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Commissioner declines to state RVIPF’s involvement in Fahie probe

Police Commissioner Mark Collins

As the United States (US) continues to build its case against disgraced former Premier Andrew Fahie and his alleged co-conspirators, Commissioner of Police in the BVI, Mark Collins, has declined to state the extent of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s (RVIPF) involvement in the investigation process.

BVI News asked Commissioner Mark Collins if US law enforcement agencies have been in contact with the RVIPF for assistance into their probe of Fahie and his co-accused.

In response, the Commissioner said: “That’s not something I would discuss with the media as the Andrew Fahie investigation is still ongoing”.

Just last week, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley signalled the government’s willingness to cooperate with the US officials if assistance is required in further investigations of alleged co-conspirators of Fahie.

In Fahie’s charging affidavit, there was mention of a person classified as ‘Government Official 1” who was described as a high-ranking, corrupt government operative who has ‘many employers’.

It was insinuated the person is controlled by drug dealers and facilitates the passage of illicit drugs through the territory.

Premier Wheatley maintained the BVI has a strong history of working with officials in the United States and will continue to do so.

Fahie was arrested along with Managing Director of the BVI Ports Auothority, Oleanvine Maynard at Miami-Opa Locka Airport on April 28. Maynard’s son Kadeem was arrested in St Thomas, USVI. The three are charged with conspiracy to import a controlled substance (cocaine), conspiracy to engage in money laundering and attempted money laundering.

Fahie and Oleanvine are currently being detained in Miami while Kadeem is in detention in Puerto Rico. The three face a possible life sentence if convicted of the alleged crimes.


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  1. Silent majority says:

    We are expecting the removal of all the rotton eggs. Dont let us down COP.

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  2. dont mind he says:

    maybe he had a role to play at some point, time will tell

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    • Without doubt .. says:

      … RVIPF, FCDO & COI all involved in the biggest stitch up since the Bayeux Tapestry (1066).

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Way above their pat grades. MI5 and the DEA. No one else.

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        • USVI resident. says:

          And the FBI over here. This couldn’t have worked without USVI cooperation at some level. Wasn’t it around 2018 DPNR agents were arrested in USVI for smuggling cocaine? Connected or competition? These are the Days of our Islands. ?‍♀️

        • .Quiet One says:

          MI-6. Not MI-5

          • Rubber Duck says:

            You said that previously and you are wrong. MI6 spies on other countries. MI5 aka the security service is responsible for internal security including anti drug operations. Internal includes the OTs.

      • @Without doubt says:

        To be precise The Bayeux Tapestry tells the epic story, in wool thread embroidered on linen cloth, of William, Duke of Normandy who became King of England in 1066 after the Battle of Hastings.
        So basically the tapestry was made after 1066!!

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      • Clown fahie says:

        This disgrace Primar is where he is to be. Please locked away him for good and throw away the damn keys ? this man is so e**l no ones are safe because we don’t know what he capable of doing to people. Us please hold him and don’t give him no bail at all because if you does. You will never catch this deal anymore. ??????❤️?

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        • @Clown fahie says:

          Your grammar is appalling! I agree with your comment but at least spell check and make sure what you write makes sense.

    • and? says:

      Who cares, no one cares who was involved. They did not have to bite the bait thrown at them. Fishes are only caught when they bite the bait.

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  3. bLAHH says:

    Maynard say he got 2Cops in he Pockets foy say he ppl does push drugN weapons Talktoomuch tlktola is back.watchie watchi cops on the lurhh

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    • Incorrect says:

      He said “two officers”, not “two cops”. Big difference there. There are many types of officers, and whomever they are, they should be revealed and locked up. Your bias is on full display.

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  4. Ha says:

    Solve this as soon as posible so life can keep on going

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  5. Juice says:

    Are you asking if the RVIPF had something to do with Andrew Fahie’s arrest? The answer is presumably yes.

    Did the opposition had anything to do with it? The answer is presumably yes.

    Did members of the public snitched? The answer is presumably yes.

    Did the opposition make up stories. The answer is presumably yes.

    Will any of this make the snitchers life any better? The answer is absolutely no.

    Did they disgrace the BeVI? The answer is yes.

    Are more people going to jail? The answer is yes.

    Is the Governor fake? The answer is no?

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  6. @ TOP COP says:


  7. Hmm says:

    Hopefully none at all……..

  8. Fahie is an idiot. says:

    Stiff Necked fool. He said he don’t read blogs. If he used to blogs he would have been smarter. And street wise. These blogs full of wisdom and good suggestion and advice..The Governor read the blogs Hon . Milling has her people reading the blogs to get a feel of the BVI people mood..That’s why Britain taking over.

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  9. @ fahie is an idiot says:

    where do you get your info from??

  10. BVI Future says:

    No, the BVI government does not always work with the USA. Have you all forgotten that years ago, the BVI refused to turn over known drug dealers? This is where the problem began.

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  11. Confidential says:

    The CoP is entirely correct as the various investigations are ongoing. Peoples lives are in danger so this is true confidentiality not the BS crap the financial service people feed the public.

  12. Waiting patiently.... says:

    All I waiting for is the arrest of government official 1

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  13. Ausar says:

    “TTM”, is the order of the day here!

    Why did Fahie had to talk about others in drugs?

    Why did he have to talk about, who is trying to catch who?

    Why did he have to talk about about how little, he makes as Premier?

    Why did he have to talk about “magic”?

    Why did he have to talk about” feeling” the money”?

    You’re absolutely correct, ” Fahie is an idiot”, in that had he read the blogs, he would have had the runnings of the place, in check!

    He Talked Too Much, and now he is, where he is!

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  14. Michael k says:

    So with this dirt bag and his accomplists busted. Does this mean the legal USVI tourist and internationally licensed boat captains will be able to resume importing legitimate tourist on day charters to spend a shite load of money a stimulate the Bvi service industry economy to prepamdenic levels. Or does your succession of government require everyone in the Bvi to have their head up their a**

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    • Ted the Sailor says:

      I just want to return to BVI with a dozen of my friends on a bareboat, spend 10 days on board, a few days in hotels and enjoy the islands. It won’t happen until BVI changes their covid protocol and makes it easier to visit. I don’t know why they think cruise ships are so great… they eat and sleep on the ship while bareboaters spend money all over the islands.

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  15. Concern says:

    We want to know who the Lebanese are I heard one of them is an officer in Vg.

  16. Fix it says:

    The bvi is a very nice place to be. Lovely people and environment. But its just that some changes need to make.

  17. Sophis says:

    The police commissioner declines to divulge information on ongoing criminal investigations? Well, who does he think he is?

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  18. gg says:

    Eel is a British delicacy

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