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Coney Island to get separate entrance from festival village next year

A section of Coney Island inside the festival village in Road Town.

Coney Island — the area designated for children during the annual emancipation festivities — is expected to have a separate entrance from the festival village as one of the changes for next year’s events.

Chairman of the Festival & Fairs Committee, Carnel Clyne, told BVI News the decision was made because of public concerns; particularly from parents.

“People are saying that they want the Coney Island to be cornered off whereby we are able to charge for the village but leave Coney Island free because there are a lot of persons who don’t care to go to the village but want to take their kids to the Coney Island,” Clyne explained.

“That is one of the aspects that we are definitely looking into — finding ways to separate the two …. so that they (parents and guardians) would be able to maximise their dollar and then the folks that want to fete will go to the village side. So there will be two entrances,” he added.

During this year’s 65th Emancipation festivities, a number of parents complained of having to pay to enter the village on select nights.

Those parents said they were annoyed that they too had to pay, considering they were not staying for the festival entertainment.

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  1. yolo says:

    so truth wanted to take my kids there drive there i had to pay money at the gate, they wanted x amount of money for four of us…..i laugh and we drive home my kids started to cry i say sorry next time

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  2. anything goes in the BVI says:

    If sheep didn’t had his stage where it was things would have been different

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  3. Really? says:

    A separate entrance? Wow, I wonder which genius thought on this brilliant idea……….

  4. Dice says:

    With a separate entrance, please make sure that the area is well lit, especially in areas around the rest rooms and where those trailers will be.

  5. ok says:

    Sheep stage good where it is… Its much better at that location. Its easier for artists to get in and out instead of going through a crowd to and from acts… what needs to be addressed is the number of booths.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Great idea

  7. island man says:

    Good move kudos to whoever hear my cry. My kids can go any day now to the coney Island.

  8. Another idea says:

    Put coney island in the area next to the cultural center. Use the front part facing the dual carriageway which is already fenced up.

    On busy nights use a half-hour shuttle between the two locations.

  9. Obadiah says:

    The bvi should have their own rides for festival. This way they can operate year round especially on long holiday weekends. Bringing in coney island is money going out the country. just a thought.

  10. Looking On says:

    What I found interesting is where the Coney Island was locates, right at the main entrance. Did anyone of the geniuses out there realize that no troupes could go in once you got to the Village because the entrance was taken up with the rides. Isn’t a highlight on parade day for the troupes to go in there? It was not a good change at that moment. I would have loved for the troupes to come in and do their thing. I’m not a booth owner and not interested in becoming one. However the troupes should have had ease in coming into the Village on parade day.

    The village design should be adjusted and maybe not have so many darn booths. It was a big waste of space in the back of the open area. Put the Coney Island back in a corner so that can have some space to themselves and not be charged this’d crazy fees just to enter the village in order to get to the Coney Island.

  11. ???? says:

    This isnt Coney Island in NY you guys are talking about? Because im confused on what is bwing discussed here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    No…not Coney Island In Brooklyn NY

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bring back the old Coney island,,you have to be a ble to spend so much and not get much.we used to be able to enjoy a day at Coney island with out leaving broke.yes even the food is leaving one to spend so much,so if a day at Coney island leaves you broke I wish a normal day down that Coney with out going for broke

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