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COMMENTARY: Who is sorry for us?

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor
No one seems to care that our world is in turmoil, our systems corrupted, our leaders insensitive, our children are less progressive than their parents, our ambition fading and hopes dying. We have become more isolated in a crowded world where everyone asks How and why even though the answers are written on the wall. Sometimes it feels impossible to decipher right from wrong.

More recently we have been so preoccupied by shenanigans of Trumpism that some may believe the problems within our own labour, immigration, health and education sectors have improved although they have not. Indeed, some may have worsened over time as we copy-cat Trumpism in so many ways except for the excuse that these wrongs are being done to put BVIslanders first.

That lie would complete the Mimicry as we watch Trump’s discard for healthcare, education, labour, immigration and the environment while calling for selective law and order to achieve his brand of the ‘good old days’ when the America in his mind was Great! This self-imposed social tragedy is not just America’s attempt to force us back to slavery but one of many promoting this.

We often find such leaders living in the lap of luxury yet thinking too much for themselves is still not enough even as their people scavenge on the street. As their personal greed demands more and more from persons who have less and less, the weight of suppression and oppression triggers the victim’s instinct for survival and drives peaceful, law abiding citizens into crimes and violence.

Leaders should stop putting us at risk

While most Leaders know they are guilty of this truth they still seek to fool us by blaming others for the radicalizing of these persons. As a follow-up to each calamity they turn to their bag of empty promises to offer us more laws, prisons, police, and armed forces as solutions when in fact this not for us but squarely aimed at pacifying and protecting the rich and powerful from the poor and weak.

At the same time we should know that they – rich and powerful – will never focus on making laws to favour the poor and weak but this tactic is not new. History shows a dictator’s first objective is to suppress freedom and this is only achieved by increasing the size and ferocity of their police and Army. Unfortunately, we agree to be fooled whenever we truly believe slavery was abolished.

This causes us to ignore warnings signs when leaders divert monies from health, education and, the environment so that their police and army can grow larger and larger. In addition, we fail to realize that these services are designed to operate on a ‘strictchain of command’ mentality whereby all officers are obliged to blindly follow orders without using their own senses of reason and intellect.

Clearly none of this is accidental and police states are not designed for solutions but created to serve entrench leaders by forcing citizens to exist under oppression and suppression. Thus these leaders cannot be problem-solvers or peace-makers since their benefits come from corruption, conflicts and war and, the modus operandi of this ‘new world order’ is paradoxical.

Trapped in a New World Order for 21st Century Zombies

Simply put; their existence depends on mixtures of lies, half-truths and alternate facts, designed to fool, deceive and mislead. Consequently, their actions should always be suspected because their words can never be trusted. However, instead of seeing life is far too precious and death too final to condone the wanton killings of our fellowman they discourage us from universal brotherhood.

In their lack of respect for life they push us to be completely heartbroken and sympathetic when it suits their agenda and completely heartless and vindictive when it does not. In this way we are overcome with Grief when anyone in the western world is killed by suicide bombers but exhibit no concern or care about thousands killed in Africa and the Middle East by western bombs.

Funny how we should care so much about one of ours but forbid them the same right to care as much for all of theirs. Perhaps if leaders saw us all as equal humans they could put themselves in the place of the friends and families of those killed here, there and everywhere and realize that the wrong actions of bad leaders are more likely to encourage bad reactions from those they hurt.

That may cause them to wonder if what we now see happening resulted from France, the UK and other western nations having followed the aggressive practices of the US in so many wrongful deaths… But, who feels it knows it and leaders may be too secured in air-conditioned fortresses to care while we, innocent civilians, remain sitting ducks for the consequences of their actions.

We cannot help with the Solutions if we condone the Problems

Whatever the cause, we are afraid to enjoy the lives we live. Still, rather than replace ignorance with wisdom, many leaders’ response is to brag about their plans to deny human and civil rights of ordinary citizens and their determination to retaliate against dead suicide bombers although they know this is likely to create more long term problems and essentially insure that terrorism wins.

The irony is while these countries are paying for sacrificing so much for the friendship and good grace of America, the new US President insults and abandons them without a second thought. This may be for the better but by ceding so much control over their national affairs to the US they placed themselves at a disadvantage. It will now require great effort and time to regain their status.

Such a tragedy is global with no one is safe from the fallout or immune to collateral damage. Even our little Territory appears to be following the hidden agenda of this new world order as we are pushed steadily backwards where any pretext can be used to turn us into a police state and have our children become victims to the colonial whims and wishes of those in seats of power.

As believers in loving our fellow man (or woman) we always seem to care more for others than we care for ourselves. However, we can help no one if we are unable to help ourselves and while ignorance is bliss not bless, knowledge is power not poorer, and we owe it to our children to be forewarned and prepared for many still think they have the right to use us, abuse us and refuse us.

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