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COMMENTARY: Messages of love and anti-racism

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor

Sincere thanks to media houses for carrying my ‘Truth for the Youth’ Messages and extra special thanks for those choosing to listen, read, learn & respond to the information.

Typical blog responders are invisible persons with fake identities, loud opinions and a deep fear of being recognized so I avoid responding to them unless it can be used as a ‘teachable moment’.

Two recent responders using the titles Ms ‘Jane’ and Mr ‘What’ appear to fully agree with my last article except for the small part they thought brought questions and focus on their white privilege. We can assume their opinions are shared by others and who the cap fits may wear it but then again, no one size fits all and I know white acquaintances who never exhibited a hint of racism.

Rationalising injustice

Unfortunately, Ms Jane and Mr What appear focused on condoning wrong by seeking to normalize and rationalize injustices.

Nonetheless, I welcome their comments and if they are right we should agree and adjust ourselves accordingly to ensure progress.

On the other hand, if their objective is to maintain the status quo of colonialism they are wrong and should make the required changes.

I lay no claim to perfection but we are all inherently responsible for promoting fairness and justice and our obligation is to enlighten those being willfully misled in the interest of others.

Failure to look, listen and learn will keep us silent, broken and ridden. Think about it; no horse was ever born with Bridle in Mouth and saddle on back but that’s the way they are broken so beware the noise.

‘Blacks should accept inferiority’

Just a few words to my lost Sister Jane and Brother What: Ms Jane feels I shouldn’t speak the truth of racism because she finds it painful but she expresses no concern that lies and deception are always painful to blacks.

Worse yet, she infers that blacks should accept the position of inferiority because other races have displayed qualities that make them superior. She forgot to list these superior qualities as lying, stealing, killing and oppression.

Mr ‘What’ referred to me as ‘crazy fool’ and says ‘there are no whites in power here’.

We may have to excuse his ignorance or, perhaps he does not live here. If he did he would know of the

Governor, Commissioner, court officers, realtors, trust company managers etcetera.

This does not mean they are racist but they are white so, Mr What is in denial, very wrong or simply an idiot.

The real fool

Besides, the real fool would be Mr What in trying to convince us that he is in the BVI suffering, making sacrifices and working extra hard to turn our territory into a financial laundromat, all in the best interest of us poor slave descendants. If we believed that then he would have the right to call us all ‘crazy fools’ but since I know better, that drives the Ms Janes and Mr Whats crazy.

We can finally read – even between the lines: clearly, their mission has always been contrary to the ‘God of Nature and Laws of Balance’ and this explains why they say what they say without realizing what they are saying is in direct support of racism.

Their brand of closet racism used our ignorance as a vehicle for their bigotry in order to perpetuate their lies and deceit as our main source of misinformation, generation after generation.

It is time for Jane and What to know that we do not have to follow their advice and wait until we are biologically intermixed to appreciate, respect and even love one another – If we started right now the genetics would follow automatically.

I don’t know them in cyberspace but still regard them as my sister and brother and would treat them as such in real life unless they provided reasons not to.

No interest in confrontations

I have no interest in confrontations but my ‘Truth for the Youth’ is not to seek friends and curry favour

– if it was, it would lack real facts and be called ‘Lies for Gals and Guys’. Like you, I have seen the suffering and heard the cries; and like you, I long for leaders to do what is right and realize they cannot represent us without knowing our needs or by working for others against our best interest.

Unfortunately, governments thrive on denial so I have no interest in countering every ‘peep’ from ministers, managers, permanent secretaries or civil servants.

They know I am no stranger to being oppressed and victimized and should realize that you are not fools.

After enlightening you for over 20 years it is clear that if I was lying to you they would have smothered me like white on rice.

Those still doubting state-sponsored and accepted racism, should research UK’s Windrush scandal – BVIslanders may be surprised to learn how a ‘harsh environment’ created by UK’s Government grew in silence to hurt generations of Afro-West Indians after they had rebuilt England.

We must avoid that happening here and failing to recognize a snake will not make it less likely to strike you.

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  1. Sam the man says:

    Good article Mr Frett well considered points in my opinion thank you, no place for racism anywhere…I believe the BVI is though much better than many places including the UK/USA but still have some underlying tensions/bigotry against those form other Islands…we need to pay attention to what you say

  2. Keen Observant says:

    Right and truth. Thanks much Mr. Demonstrating that some of us cannot be made to shut or be bought.

    General Lloyd was offered board positions among others just to buy him out and shut him up. He refused!

    His own words, “I am doing this for my people,.” and history has recorded the rest.

    Imagine what kind of life we would be living today, not much above slavery and supreme oppression,had the bates and the other white supremacists had gotten their way.

    That’s the mark of a genuine leader, is one who sacrifices his own life for the greater good, that of his people..

    A message for current and prospective want to be politicians here.

  3. Diplomat says:

    AC, deep and profound real talk.

  4. Howdy doody says:

    The same nonsense every time – the suggestion that Mr Frett enlightens was particularly typical of the nonsense.

  5. Sigh says:

    The first step to overcoming “oppression ” is to not accept the title that the oppressed have carried “black” and the first step to stomping “supremacy” is to not give or acknowledge the title that the supremacist has carried ‘white’. We are all people not a colour!

  6. daniel says:

    bvislanders–quite a few of them have their own prejudices towards fellow west indians from down islands–its all lik question o survival or taking advantage o the situation. any way ou lok @ it, we are still animals taking high moral groundand talking loudly does not negate the faults you yourself have. so, kindly stp stop racism etc talk and discuss some other useful or relevant subject–with due respect

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