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Commissioner chided for publicly discussing Security Council matters

Dr Wheatley

Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said it was inappropriate for Police Commissioner Michael Matthews to publicly discuss matters of the National Security Council (NSC) during a recent interview with ZBVI radio.

In that interview, Commissioner Matthews responded to Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith’s order for him to present a crime plan in two weeks. The Commissioner revealed details about the plan and said it was already submitted to the Council for review.

But Dr Wheatley said the matters discussed at meetings of the NSC should be held confidential, adding that members take an oath not to reveal details to persons outside the council.

“The Commissioner disclosed a document (the crime plan) that was brought to the National Security Council that was being considered. Certainly, given my oath and pledge, it is not my place to discuss that document with any member of the House or any member outside of the Council … Actually, what was discussed at National Security Council being disclosed over the radio was inappropriate,” said Dr Wheatley, who publicly declared his support for Smith.

In his interview with ZBVI radio, the Commissioner sought to silence who he described as ‘noisemakers’ and ‘naysayers’ who believe the police force isn’t doing enough to stem crime.

But the Deputy Premier said Smith’s plea shouldn’t be dismissed as noise since his impassioned call was made on behalf of the people.

“We cannot say that an honourable member of the House Of Assembly is being naive. What the Honourable member was expressing, was on behalf of the people of the territory who saw the need for more engagement on the area of violent crimes within our community,” Dr Wheatley explained.

The debate over the spate of violence in the community comes amid two confirmed murders since the start of the year, another two that police describe as “unexplained deaths”, as well as multiple high-profile drug incidents, robberies, and firearm-related offences.

Just yesterday, police confirmed the death of another man who was gunned down in Fish Bay.

The man’s identity has not been released but the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said it will provide further details in a future update.

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  1. Wow says:

    Sowande I have absolutely no words to describe my disappointment in you!

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  2. Styles. says:

    Hi Natalie

    Can you please start focussing on your main post, being minister of education.

    Education is at rock bottom in the territory and you are only acting as the poodle of the premier.

    The country has zero (0) covid cases yet schools are not operating. What are you doing discussing completely unrelated matters and fighting the silly premier battles?

    We thought you were a talented man when we elected you, it turns out you are just inexperienced.

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    • @STYLES says:

      I want to like this 10000000 times. FOCUS ON EDUCATION

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    • Joker says:

      He criticized Myron when he was minister and now he cannot even do 1/4 of what Myron was able to do. Just a talker no action. Why do you have the crime plan held up? Are you an expert in criminal matters?

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  3. Tit for Tat says:

    Enough of the immature tantrums

  4. Joshua says:


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  5. cart yo tail says:

    with your damage control

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  6. strupes says:

    sheep called the man name but the man aint call sheep name

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  7. Mr. Deputy says:

    Your man Sheep pubicaly ask for the plan, and the COP say he give it to you and Andrew. Not sure what is confidential about that. You and Andrew being on NSC is not a secret. Why you have the plan hold up. Talk that.

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  8. ?? says:

    So you guys forced the commissioner to come out with his plans and when he does you ‘re bashing him? he didnt go into exact details!

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  9. Medium says:

    I do not know why people say that they are disappointed in Natalio. We set up ourselves for disappointment and then complain about being disappointed. Look at this man’s track record at the college and then you would see. We took one of the most indisciplined lecturers and promoted him to the minister of education. The facts are there. We have to make better choices. Look at the whole VIP team. No experience in anything.

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  10. Smh. says:

    Sheep tried to PUBLICLY humiliate the guy and the you want him to stay quiet? Please. Sowande, you are disappointing.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Mike should have been on the plane with r***** Gus

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  12. Mercenaries says:

    You paid bloggers are sickening

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    • Tell Me?! says:

      Where do I sign up to be a “paid blogger” I out here commenting for free all this time and I could be getting paid…. You guys sound retarded with this paid blogger nonsense… so are all the comments supporting the government every move on v*** paid bloggers as well or are the paid bloggers only over here? #stupid

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  13. lol says:

    They tag in sk**t #2 to try clean it up lol

  14. very worried says:

    I am sorry but I cannot stop calling Myron’s name when it comes to education. I didn’t agree with all his moves but education grew by leaps and bounds under him and now it is in the gutter. Natalio is all over the place talking on all kind of things and not doing any work. Our children are suffering and failing while he plays lap dog for the premier.

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  15. School and Public Library says:

    Hi Mr. Ed Minister,

    Why is the school not open?

    where is the public library?

    until next time.

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  16. Excuses Govt says:

    Open the country so people can work and earn legally, the lack of work increases hussling. Hussling incresaes crime,, Its government that have the place lock down..

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  17. lol says:

    really this is what we come to? Politician blaming whomsoever they please for what they have not done? Open the schools!

  18. duh says:

    Stop sucking up to the Premier. The job of the cabinet is not to agree with the Premier all the time and if he can’t deal with criticism he shouldn’t be Premier.
    You Portfolio is missing you. Where is the high school? Why are the schools still out? Why are they not being fixed of their issues whilst not in use? Since 2017 there is an entire school of students that have been suffering. The current ghetto school in Pasea is not enough.
    You have people in positions in your portfolio that are running a full-time outside business while being paid by the Govt and their departments are doing nothing useful.
    Will all the money the BVI has had the BVI schools, sports, and culture should be the pride of the Caribbean.

  19. thanks says:

    A big thank you to the hard working team of educators whose institution are open 4 days in a week we salute you teachers Mr. Minister needs to focus on education this is our future!!

  20. @ Jones says:

    him is ah big youth

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