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COMMENTARY: Why are we marching against the marchers?

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor

Our people are hurting; our country shrinking in values, our emotions screeching in top gear and the asphalt still warm from the patter of last month’s marching feet as we enter a new hurricane season.

Meanwhile, Government buildings remain in ruins from the last hurricane season even as they tax and regulate those of us who have struggled to survive, into oblivion. We are now victimized and confused.

Buffeted by natural and manmade disasters, our hopes for fairness and justice dwindle or become elusive rendering us increasingly desperate and anxious to do anything that may ease the physical pain and mental strain.

During such times bad leadership is mistaken for rescue and we react hastily even if it means marching against the marchers, while still accusing their march of doing more harm than good.

As victims of a cycle, entrapped by despair after despair, bad ideas follow bad ideas and the fever of marching for marching sake drives us into believing that, with so much corruption and wrongs, we need to do something dramatic.

However, as a people who have come so far, we should realize that before our feet hit the road we should first list and agree on our real concerns and our intended goals.

Who are the real controllers of governments?

Our concerns (excluding UK) are many and while ineptitude of local politicians may contribute to the situation, these problems have existed from government to government which means they must arise from other underlying causes. And, analysis reveals a major source as being directly related to those permanent components of the civil service that create, and continue to implement problem after problem.

While politicians may claim to be bigger than life, they are term-limited and fully dependent on civil servants so tackling them for solutions and remedies is no more useful or productive than we have seen from successive governments.

Clearly, it is time to admit and acknowledge the major effect of senior civil servants and associations who display greater power and influence than our elected leaders.

Why not talk before we walk?

Subsequently, if our real goal is the achievement of just causes then, before expending kinetic and emotional energies we must develop realistic strategies.

Our first step should be to meet and discuss the credibility and urgency of our issues and then select and direct delegations to the decision makers within the relevant ministries, departments and associations in order to obtain the desired results.

Remember, they have been in control for years so our mission will not be easy.

Nonetheless, our negotiations and actions must begin without delay, for our people are hurting badly and with the UK around every corner and elections just over the horizon, here and now is the best time to achieve results.

So, let our deeds surpass mere words and if all else fail, then, I too stand ready to march with you.


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  1. patriotic says:

    Look like my boy finally has the go ahead for his building next to treasure Isle. Am happy for that

  2. Steve Jobs says:

    Well said. Let’s start with a plan!

  3. Uncle Buck says:

    Typical for Tortola. Does nobody at all have any concern for the youth and their future? Frett mentions the government buildings in disrepair, he waxes about how he and government are victims. The youth in Tortola are victims of decades of neglect by those in government. They can afford to send their kids to the best schools so it doesn’t matter to them. But whilst they complain about the economy, they could be doing something about the state of the education system. Because every man and his dog knows that the best route out of poverty / financial distress is EDUCATION. Build a new high school, show the kids that you care about their future. Inspire them to learn!

    • @Uncle Buck says:

      Am sorry but if you follow the writer and his movement you would know he is a champion for all social causes, especially the youth.. This is a cause he has spoke about for times..

      He is addressing a very current and unstable situation affecting the country, including the youths.. This man is a positive example.. He is not one to attack or criticize for political reason.. He is a good man with the best of intention and hope for this country..

      Please put your support behind him if you care about the youths..

  4. NOWSAH says:

    Da mek sense.

  5. Tallfat says:

    Let’s face it the government was elected to serve the people and their selection for permanent secretaries is their responsibilities. Implementations of laws, guidelines and policies must go through the ministers. In the House of Representatives the questions put to the ministers by the opposition have been met with redicules, lies and all sorts of vexing answers. Those for the government stand resolute with it as they stand to lose should it fall and clear and unimpeachable answers are nowhere to be found. Why then should we be skirting around the edges when we know where the problem stems from. If public works is not performing should we check the labour ears, PS or the minister? Why check a man who is accountable to another and not the man who is incharge? The elected should face the wrath of the people not only on Election Day but everyday of his term. Either he performs or recalled sometime after or terminated on lectionaries day.

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