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COMMENTARY: Time to stop blaming Andrew!

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor

Year after year we held Emancipation celebrations until the ‘God of Nature and Laws of Balance’ had enough of the hypocrisy and stopped it through floods and a pandemic.

Still, we have not improved or seemed not to reason that these celebrations have degenerated into events of greed, self-interest and commercialism, rather than respect for the liberation of a proud people who had been so brutally sold into bondage. 

By present standards, if Emancipation was free, we would still be slaves and, while this year’s events are likely to be watered down, Andrew will be blamed for everything. Why? 

After all, he is gone and instead of blaming a vacuum, we should be looking at the performances of those remaining. More than likely, his predicament resulted from ‘friends in need’ overlooking greed and becoming more like frenemies. 

The first lesson of greed is that too much is never enough. So, some of us seem to welcome the darkness in the promise of ‘good times’ and the belief that, if we indulge leaders in their wrongs, then they will also indulge us by letting some of the ill-begotten gains trickle our way. Once they told him what he wanted to hear rather than what he needed to hear, there is no rule that says, ‘corruption is just limited to politicians’.

Corruption hiding in plain sight

We may be quick to point fingers and pretend self-righteousness when they are caught but, Andrew did not invent political corruption and it has not disappeared in his absence. It is interesting that the COI targeted politicians but, it is hard to find a ministry or department not involved in favouritism and corruption. Seems that as soon as we get Civil or Public Service positions, we regard them as passports of corruption. 

Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to help, we feel endowed with the power to abuse. This has been happening for decades; even before I told you of Town & Country Planning being caught in this racket.

That happened many, many years ago and, eventually, the heads were replaced. That seemed to have reduced the regression for a while but recently, this destructive behaviour appears to be returning in full force. Unfortunately, one may not recognize the danger but these are the exact features that guarantee BVIslanders, especially the youth, will remain impoverished strangers in their own homes.

For them, Emancipation will remain an illusion. They and their children may become too terrorised or awestruck to realize that, if those in positions of authority will sell themselves so quickly then they will certainly sell others far quicker. 

Backwards to the future

No wonder our children appear less progressed than their parents and our leadership appears to have taken us back to colonialism which is merely a notch above slavery.

Day by day, we continue to lose our heritage and rights and I am deeply concerned that our country will soon not be our country and even those rejoicing in their early blessings will find themselves lamenting in their late disenfranchisement. 

Andrew has his own cross to carry and while he may be an easy target — unable to defend himself — he did not invent political corruption. We must assess the big picture and not be distracted by their smoke and mirrors. We are not in a good place and failure to hold ourselves accountable by blaming others for our actions and inactions is unhelpful and suicidal.

We are already being slaughtered – why help the butchers?

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  1. Actually says:

    most informed and intelligent private sector BVI islanders are blaming the entire BVI Civil Service and their political leaders for the last 40 years for the deplorable state of the BVI in this post CoI blame game.

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  2. HEY BRO 👋 says:


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  3. NoHpoe says:

    Photos of this year’s celebration currently on the World stage and pages are proof and evidence of the BVi as a scum population with future and present lowlife women producing a Black population of worthless baby daddies and “h*e” women,99.9 % that are not “BVIslanders,not worthy of ownership of our ancestral lands.
    A future with a change in the current dominant
    demographic is a no-brainer.

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  4. Rex FeRaL says:

    Alred, you were removed from your Misisterial job FOR WHAT?

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  5. @Rex FeRaL says:

    Casting the first stone, are we?

    Who among us hasn’t abused the legal entitlements developed by the forbearers in order to protect the enfranchisement of Virgin Islanders?

    I agree with Mr Frett. We are in a mess and it’s time to pause, take a look at ourselves and reset intention because we seem to have forgotten that responsibilities come with entitlements.

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  6. dndn says:

    and yet those same informed and intelligent people sat back for the last 40 years watching it happen and grow!!

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  7. emem says:

    this is a little harsh, but it is clear that the festival is no longer about emancipation

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  8. Albion says:

    Alred, you need to get a new publicity photo. That calendar in the background says 2002.

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    • @Albion says:

      Actually, LOL, if you look closer the calendar is from 2007.

      But Alred Frett and his writings defy the march of time.

      Andrew Fahie’s failure is symptomatic of our love for crooked politicians who we expect to “wuk wid us.”

  9. Good Read says:

    Thank you Sir.

  10. Reporter says:

    A C Frett, you hit the nail on the head from every angle. You could not have summarized this any better. And yes, I concur that the blaming game needs to stop. But in some peoples mind it is so much easier to point fingers and put the blame on others rather than taking responsibility for their actions. But don’t be fooled! The buzz word “corruption” did not take the BVI by surprise since the request of the COI investigation nor did it come about after the events of April 28. It had long time manifested itself across ministries and departments ( relating to both past and present administrations). And, I dare say that none of them can be excluded or pardoned for the vicious acts of betrayal to the taxpayers of this country. It is high time to break the chains of pretense and hypocrisy and do what is ethical to save this country.

  11. Rex FeRaL says:

    Not casting no dam Stones. Why was he removed from office? Chicks been coming to roost a dam long time.

  12. SMH! says:

    You are an a$$! This Territory started going downhill from 2000 come forward! Past 40 years? Before financial services?

  13. HA says:

    Looks like February 2007

  14. Mick Mars says:

    You does really have to wonder who in charge of this website to allow Shxt opinions like this yo always go through, but anything logical and critical to not make it.

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  15. Emancipation says:

    1Who helped the white man to entrapped the Africans in Africa?
    Greed did that
    2.Under whose hands the BVI Government started corruption?
    Expatriate mothers who don’t instill values in their children ?
    3. Who are the Ministers of Government mothers
    Expatriates mothers who did not teach their children to stand out and speak up when they see wrong ?
    4. Who are the mothers of the top Officials in the Ministry’s?
    Expatriate mothers who did not teach their children wrong from right?
    5. Who are the mothers of the three corrupt persons held in the USA one former Premier and an outstanding civil servant ?
    Expatriate mothers who did not teach their children that the love of money is the root of all evil?
    6 Who are the present day mothers of the Collation government ?
    Expatriate moms who did not teach their children about not being puppets ?
    7. Who are the mothers of the BVIslanders who have sold out the lands to the white man and other investors ?
    Expatriate mothers who did not teach their children nothing?
    8. Who are the mothers of the Pharmacy and private clinics who raping the NHI system ?
    Expatriate mothers who did not teach their children that you do not have to hold a literal gun to someone head to take their money?
    Ayo need to stop with this nonsense? When you point two hands at someone twenty fingers coming back it you ?

  16. @ REPORTER says:


  17. rrrr says:

    Give me a break. Time to stop blaming Andrew? He a [email protected]£$ed drug smuggler. A greedy little man who wants to line his own pockets at the cost of lifes. Smdh

  18. head coach says:

    I wasn’t the only rotten apple in the BVI bunch, I was a product of my environment

  19. Nationalist says:

    This is the same ultranationalist who as a minister discontinued scholarships to syudents whose patents were not Virgin Islanders. Interestingly so 95% of those same students are here building the BVI and contributing contributing invaluable tax dollars to the present scholarship funds so that more Virgin Islanders can get scholarships. As long as this mentality remains this country will never be able to maximize its potential. Embrace your individualism but you must also embtace population diversity to fuel economic growth and development. Its a necessity in today’s world.

  20. TurtleDove says:

    Well sir, your next opinion piece should be how we should proceed.

  21. Popeye says:

    Are you suggesting that only mother’s are to blame? What role did the father’s play? The reality is that we built a corrupt culture that rewarded those in power. Our former leaders cared more about enriching themselves than improving our country. Look at our schools. Look at our infrastructure. Now look at the fancy villas, planes, and boats that our former leaders surround themselves with.

  22. Gov. Corruption has always existed! says:

    It is about time to stop crucifying Andrew Fahie as if he is the only one that have done wrong. Corruption has been going on in Government from the beginning of time in not just tola but all over the world and sadly, it will continue until the end of time. Things will never change until people start truly putting God first over money and power. I’m not talking about lip service to GOD, I’m talking about living righteously…it’s the only way to cure all of the world’s ills. We all know what the WORD of GOD says, the love of money is the root of all evil. It’s fair to say that this has proven to be true over and over all these years. What I really want to know is do we really want change? If yes, it’s about time that we seek God’s counsel in all things (including electing government officials and others in authority). We all know, that people can talk a good talk and pretend to be this and that, however, let us remember what the WORD OF GOD says, by our fruits we will be known. So instead of listening to the words that proceed out of someone’s mouth, let us listen to their actions after-all actions speak much louder than words. Until the world comes to the acknowledgement of the MOST HIGH GOD, things will never change. Now, like I asked before, do we really want change?

  23. Maverick says:

    Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

  24. Education's key says:

    When an organization is corrupt, they get rid of the honest people first… You ask why he left, that’s your answer!!!

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