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COMMENTARY: Even bad gov’ts will do better if held accountable 

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor

Criticism can be constructive and as public persons we become property of the people; subjected to the opinions of others for better or worse… However, it is uncomfortable being classified as brave simply because of the principles and policies for which I stand and you claim to support but will not speak of, for fear of being victimized. Please know, I am as afraid of oppressors as you.

There is no fearless warrior in me and what I do is simply because it would be far worse if this remained undone.

Indeed, every generation is responsible for guiding the next generation and just as the smallest ripple in the largest pond will wash the entire shoreline, we stand to benefit more when our focus is less about ourselves individually and more about ourselves collectively.

If we truly believe that the Youth of today will determine the futures of tomorrow then our present failure to prepare them properly will certainly ensure, not only a failure to control their own destiny but the inability to care for us in our twilight years… Subsequently, by understanding what we do for them now is being done for ourselves later may help us develop the courage to do what’s right.

As slave descendants, the longer we wait, the more difficult this becomes, since we were taught to suffer with a smile and no matter how bad things are to thank imaginary friends for another day of pain & sorrow and bless everything as good. No wonder perpetually kneeling when we should be standing causes arthritis, knee replacement and the regression of generation after generation. The more we stand for nothing while falling for anything the more we select and defend wicked and corrupt leaders who do us wrong with impunity even if this means pushing us into wars & conflicts as sacrifices to their own egos.

They would have us regard hurting the helpless and killing the innocent as acts of bravery. If that is your definition then I am insulted when you call me brave.

Even bad governments will do better if we hold them accountable

Most leaders and governments are fully aware when things are going wrong and we often see this in their internal malfunctioning through resignations and firings such as the recent events in UK’s Theresa’s Ministers, US President’s Department Heads and our own Government.

You may recall the Bible cautioning that Governments divided amongst themselves are destined to fail & fall. This may sound good to political opportunists but Elections come with consequences and because these kingdoms are built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Poor, we find that whenever giants fight or kingdoms topple, they always fall hardest on the backs of the poor.

Clearly, good leadership is not a game of numbers but a state of ability and deep commitment to serving others.

About 2-years ago, I explained risks in an Internet Article captioned HAVE RUSSIA, WIKILEAKS, THE FBI AND GOP STOLEN THE ELECTION? Today, we see it as Trump’s antics at NATO, the UK and Putin Summit delivered the effects of his illegal election thanks to international computer hacking which is now more nationally destructive and far less expensive than cluster bombing.

This is a rapidly changing world and as descendants of slaves we too must change in order to survive and being forewarned should make us forearmed.

Present signals are advance warnings whether to choose to prevent the fall, get out of the way or accept our own destruction as the best our leaders can offer. Remember, these are only the last days if we choose them to be.

We are all in this together and facing reality is crucial for whatever happens across the World can happen here… Whenever persons are seen as puppets and taught to see might as right, it no longer matters if our Youth are imprisoned & killed or our Health and Education are threatened or Labour and Immigration used as tools for Discrimination or harsh Custom Duties become Tariffs. These are hallmarks of USA’s Trumpism but we have also seen these conditions here in the BVI and just like there, our silence is deafening except to ask for votes without showing efforts or plans to correct the wrongs… However, there is no reason for us to repeat the same mistake when the antics of Trump has taught us the consequences of bad elections and what we should never do.

Surviving the storms and Trumpets

After all, it was no secret that Trump had a bad track record and lacked leadership qualities but many accepted his Ignorance and Racism as rationale that, if black Obama could be President then any white man could do a better job,

So, even with his constant failures they still cheer him on because they still don’t understand how blacks can use nothing in order to achieve everything. For many Trump was their last white hope since they shared his main objectives for the destruction of Obama’s achievements and reestablishing of a racism that could take us back to slavery.

Again, they know it’s wrong but rather than fess up and make corrections they double down and make excuses for his abuses.

As a consequence, things are rapidly going from bad to worse. As solutions get harder we need more leaders willing and able to recognize and correct the state-sponsored wrongs imposed on us in the name of government.

Unfortunately, we often accept the pitter patter of political incompetence where representation is treated like a numbers game, popularity contest crapshoot, with the victors continuing the practice of abusing the people.

Aspiring leaders seem more interested in joining the line to feast on the gravy train in a system designed & built on promises of defending the weak & poor by charging them to lose on their behalf…

To keep us silent they promise that the meek shall inherit the Earth but never tell us the only Earth we stand to inherit is a six-feet-long, six-feet-deep and three-feet-wide hole in the ground.

We may not need Trump as an example of incompetence and bad mindedness for we are back in the hurricane season where every drizzle and high wind bring flashbacks of last year’s Irma.

We have not forgotten how leaders failed us during the Storm or how greedy we grew after the Storm – We survived because we had to… The Storms of Life continue so let us try and survive together.

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