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Concerning! Premier responds to residents opposed to helping SVG

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has said he is concerned that some locals are opposed to assisting residents of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) affected by the ongoing eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano.

The government along with other local organisations recently organised a barge with water and relief supplies to St Vincent.

It also announced that a policy is being created to house SVG residents who’ve had to evacuate. But some locals said they do not support that move.

“I can’t subscribe to that as a leader. But even if I wasn’t Premier, I couldn’t subscribe to that as a child of God — as a human being. So I am asking those few in our society who have that kind of philosophy to search your heart good. Again, I am not saying that we must overcrowd the BVI like some persons are running around saying. But if there are those who need help, we have to see how it’s properly organised,” Premier Fahie said while responding to anti-humanitarians locally.

The Premier said he understands the “suffering” brought on by COVID-19 but said the BVI shouldn’t shy away from helping its Caribbean neighbours in its time of need.

He further reminded residents that St Vincent came to the BVI’s rescue when hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through the territory back in 2017.

“So I am concerned when I meet persons who tell me about, ‘don’t help and leave that alone’. How could you? What Bible are you reading and how is your comprehension when you reading? Fahie question.

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  1. Serpent...ish behaviour says:

    I haven’t heard one single person oppose helping SVG. Not one! Even people who didn’t have much were trying to do some little thing to help. The Premier only trying to sow divide so that he could look like a champion for Vincentians and other Caribbean people to get votes. He think he smart. Look at the way his government treated our Caribbean sisters and brothers during covid. Remember the horrible things you all said during elections against some who ran with Caribbean parentage? Albert is up to his usual serpent..ish behavior.

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  2. SMH says:

    When will this guy stop his foolishness and get on with running the Territory. Who really opposed to assisting SVG? Even if a few persons talk s**t is that worthy of the Premier making a set of noise about it? Organize the help and HELP, STFU!

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  3. Jay says:

    If the govt has a reserve for this type of effort, I guess it ain’t trickin’ if you got it, but the PEOPLE of the BVI are struggling. We feel sympathy for them but we can’t feel more for them than for ourselves. Let’s be realistic. Might not be a Godly response, but it’s a realistic one. They always tell you on the airplane to place the oxygen mask on your own face before you attempt to help anyone else. Even if it’s your child.

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  4. 123 says:

    If u feel u hav to repay them well let all ofthem come all i hav to do is get out of them way

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  5. J says:

    Their behaviour is what cause us to not want them here…

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  6. SMH says:

    Hon. Premier I understand your Plight! But, what happens to helping your Own also! It’s true We must lend a helping hand, that does not mean adding to the Crisis We already facing in Territory. Remember Mr. Premier, Middle Class Virgin Islanders are practically outnumbered in Their Territory and are seen to be overlooked by any means necessary.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    We heard that the VIP is bringing in 100 vincys who are gauranteed jobs and schooling for their kids

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    • Me says:

      Don’t know what u all talking about, my understanding is most of them want to stay in their country.

      • Go where says:

        Go where? Those who live in the treasured red zone are reluctant to leave. Many remained there during eruption. Move to accept offer of crown lands in safer zones? No way. Not at all meh son. They prefer to stay and are eager to return to rebuild instead.

  8. yolo says:

    set a cap to only house 100 person the most

  9. wow says:

    up to 100 gauranteed jobs and schooling for their kids

  10. i am willing to bet says:

    That this is the advice of one of his cronys the blah blah blah man

  11. Hmm says:

    Worst mistake.

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  12. Support for svg says:

    It is noticeable the anti-SVG sentiment on many articles that cover the volcanic eruptions on going in that country.

    It’s not at all uncommon in many respects, however as a BVI citizen I can attest this provocative stance is taken by the minority of our people.

    They must not be allowed to set the tone, or the pace for our assistance to the people of SVG!

    BVI and SVG share a long and close relationship since the days of the Federation! A bond that cannot be broken by a few neonaz amongst us!

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  13. JEHOVAH is Love says:

    Even if Vincentians doesn’t get to come to Bvi, they will be ok.

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  14. Interested says:

    How did St Vincent come to our aid ? They helped their own people to leave.I am not against assisting them in any way I can ,but have concerns about the Government bringing them here.What happened to their other neighbors?
    Don’t try to lay guilt trip on us quoting the Bible, I feel this is a personal favour to his friend Gonsalves.

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  15. Stop listening to the rich preacher says:

    Mr. Premier wise up, U sound uninformed, u dont have a clue, We all know it wont be the people that need the help will be getting it, its the connected who dont need the help…How can you assure us that its the people that lose their houses coming…those are who need the help..Until they can do better

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  16. 2 tongue says:

    you claim to want all who ain’t from here out of senior positions, and you did start to move a few of them, since such post should be for tola people, as you stated, now you seem to care about SVG people placement before you open up our schools for our own people. Fahie how can you find a place for them to work and attend school and not your own BVIslanders. open the schools full-time first.

    all these projects you starting and lagging on the most important things.
    you need to step aside. Andrew

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  17. 123 says:

    U can send them jamaica or Haiti wa wilin to help those are big place

  18. Our goose is cooked says:

    The Premier really need help, you know. He says anything that comes to his mouth. Wow. Well, I don’t know about everybody else, but opening our borders to take in more people in this COVID era makes me nervous. The people of St. Vincent are suffering and we are off to a good start in assisting monetarily, but you only have to drive pass a Rite Way Supermarket, anyone, Bobby’s, anywhere East End on the road, Huntumns Ghut, in fact anywhere that has a tree to see that there are a lot of people in this country who are idle and not working. We are a small country and already outnumbered, and we have heard about the stealing going on in St. Vincent even while suffering. What is sent is not doled out to the populace just like we were during Irma/Maria. But our police are slow to catch criminals, can we throw open our doors and say all can come in? Help a few if families here want to bring somebody, but do we have to advertise that we are open and please come?

    My Premier, please stop talking melee and story. There are going to be people on both sides, yea or nay, but the majority of the people in this country will not refuse to assist if they can. Do you still need brownie points that every time I read the headlines it is something like this?

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  19. Don’t forget we help alyo says:

    I’m living here for 6 years now i from vincy my kids had to evacuate but I’ll never bring here to live alyo does get on too much smfh I prefer go home and my a** down with them instead bring them here
    Like alyo forget vincy how many children from here with home after Irma to go school
    How many workers came here to assist with electricity?
    How many construction workers came to rebuild ?
    How many food and water came up from the boat?

    And the thing that hurt most of you really check the population of belongers most of them have parents from other Caribbean island

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  20. Vc says:

    We vincy dnt want to be around u all ungrateful a** we happy how we deh…

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  21. Vc says:

    Them to darm ungrateful they will never change..these people are sick nonhuman beings.

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  22. Foot Solider says:

    For an island that claims to be so godly I am dumbfound. The negativity on the blogs are not helpful .Rescuing your black brothers and sisters can expose so much underlying hate and alyo want to crucify white people about racism ? Don’t you see the resilience of the people . The prefer to face death and build back their country than come among bad minded people like some of you . The PM had to beg them to
    Leave . Wait alyo would need help again

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  23. Retard says:

    Yall disgust me after irma vincy and st lucia was the first to send aid and relief smh even if vincy people ain’t come to the bvi st lucia will never let them suffer brother and sister island vincy and lucia forever so all those against helping vincentians they wont feel anyway cause they already dont want to leave vincy choops smh some of yall tolians disgust me

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  24. Dont agree with (2 tongue)Im not from here! says:

    In Every country, its people must lead in such positions…unless otherwise..
    Why should a government seek jobs for its people, whilst some jobs were given to outsiders?
    This has been practiced in the BVI for years!!!
    No other small Caribbean country does this!!!
    BVI please wise up!!! Control your destiny…Control your country!!!

    BVI people treats me well!! I get plenty jobs!!
    Because I work here, I was able to build my house back home. I am greatful because of the BVI ..
    Im man enough to say so!

  25. @Don't agree with 2 tongue says:

    Thank you for being honest. Th BVI people are nothing but kind to who visit our shores. In fact, the shiggidy that goes on here can never go on in other Caribbean islands. Like a BVIslander going down there and kicking up and calling people out of their names, but carry on. We are not opposed to helping anyone in need and that is known Caribbean-wide. God knows too, but any opportunity to berate BVI and BVIslanders, the opportunity is always taken. But God is coming soon, so fighting and fussing about a little piece of dot in the Caribbean Sea will be all over. The place is small, but is more popular than America it seems. God help is all.

  26. Anonymous says:

    You S**!!! There are people here starving and homeless and you are totally aware of who they are yet you s*****ully look the other way! You are an utter d*****ce Fahie!!!!!
    I hope you get what you deserve!

  27. ReX FeRaL says:

    Andy stop playing games

  28. Anonymous says:

    Help us lord what what a day that will

  29. YOUTH says:

    Premier you keep doing what is right because there are only a few haters and fools in the BVI and those are the ones blogging negative things all day. So do not think they are plenty of them.

  30. A Vincentian who choose to leave the bvI says:

    I have left the bVI few weeks ago and I don’t care if la soufriere erupting I will not return. Many Vincentians don’t want to and are not interested in going anywhere leave their homes. The few maybe persons who have children they may want to send for them. Y’all forget so soon hurricane Irma and how SVG reach out to y’all but SVG will rise because we have a good heart as a people and we will forever remain home of the blessed. Wicked set ah people y’all will shake again wait.

    • VIAncestral Breed says:

      When we start to shake, make sure you shake first, eh. Stop going in other people’s country and calling them down. We aint beg nobody to come here. Like Papa Ralphie (VI Ralphie) said, “when you go in a man’s country, behave yourself.”
      All yoh just don’t want to behave, just waiving allyoh red pee-pee all over the place, by Bolos, By Bobbys, By Fine Foods, Long Look, by Rite-way in town, by O’Neal Gas Station. Stop pee-peeing up the place in town, man, and leave the Virgin Islanders alone. We been kind to let you in in the first place. I guess we will get along when the whip start to lash on our backs again.

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