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COMMENTARY: Seven years of famine

By Dickson Igwe, Contributor

Coronavirus will precipitate a long economic depression. Be prepared for a very different and much more difficult world.

The coronavirus pandemic is a revolver to the temple of the global economy with three bullets in the chamber. The finger pressing the trigger has released its first bullet plunging the world into economic contraction and recession.

The second bullet has also been released albeit it remains in its trajectory. It will, when it finds it’s target, send the world into a deep economic depression.

This will be a deeper depression than even the Depression of the 1930s that precipitated World War, and certainly far worse than the Great Recession of 2008.

The third bullet remains locked in the chamber. This bullet if released could initiate the final destruction of mankind. If released it will begin a cascading sequence of tragic events from climate change tragedies, to pandemics even worse than the present coronavirus pandemic to a third World War ending in an apocalypse.

It is too late for mankind to mitigate the first two events. However, the third and final event is very much up in the air. The teenager Greta Thunberg is a forerunner to that sequence of events, and her words are a chilling warning.

The child is providential, and a gift from God. Her assertions that thoughtful governance and stress on an environmentally friendly, eco-sustainable, and socially oriented economics, that will save the day, will either be acknowledged or ignored to the destruction of our habitat.

The problem is the evil, greed, and selfishness of human beings. Are people aware of the thin ice we are all walking on? In any event, we better all get prepared for many years of economic woe. The best quality to possess today is patience.

If experts believe this virus will be gone by early 2022, then the next 24 months are going to be lean and rough. The years after 2022 will be equally rough as the globe begins a precarious journey to sustainable economic growth.

The main question today for every responsible government and citizen is how to survive the coming seven lean years.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    The child is a gift from god. ?

    Crazies like you are more dangerous than any disease.

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    • Greta says:

      Greta is the work of George Soros who like Igwe is determined to undermine all governments and create a new world order. Soros is a known Nazi and could care less about the environment. Igwe is so stupid he buys into this garbage. Igwe is a danger to society and the BVI. Someone please get him some food. He has gone delirious from not eating for one day.

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      • Huh says:

        More incoherent rambling from the resident left wing racist.
        Please stop publishing this nonsense. It must put off advertisers. I assume that any advertisers on this page support the views, and will boycott them until they stop advertising on this page.

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      • Truth Teller says:

        George Soros is not a Nazi. Right wing crazies try to dress him up as a boogeyman because he suports progressive causes and has the money to make a difference. He believes in things like human rights, equality and social justice. Turn away from Info Wars, Breitbart and anything Rupert Murdoch owns and you may find the truth.

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        • @Truth says:

          Soros was a known Nazi sympathizer. He is Jewish and helped the Nazi’s take money, art, gold, jewels and the lives of his own people. Do a little research dumbass

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          • @@truth says:

            That is a shocking lack of research of your own. Soros was 14 when Hungary was invaded, and his experiences are well-documented by less reactionary people than Glenn Beck and other right-wing revisionist racists. I am appalled by Soros’ betting against the British Pound in the 1990s but this does not make him a Nazi synpathiser

      • Rubber Duck says:

        16 year old Thunberg is the product of autism and the machinations of her over ambitious mother. What kind of moron listens to her scripted ramblings rather than to those who have spent lifetimes studying the matter ? The Igwe kind apparently.

        Try reading this guy for some educated truth on climate change.

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        • @Rubber Duck says:

          I have many issues with Igwe but your attack on Thunberg is undignified and nasty.

          With regards to Lindzen, most of his work was over 15 years ago, and his petition to Trump in 2017 was refuted by 22 MIT peers.

          What I do not understand about climate change deniers, is what the motivation is. The actions required to slow the process and reduce the impacts of climate change are beneficial to society.

          This is like Pascal’s wager – what have you got to lose by following this belief and process, rather than fighting it. If you are right, you have lost nothing. If you are wrong, everyone is screwed.

          Finally, you are commenting on a BVI news site. BVI is on the frontline of the weather impacts from climate change. Have some feelings for those who could be destroyed by ever more intense weather systems, and rising sea levels.

  2. Once Agsin says:

    Once again the know nothing is spouting his insane words of wisdom. First his dear child Greta was handpicked to become the face of a ridiculous attempt to save the world. These people have been forecasting the end of the world for years. The deadlines come and go and we are still here. Second, the world economy will be up and running in full force by the end of the year. Unfortunately for the gas bag he would prefer to see misery and dispair. This would no doubt give meaning to his useless life. How this pool of vomit know nothing is published each week is beyond comprehension.

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  3. Doom scenario says:

    You just wrote down a doom scenario without any arguments.

    Do you ever have anything positive to say?

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  4. Vg Resident says:

    Why is the Beacon publishing such trash. He has no credibility in making these statements and it is irresponsible to publish such fake news.

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  5. EU citizen says:

    If nobody comments he’ll disappear.
    Just ignore his stories. It’s not worth the effort reading and hence not worth the effort commenting.

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    • @EU says:

      You are correct however, there is a faction within the Territory that promotes racism against whites the world over. Igwe is the spokesmen for these people. It’s unfortunate that most of the residents of the Territory become associated with his views because they view the white man as a threat. The fact is the white man for centuries has been better than their own people have been. Look at black leaders around the world including Obama. Obama did more against the black population than any recent white president including Trump. By the way Trump has done more for the black man than any president in the past 50 years.

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      • South Africa says:

        to @EU

        Since you are better, why not just ignore the deepening anti-white racism and continue saying and doing what you like?

        However, I suspect that in the next few decades, people like you will not be so boastful.

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        • @South says:

          If South Africa is an example of what is to come you are correct we are in trouble. …South Africa has declined in every way possible. Most importantly crime, murder, rape and less education has been on the rise…taking the country back to the stone ages.

          • South Africa says:

            Well then, speak out against the anti-black racism and white’s God-like behavior … before it is too late.

  6. Listen says:

    Who have an ear to hear, let him hear. The word of God must go fourth.

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  7. eh says:

    The commentary is not as bad as you all make it out to be.

    Companies get paid millions to propogate smear campaigns and write scatting comments about people.

    It is an opinion piece. You dont like it then dont read it.

    He puts out an article regularly. How much would it cost to hire a few haters?

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  8. Verbal Famine says:

    May we now look forward to seven years of verbal famine from this man of many opinions

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  9. Confused says:

    He did not identify and introduce the 3 bullets, so I am confused as to what he is trying to say. I worked out that the 1st is Corona and maybe the 3rd is climate change? No clue as to what the 2nd bullet is.

    He needs to take a class in essay writing.

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  10. Diaspora says:

    The globe is indeed in a serious recession and is on the verge of being thrusted into a depression. These are 2 of the 3 bullets that Igwe mentioned and I will not even venture into prognosticating when the 3rd will be fired. That is way above my pay grade; well, many things are way above my pay grade.

    However, the fragile VI economy is in recession and floundering. Tourism, 1/2 of the economic twin pillars, is not functioning at this point. It is a major employer but it has hit the doldrums. Even when the lockdown is relaxed and the air and seaports reopened, the industry will not ramp back quickly to its pre-pandemic level.

    The airlines and cruise lines will have to restructure and revamp their schedules, consumers will have to regain confidence in flying and going on cruises and the economy will have to rebound from the trough of the recession, assuming that the economy is not in a depression. If it is in a recession, that will be another tory.

    And until the pandemic is corralled and the economy rebounds, the BVI will have to develop an action plan to at least thread water and survive. The question is what? It is time for strong, commanding and demonstrated leadership and management that produces positive outcomes. Are unconventional approaches the answer? It is show time.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Fact! If one is not ready to venture from the comfort zone of believing that only one’s current kibble and bit knowledge base is sufficient, and has comfortably established one in a position of lethargic and intellectual stagnation, one will never be able to embark upon a journey to the far reaches of knowledge acquisition and intellectual maturity. One will live and thus die in a state of juvenile intellectualism.

    To hate another human reflects hatred of self.

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  12. Garbage says:

    This is utter tripe. Why is he even given status to write these articles? Responsible editors should not allow him to do so. Please starve him of the oxygen of publicity.

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    • @Garbage says:

      Que dia es hoy? Sabado. The racists and the haters of freedom of speech except their own are out attacking anyone of African descent. With much down time during the lockdown, the racial hatred seemed to have been ramped up. @Garbage, you raced to have your opinion published yet you want the publisher to restrict Igwe’s. Perhaps you are White and think you are right? What life time are you in?

      You may not agree with Igwe’s opinion but he has right to published it. If you think he either libel or slander you, there is a remedy in the court for that. But you may more sense perhaps than to embarrass yourself in public. Faced with facts, your only response is to attack and try to demean. Let facts and truth be your weapon. Can you? No. You will be back next week with your garbage as your name.

    • . says:

      Lets starve you first, paid commentator.

      No need for your frothing at the mouth.

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