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COMMENTARY: Is a war coming since US kills Iran’s military leader?

By Dickson Igwe, Contributor

Will there be a vast war in the Middle East? The Trump administration has killed Quassem Suleimani, Iran’s top military leader in an airstrike.

This is the biggest escalation in tensions since the Iran hostage crisis 40 years past.

Iran’s leaders have vowed a harsh response. It may not be a coincidence that President Donald Trump ordered the attack in the middle of his impeachment heading into an election year.

Throughout history, authoritarians have used wars to distract the public and rally support. The fact is – and this includes Overseas Territories of the UK — the US attack on Iran’s most revered military commander affects everyone on earth.

How? Because, if this matter spirals out of control, global security worsens. Think of even greater scrutiny and safety checks before boarding an airliner.

The UK is the USA’s closest ally. A US war with Iran imperils UK interests just as much as it does the US’s. Then there is the economic impact. Oil no longer decides global economic growth.

However, a sharp increase in oil prices will drive up inflation, especially in non-oil-producing countries such as these Virgin Islands. Think about gas prices going up to $6 a gallon at the pump?

Then there is the multiplier effect of an increase in the oil price: think of increasing prices of imported products owing to the increasing transport costs of shipping goods to the Caribbean.

The prices of oil-based products such as plastics also spiral. It is impossible to assert that a new Middle Eastern War will result from the killing of the Iranian Military Commander.

However, bear in mind that World Wars I and II started through miscalculation. And when the gunfire and bombing starts, it is frequently impossible to end a war until everything has been reduced to rubble, with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While the mad men who stared it go off into hiding with their children and their riches, to watch the world crumble around them and the bodies pile up.

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  2. Uh huh says:

    This old boy watches too much CNN. Spouting the leftist monologue. Mr Trump did what needed to be done and was successful. You just aren’t able to comprehend a strong leader.

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  3. sickening now says:

    This guy need to keep his opinions to himself

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  4. Well says:

    Well Old Boy…. Did you get that one wrong.

    The response of Iran was orchestrated and the situation is de-escalating now.

    Luckily the world can breath again.

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  5. @Uh huh says:

    You just another devil beast upon god’s earth.

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  6. Flight says:

    Did Iran shoot down that passenger plane this week and lie about doing so? Bring us your opinions about that one too, Igwe. I suspect that after the investigation, no country will side with Iran in any “vast war” scenario.

  7. Diaspora says:

    The assignation of Quassem Suleimani, Iran top general, looks like a tail wag the dog distraction by Trump admin. Trump admin is struggling to find a credible imminent danger reason for the killing. The US-Iran have had a torched relationship for at least over 60 years. The 1953 Iranian Coup d’etat that over threw PM Mohammad Mosadegh was planned by the US (Operation Ajax) and UK (Operation Boot; overthrow was over Iranian oil.

    The overthrow put Mohammad Reza Pahlavi(SHAW) in power; Shaw overthrown by 1979 Iranian Revolution. Further, Flight 655 shot down by USS Vincennes on 03 July 1988. Add the withdrawal from the nuclear deal, choking sanctions………etc and you got a tinder box.

    This conflict is not over and the actions will probably put Americans everywhere at risk. Quassem Suleimani was not a choir boy and have blood on his hand so no one should cry over his being taken off the battle field but his death put the world on the precipice of WWIII.

    • Diaspora says:

      Correction: Inadvertently used assignation instead of assassination.

    • Disinterested says:

      Flight 655, an Iranian passenger plane, shot down by a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf on 03 July 1988, killing all 290 passengers. Both Iran and US action was also a contributing factor, albeit and indirect one, in the downing of the Ukrainian airline this week. There are no Pilates in this potential powder keg.

      Trump accused Prez Obama of wanting to start a war with Iran to win re-election. However, ironically, he is willing to start a war with Iran to win re-election; he is also using the conflict with Iran to distract from his impeachment woes, being only the 3rd of 45 presidents to be impeached[Johnson(1868), Clinton(1998), Trump(2019)]; Nixon resigned before being impeached. The presidential club is small but the impeached club is even smaller. It is an unremovable stain.

      Though he pretends impeachment is good for his re-election, he is hopping mad with Nancy Pelosi for impeaching him; he deserved to be impeached, for if he isn’t not impeached, no other president should. Trump behaviour is a typical tail wag the dog. By the way, both nations temporarily deescalated the potential for war.

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  8. National interest says:

    in the end, all of this comes down to National Interest. Both US and Iran are playing proxy wars in the middle east, creating their own terrorist and rebel group, stage coup’ etc. all for the sake of gaining power in the region and have control over the global economy.

    to understand more visit the link below:

  9. Economics says:

    While I do like this gentleman personally, the ole boy is certainly not an economist and continues to be dead wrong. Oil prices did not sky rocket after a fairly recent Iranian attack on the Saudi’s and certainly did not spike after the US attack. Simple supply and demand Mr. Igwe.

    The US has become the global leader in energy production and has increased supply dramatically. It is no longer reliant on the Middle East. Times have changed and it would be good for you to reflect on the past 20 years to update your thought process on economic realities.

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