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COMMENTARY: Corona and the exposure of horrific leadership

The unmitigated spread of coronavirus is the result of gross incompetence in governance in China, the USA, and the UK Corona deaths globally have surged past 100,000.

In the USA and UK, deaths approach 30,000. Just under a third. And it is rising still, and astronomically. Incredibly, Donald Trump, USA President, advocates opening back up a partially locked down country in May.

This is simply for fear the pandemic and fallout will cost him re-election in November. It will not happen. If it does it will amount to thousands of extra deaths.

And the USA will be trading with itself, as all other countries it trades with, will be closed for business. Paradoxically, had the present US leader and his Republican base adopted the Barack Obama policy of taking the fight against the virus to Wuhan China – an approach also adopted by George Bush, Obama’s predecessor- the existential threat the pandemic poses today, would have been a model of study in a university or research lab, and not the reality of present-day humanity: a world shut down by a virus.

Delayed and flawed

The UK began its fight against this virus in the same delayed and flawed manner as the USA. However as the ‘cup of troubles’ overflowed with even the UK Prime Minister getting infected, the country woke up to the reality that the virus posed an existential threat to UK society and economy.

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is in the Barack Obama School, and for years warned that the fight against a global pandemic was only possible with the appropriate medical and scientific infrastructure in place, so that at the first sign of a problem, all global resources and effort could be brought in place to stop the virus at the root.

However, instead of thoughtful leadership, the USA President and his Fox News loving Base, dismantled that pandemic fighting infrastructure out of simple spite, plunging the western world into huge vulnerability, as it has blamed President Barack Obama for every evil under the sun.

Donald Trump prefers to take advice from rustic evangelists, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing hucksters, rather than scientists and epidemiologists.

US seizing medical supplies

Today, the USA is in the Caribbean interdicting vessels in the Caribbean and seizing medical supplies for various islands, as it panics. The US economy has practically collapsed.

An economic depression is approaching. And until this virus is eradicated, all ‘manufactured cash’ for stimulus is better placed in a ‘fiery furnace’. In the past month, 20 million US jobs have disappeared into thin air.

It will be interesting to see whether a 50 percent unemployment rate — half the USA workforce — will impact Donald Trump’s re-election effort. It probably won’t. After all, the man rides a golden horse, according to his evangelical supporters. To be continued


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  1. Enough racism please says:

    hmm – it appears that you are not prepared to permit the facts to get in the way of your racist socialist views – but it was Obama (not out of spite but because he was the worst and least competent president in living memory – making even Carter seem like a Titan) and the Democratic Party that stopped funding the pandemic preparedness measures in the USA put into place by Bush jr.

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    • @enough racism please says:

      Shouldn’t you do your own research and see if what you’re piddling like Igwe is even factual??? jeez

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      • Even the author was to embarrassed to put his name to this rubbish says:

        The author of this ludicrous article is still in shock that his left wing nonsense is being rejected by the world – including the US refusing to have the corrupt Hi-liar-y in charge, the Uk voting to leave the corrupt racist EU (since the UK left there are no persons of color in any senior position in the EU) and then the UK voting the magnificent Boris into power. Admit it old boy, your socialist whims are becoming ancient history. Socialism always ends in staving people being physically prevented from leaving a country and having to eat their pets! Ask the Chinese, the former eastern block countries, Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea.

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    • @@ says:

      It is very true and factual that Obama is clearly responsible for the lack of supplies and preparedness. We will see much of this to come as Biden attacks Trump on the virus response. However it was Biden’s responsibility under Obama to make sure the US was prepared. But like all Black rulers, their pockets come first. Obama came into the White House poor and left with hundreds of millions in his pocket. Sound like the BVI? Hmmmm. Anyway Obama will in years to come be known as the worst president in American history This will go well with him also being the first Black. It does go hand in hand.

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      • US says:

        Obama was the worst President, The only reason he became President was because of Oprah Winfrey who people thought was a GOD, Oprah speaks, people jump. But not anymore,

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        • Quiet Rebel says:

          @US, though you are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts. Rudy Guillani may believe that facts are not facts but facts are facts. In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, received 365 Electoral College votes and approx 70, 000, 000 popular votes, beating Senator John McCain, the straight talk express and senior Arizona Senator, for the presidency and becoming the 44th president and thus far the only Black President of the US. And in 2012, he EARNED reelection with 332 Electoral College votes and approx 65,000,000 popular votes, beating former Gov of Massachusetts and now Senator Mitt Romney.

          Indeed, Oprah Winfrey did endorsed Obama and that was her right as an American. Nonetheless, she had only one vote in Illinois. So are you saying that the other approx 70,000, 000 were so dumb that they could not decide for themselves? Furthermore, if President Obama was such an abject failure why was he re-elected? Again, are Americans that dumb? It is one thing for one to get elected yet another for one to get re-elected. One has to earn re-election. By the way, when Obama came to office the economy was tanking; nonetheless, when he left office on January 20, 2017, it was on the way to a full recovery. Of course, Pres Donald John Trump will take credit for it but if it were in shambles he would have blame Obama.

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          • @Quiet rebel says:

            You are not American and don’t know s**t. So shut the F**k up. Signed America.

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          • Quiet Rebel says:

            @Quiet Rebel below, how you know that I’m not American and may have the same rights and privilege as you, if you are truly an American? But it does not matter, for one does not have to be an American to understand the archaic Electoral College system and be informed about how presidents performed while in office. We need to be leary of the word Assume (Ass-u- Me). Seemed as if you have a conflict with and at war with facts. Furthermore, like you still think President Barack Obama being truly elected to president of the US is a mirage and is probably going WTF. Well, wake up, it is not a mirage. President Barack Obama is real. Did he do everything right while in office? No. Which President does things perfectly 100% of time? None.

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        • Realpol says:

          It is either that you are a deliberate narcissistic attention seeker or a dumb burro. Clearly, you have been on lockdown for too long ; may be lockdown will soon be just a memory, not a continuing reality. For centuries, mountains have been moved to show that Blacks are not on the same intellectual plain as Whites. However, despite great effort to even keep Blacks from reading and writing, the effort failed miserably but the effort is on going.

          Whites are still in much distress with the reality that Barack Obama, a Black man, was elected and re-elected President of the US. The US is the only country among the G-20 ( majority Anglo countries)to elect a Black man president; it has not happened in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy……..etc. The US should be proud, for it is ahead of the pack and a world leader. God bless America.

  2. Just saying .... says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I did not believe it possible, but you actually made me appreciate the Bishop and his family member’s narcissism a whole lot more! They are at least consistent, you Sir, get increasingly more unhinged weekly! Without question you are one of the most polarizing people in BVI media. You solicit responses from both extremes of society (which I assume is your goal?) and have them clash in aggressive blogging while alienating the middle majority.

    Come back a little more center please, originally you were quite good and articulate with your writings which were far more reflective of both sides of the isle. Not entirely sure what has caused you to veer so far off your original course!

    Maybe your next writing can explain why this ‘old boy’ has the positions he has? I’d like to understand and see what self analysis/reflection you have. I am almost certain you must read these blogs based on how you write what you do and likely enjoy the responses.

    Regardless of your opinions, and whether one agrees or disagrees, respect always.

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  3. It’s Saturday says:

    The gas bag is once again unleashed. First a** wipe the only leadership to blame is that of China. They hid the virus, imprisoned doctors and arrested any that talked. These are the people that you Negros do business with and seek assistance from. Trump early on placed a travel ban from China and he was criticized as being racist. The fact that he did this saved thousands of lives. Now let’s talk about the BVI. The port should have been closed to cruise ships when Trump places the travel ban. But Igwe’s ruling family buddies and the politicians all said no because it would affect their pockets. Thus you are all sitting now because of YOUR leadership like caged monkeys. Enjoy your bananas.

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    • Click says:

      Why don’t you guys check your facts before you fart, after the travel ban was put on China up to the end of March a total of 43,000 persons traveled to the USA from China. Investigate it.

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  4. Diaspora says:

    The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an existential threat to the west, to VI and the rest of Latin America and Caribbean region. Both the US and UK downplayed the exigency of this virus that was/is on a rolling wave towards the west. In the US, economic impact was placed ahead of the human factor, saving life. Re-election was placed ahead of human life. The pandemic was politicized and called a hoax that was being sensationalized by Democrats and the press.

    Moreover, there were early indications that Covid-19 was rolling west but economics and politics resulted in an approx 70 day delay in starting to take this pandemic seriously. Was the millions of infections and thousands of deaths that dragged leaders toward thinking that this pandemic was serious and it cannot no longer be blustered as a hoax.

    The big question that historians, scientists, politicians……..etc will be asking is, how many lives could have been saved if quick actions were taken, and if life were placed ahead of economics of and politics? The UK leader is fighting for his life and we should all wish him a healthy and speedy recovery. There will be time for assessing the UK response to the pandemic.

    On another note, the VI had 3 confirmed cases (2 of those have tested negative locally); however, though there may be calls to relax the actions that have resulted in low numbers, the territory should keep the pedal to the medal, for a premature relaxing of actions can result in a secondary infection wave. This would be disastrous for the VI and its residents. No doubt the perceived draconian actions are imposing tremendous sacrifices on the populace; however, it is better to endure the pains now and enjoy the gains later. The territory should be fully reopened based data revealed by more testing of residents.

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  5. Johnson says:

    What rock did you crawl out from under? None of the “facts” you quote are evenly remotely accurate.
    This is not the time for rabel rousing speaches, nationalistic, race bating. We all need to pull together or we will be overwhelmed

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    • Disinterested says:

      @Johnson, you must be from the Rudolph Guillani school that preaches that facts are not facts or other Trump disciples that champion alternative facts. You contest Igwe and others version of the facts but what is your version of the facts? Some of us are quick at criticizing others but slow at presenting facts to counter the opinion that others are putting forth. Bring the facts or go siddung.

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  6. RealPol says:

    All the haters are out so it must be Saturday. Seemed as if the lockdown is resulting in a higher level of hatred venom to be spewed. As the BVI needs to test more to find out who has been exposed to Covid-19 perhaps so too it needs to purge the territory of haters of people of African descent. Both are deadly and needs to be purged from the community.

    Government needs to temporarily open up the border so that people of African descent haters can leave but though they hate the majority of BVI people, like the virus they will hide and not leave. This is ironic.

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    • BVI Purge Needed says:

      And not now, long! Our government needs to make note now f the racist utterings and when the border opens return to the old tradition. Let Immigration go to their villa and inform them they have an hour to pack. Then escort them to the airport and deport them after stamping their passport “undesirable.”

      Hon. O’Neal, Hon. Stout and the heroes of the PAM must be crying in their graves!

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      • @BVI purge says:

        Ever hear of the Royal Marines you sack of useless s**t. Try rounding up anybody and see what happens. You thought slavery was bad? Wait and see

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        • Sickening says:

          juvenile, dictorial evil is such a mentality.

          They leave their septic tank of filth, take it to the shores of other communities, try to impose their filth upon others, and when some voice opinions against such filth being imposed upon them, they are threatened with military invasion and conditions worst than that which slavery administered. What a horrific mentality. Heil Hitler!!

          Indeed,the devil’s mentality has not evolved in centuries.

          Ony the mind of a devil would immerse such abhorrent thoughts in a public forum, towards a group of people who is of a different race..

          And now we are once again poignantly reminded that racism and racial hatred are more deadly than any virus natural or man made. The both kills!

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  7. Doh says:

    Funny how he mentions the collapse of the USA economy. Since ours is completely dependent upon the the US via tourism and charter business (and of course shady off shore banking), a resurgent US economy would only serve to better our own. We can still have facilities in place to monitor incoming persons for health issues, ensuring the safety of our citizens. We, too, need to get people back into employment. Jobs bring money, people spend money on services and goods, and nation states continue to thrive. No jobs, no money, no prospect for the future, and the population descends into hopelessness, despair, and restlessness. Soon thereafter, society begins to break down and our day to day survival is called into question. That’s when things become scary.

    This author is quick to point blame at, yes we can agree, a complete lunatic and buffoon of a president. But we must get people back to work – safely, prudently, and quickly…

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  8. Phone man says:

    We need to get agriculture food going in the bvi, that going to be the first thing to go. BVIs gov needed to put the fishermen out there under dis lock down and see if we can get water out to the farmers stop looking for those bigger countries for support. I pray that this is a wake up calling for the people of bvi.

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  9. too much says:

    This clown hasn’t a clue, his far left views will be exposed.

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  10. what says:

    The Wahun China virus is 100% China’s fault. This communist hot bed of corruption needs to be sent a bill from the rest of the world for trillions of dollars.Their archaic practises have been the cause of many viruses of the years and the world needs to come down hard on them

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  11. Bond says:

    These comments are shocking! Please continue, Dickson, I believe you have the toughness to endure.

    Although it is the Internet, it is good to be aware that these demons may be among us.

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  12. Fear and Ignorance says:

    are terrible mental constraucts. The weekly attacks on Mr. Igwe are examples of such.

    Some still exist in mental frame works where a Black man is not suppose to be able to read, write and juxtapose his understandings of world affairs in an intellectual manner.

    Intellectualism, some feel, is a white man’s creation and should only be demonstrated and monopolized by a white man.

    This is real and factual. There are hundreds of english, american, south africans and other living among us, but seperate from the Black BVIslander, who habours such abhorrent views of us.

    From his shallow, baseless and ignorant perspective, the Black man is inherently incapable of such. So, when he sees a Black man contradicting his ingrained beliefs about him, be becomes fearful of him and experiences cognitive dissonance.

    Why does a reading, thinking, writing Black man conjure up such resentment in them, whites? Well, here are some poignant and factual reasons:

    Reading is essential to cognitive growth. Cognitive growth is essential to individual and societal growth. Societal gowth is essential to a peoples’ well being and advancement.

    Wonder then, why reading was prohibited with death during the kidnapping, domination and destruction of the Black race?

    Sadly, some are still longing and wishing for the return of the days when their neterus had free reign in kidnapping, dominating, wealth creating for free, destruction and extermination of the Black man. Reading, writing and intellectualizing of a Black man make them fearful of him.

    So all the uncivilize ranting we see weekly are the workings of a devious, evil mind whose intent is to dominate a people again, even if he has to bring in the royal marines to take us back into slavery and beyond.

    Heil Hitler, but we will never succumb again. Your military will have to wipe us all off this paradise, as it did previous civilizations, @@BVIPurge, Enough racim please, too much, and others who think their deranged hatefilled views are jewels of intellectualism. When in fact,they are the lowest of intellectual efforts to enter the BVI bloggers sphere.

    One are thoroughly amused when the sometimes, in an effortto discourage him, refer tohis writings as that of a second grade and or student union something or the other.When in fact, they have produced nothing of worth while reading, and nothing in comparison to what our twelfth graders are producingtoday.

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  13. US Citizen says:

    I am from New York city…I am 1000% better off here in the BVI. The VI government has done a great job so far containing this. Very nice to see the Premier and the Governor work together, I think they complement each other and make a much stronger team together. We need to stick together on this! Leadership is just one part of this. The community has rise up and value the whole over the individual – this is hard for each person, but better than stacks of dead if this thing runs it’s course on it’s own.

  14. Phoenix says:

    These attacks are Trolls from all over the globe, folks- get a grip! Don’t let them come into our social media and mess us up!

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