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COMMENTARY: Non-alignment the way ahead

By Dickson Igwe, Contributor

It is time for the Caribbean, and various regions of the world, to ditch the superpowers as leading lights of global security and prosperity.

The COVID-19 pandemic, trade wars, rapidly deteriorating race relations in the USA, and the rise of dictatorship and tyranny, are threats to mankind, driven by the failure of the present global order, and the march towards authoritarian and predatory governance.

The world post the 80 years of a world order driven by a USA victorious from World War II, and Bretton Woods with the creation of solid institutions that have driven peace and security is back in the doldrums of instability and uncertainty.

Countries are looking inwards once again. There is increasing xenophobia and insularity that has become ubiquitous. Race hate is spiralling out of control in these Americas, as a symptom of a world in self-contradiction, and turmoil.

USA globally disliked

The USA, once the leading light of freedom and democracy is today despised and disliked globally. The resurgence of the race hate of the Jim Crow era is driving angst in these majestic Americas.

However, hate in the USA is not helped by migration patterns form Latin America into the USA, much of it illegal. The soft power matrices of the USA are in the same place as China and Russia: countries that are predatory and insincere in their moral outlook.

The result is a world at the edge of a social and environmental precipice. The answer is the return to the politics of non-alignment and respect for bilateral and multilateral agreements by all states powerful or not. Superpower control of global affairs has been a disaster.

Disrespect for less powerful countries

The disrespect for less powerful countries, and international institutions and treaties, by super states, has led to global policy error and crisis after crisis. The Caribbean, for one, must begin to look at the world through the lens of its regional interests first.

Social and economic integration of Caribbean societies that share similar cultural matrices must be the driving force towards greater regional security, and prosperity. Economic sufficiency, beginning with food sufficiency, must be the most pursued route to social prosperity by all Caribbean states, especially those of CARICOM.

Regional integration will begin with regional cooperation. Greater importance must be attached to bilateral and multilateral, social and economic links, within the Caribbean, than links to Washington DC, London, Brussels, Paris, or Beijing. Social and economic policies must be driven by a new vision that places regionalization at the epicenter of political decision making.


Caribbean people share a common cultural and social DNA that can no longer be ignored. Overseas Territories of the UK must speak with one voice. How this will be done is up to policymakers.

But regionalisation means unity of purpose. Regionalization also means the harmonization of administrative, social, and economic policy that drives sustainability in tourism, and local market economies.

The present pandemic and economic crisis are an opportunity for these small islands in the Caribbean Sea to re-align regional relationships and enforce the type of change that will foster greater security and prosperity- if appropriately managed – for decades to come.

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  1. Hmmmm says:

    The fat gas bag is at it again. So wonderful we were able to go 2 weeks without his ugly mug in print. So once again he spouts his worldly knowledge of nothing and once again clarifies his hatred of the US. Well I agree, hate the US but hate it all. Hate the food, building materials, water, clothes, cars, fuel and medical supplies. Hate it all and do without it and purchase your needs from other islands. Just remember this also means no tourists from the US either. Yes there is much going on in the US at the moment but that is not your business. If the black community feels there must be change in white society then the black community must also institute change. Both sides are guilty. This is not a one sided situation and remember in the US police kill more whites by a ratio of 3 to 1 over blacks so enough of the black police brutality.. Getting back to the gas bag, your views of our world is like you are looking through broken glasses. Find yourself an optometrist.

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    • BVINews says:

      The BVINews has become the NYTimes and CNN combined. They take down comments they don’t like, edit the thumbs up and down of others. We know you love Igwe but your readers don’t.

  2. Find your story says:

    Igwe, your commentary is really all over the place. It’s incoherent and complete nonsense at best. Where do you come up with your theories mate?

    After reading this the only thing that sticks is: what is this man trying to say?

    Such an effort, but so little understanding of the world. What a shame.

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    • Reading comprehension says:

      Find your story, if you cannot grasp what is being said in this well structured article, then the problem is with you. Take an IQ test.

  3. Supporter says:

    Continue your good work Mr. Igwe even though there are those who are unread and don’t have a clue or apparently never heard of political economy as an academic discipline and how it is used to inform our understanding of the world in which we live.

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  4. Simple minded says:

    Focus on the message instead of the messenger. If you had any sense of perception you would appreciate that Jesus who was the saviour of the world did not come as a king, that Bob Marley said the stone that the builder refused shall be the head corner stone, and in and on. You don’t understand much, do you ?

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  5. Hazel E Roberts says:

    you in the white man british subject care, so this man is been ignored like noel lloyd. house n****r syndrome france england and america take different island to devide any blacks from coming together into 1 caribbean and perhaps 1 caribbean president. big up igwe

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  6. Anonymous says:

    This observation may be wrong, as none of us are up in them monitoring, editing and policing rooms. But it is noticed time and time again that commentary favorable to Igwe is systematiclly blocked on th thumbs feature. And, despite giving him a priviledge to publish. his views and thoughts on prevailing issues, the ver first comments, without fail, that they publish are those with raunchy, hatefilled and presonal attacks against Mr. Igwe, and not one syllable relative to the issues he raised.

    Something is wrong with that picture, and Mr. Igwe must not stop his calling, but must also look into the journalist realtionship between bVINews and the management. Seems to some hypocrisy happening here.

    Sad state of inferior journalism has crept into the management and staff of this site. Maybe they got threatend by the marines from ayonder.

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