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COMMENTARY: Saving the BVI from pirates and politicians

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor

All our lives we have been exposed to so much hatred that one would think that is all there is. Even the act of making love is often manifested in rape which is an act of oppression and suppression.

All foundations of hate. At the same time if we love our country, people and children we would love ourselves enough to recognize that deep-seated love within us that calls us to choose good over bad.

While there are things beyond our control, there are also things we can influence in a positive manner without our efforts requiring an ulterior motive to please or displease. Ours should be a simple process of delivering truth and allowing others to reach their own conclusion based on the information they received. Things based on love last forever but those based on hate can destroy in an instant.

It hardly seems like one or two years since Hurricane Irma and Donald Trump exposed us to the underbellies of snakes… In that short span we saw the rich and powerful grow annoyed with those of us who refused to agree with them labelling our youth as inherent looters and common criminals.

Their solution was to ship them off to prisons in foreign countries to have their lives destroyed forever. Those were extraordinary times but they refused to acknowledge that we had been literally driven back to the stone age and under such hopelessness our primal instinct made seniors consider their lives as already spent thereby making them more accepting of death.

Meanwhile, youth saw their whole lives before them so they embraced any means of survival including reverting to laws of the jungle. Meanwhile, the greedy rich, with more than they can consume, preferred to let their goods spoil rather than let the poor use it. They would have us believe that they were the victims and many are still annoyed with me because I referred to them as the real pirates.

They continue to prove me right as they still use disasters to take advantage of the less fortunate and to profit off the backs of the poor.

Just a BVIslander for fairness and justice

Maybe they see me as an African but I am just a West Indian BV-Islander or better yet a child of the universe.

Then again, referring to us as Africans often attempts to stereotype us according to the negative attributes assigned by those in power. I do not mind because my mission is not about genetic inferiority or superiority but about the quest for equality & coexistence of all people.

Besides, Africa is universally accepted as the cradle of humanity and the seat of civilization which simply means we are all a part of one big family.

Furthermore, although Africa has been kept back as the dark continent, it is acknowledged as the land with the most natural resources… No wonder the US, UK, Russia and China still fight to be premier so-called investors in that continent.

This is the 21st century and we can only hope that African leaders learnt enough from the slave trade to harness the necessary synergy to ensure the advancement of its people… I only speak because there is a preponderance of unfairness and injustice aimed at slave descendants and until we recognize this there can be no solution and we will never be in control of our own destiny.

There still continues to have persons from all corners, anxious to run our lives when they are unable to walk their own. We see this in our own brothers and sisters who still believe that life and history started with the Bible so they are reluctant to reason that while none of us may know the origin it requires a degree of gullibility and stupidity to accept this as being some 2,000 or even 10,000 years ago.

Focus on doing the things we can

With so many things that could be done, should be done and would be done if we appreciated the importance of leaving things better than we met them, rather than argue about big bang theories or who made God we could better progress by applying credible recorded History to the here and now.

Think about it, even the Bible says we should never cease from striving for that we hope to accomplish.

Our work has only begun so you may as well get accustomed to my constant repetition as I ask for things to be done in the greater interest of our people.

These include the widening of roads by the politicians parking lot and the installation of speed bumps at high school intersection.

The absence or procrastination of these simple measures means politicians will likely contribute to the problems. Also, a stream of revenue can be obtained without placing more undue taxes on the poor simply by enacting a penalty fee for using the public road as private parking lots, repair garages and car washes.

This abuse of our roadways is becoming the norm as persons practice putting obstacles in the public roads to demonstrate open ownership of these spaces to which they have no right.

In addition, BVI seems to have more vehicles than people which only adds to traffic congestion, gas consumption and air pollution.

Persons should feel comfortable and secure but these create health and financial burdens on Taxpayers.

However, these to may offset by placing an extra licensing fee for businesses with over four company vehicles and individuals with over two personal vehicles.

Dear sir, have we lost Wickham’s Cay again?

Noel’s statue is down but I still honour his contribution by playing in his park on Thursdays. They disrupted this with a go-slow repair programme my concern grows deeper when our leaders appear to openly disrespect Noel Lloyd, his supporters and BVIslanders in general by supporting the flying of Denmark’s Flag over our National Parks Trust and a Wickham’s Cay that Noel Lloyd was sacrificed for.

In addition, the Wickham’s Cay, Palm Grove Shopping Centre that was created and restricted to give BVIslanders exclusive ownership and operational control has been demolished without any accountability to local ownership.

On the contrary, reports are surfacing that this Project is being controlled by special interest foreign finances, which would be in direct contradiction to the intended charter.

The standing arrangement supported a 99-year leasehold, from which persons actually made their livelihood. BVI owners who have already fully paid up in accordance with the agreement would have effectively paid for goods and services not received.

It stands to reason that they should be informed, compensated and fully involved in any and all aspects regarding the restoration of said Shopping Centre.

Government appears to have failed these BVIslanders and rather than having their rights being trampled on for ulterior motives, it should be the Attorney General Chambers’ responsibility to ensure the sanctity of this agreement is maintained without these owners being further burdened.

Maybe this is an issue that should be referred to the Governor as regards the lack of fairness and transparency.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yuck. Regurgitation at its finest.

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    • Oops says:

      I leaningtoo these suggestions:
      1. Taxes for persons and busineses using the public road as private parking lots, repair garages and car washes.
      2. Extra licensing fee for businesses with over four company vehicles and individuals with over two personal vehicles.
      3. Ministry responsible to inform/update the people what is happening with the area formally known as Palm Grove Shopping Centre. It would ease some nerve if plans are announced. These are quite logical suggestions hope those I charge are readers. I see Noel Lloyd park is under repairs.

    • @Anonymous says:

      I know. Those paragraphs where he wrote on his opinion of Africa and the African must have made you vomit, after what you posted last week and before, huh!!

      Tek that you moron!

  2. Why a fillin cost $1000 says:

    Nhi make me a don

  3. @Why a Fillin cost $1000 says:

    because the professional capitalist thief and exploiters do not pay for his/her crime(s), only the average non professional who gets caught pays for his/heer crime.

    Last, poor NHI. It takin some serious blows!

  4. dj says:

    my gosh you even got to blame Irma and Thrump– you got everyone–
    LOOK INWARD – finger point to yu self- IDIOT.
    You can’t because youneed others to blame our own people sold us into slavery in the motherland. Sold us to white people for trinkets.
    Your problen was not the blame of Irma or Thrump– it started with you mommy and dada.

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