many of these local shipping business men, women and family members are executed every year by unknown assailants. Hopefully these executed persons earned enough money from their shipping business to pay for their expensive funerals.

  11. @ GROW UP says:

    I agree with you , but you got to understand that those canaries are just blogging to cover up their master’s tracks / some of them has sold their soul for that BLOOD ?? ? ?? they don’t care about their country ,

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