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Commish on video: I fully support the police

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews (foreground) during a press briefing

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews (foreground) during a press briefing

While noting that he is encouraged by the support expressed through comments in the online media and otherwise, Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews has declared that cops will not be intimidated by unruly motorists and residents trying to obstruct law enforcers carrying out their lawful duties.

His comments come after BVI News Online published a recording of residents including motorcyclists engaging police officers in both physical and verbal confrontation during a traffic operation last week in the Long Bush area of Tortola.

Commissioner Matthews, in a media release, noted that a few offenders were ‘less than civilised’ in their conduct toward police officers.

“But he was encouraged by the number of people who supported the efforts of the officers and later shared their gratitude to officers through phone calls and online comments,” the RVIPF said.

The commissioner also indicated that he has seen other videos of other incidents.

“Like many members of the public, I saw the circulating videos showing the conduct of some drivers, riders and even onlookers when traffic stops are made. But we will not be intimidated. I fully support the efforts of my officers in such challenging circumstances – who are there to uphold the laws of this Territory,” Commissioner Matthews declared.

He continued: “We are a law-abiding society and, in order to maintain this, we must make our actions and voices heard opposing the lawbreakers. This is the work that must be done to maintain a safe society.”

The RVIPF, in the meantime, stated that its Road Policing Unit, patrols and specialist teams made a number of traffic-related arrests last week – mostly for persons driving without licences, registration, and insurance.

Here is the amateur video of a portion of the Long Bush incident:

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