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Concrete roofs in high demand


Concrete roofs are now in high demand from residents who lost their traditional galvanised roofs during the recent hurricanes that affected the British Virgin Islands.

This is according to the local Rotary Clubs, whose members have pledged to rebuild and repair houses that were damaged by the category 5 weather systems.

The nonprofit organisation said roofs are already being designed for two homeless residents.

“We don’t want to just put roofs back on. We want to make sure that they are sustainable and so we are working with the building authority and related persons to make sure that the structure is usable and that it can sustain the roof that is going to be put back on,” said Past President of Rotary Club, Lorna Smith.

Meanwhile, Assistant Governor for Rotary, Elvis Harrigan, added: “One of the other issues that we have is that some of the persons who lost their roof want a concrete roof on; which makes a lot of sense. But was your building in the first place sturdy enough to take a concrete roof?”

“These are the issues that we look at but we have to emphasize that it may take a little longer. But it is for your own safety. We are [also] responsible for what we are doing so we don’t want to get into any trouble later.”

Give us a discount

Harrigan also appealed for discounted prices from building professionals who may be contracted to help with home repairs.

“I’m appealing to them to be nice… We are actually trying to restore homes so we need all the assistance we can get. So if you’re accustomed to working for a figure; see if you can probably cut it in half or even cut three-quarters off.”

“We can pay if we are forced to. We wouldn’t like to.”

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