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Considerable swell in voter registration | Over 500 new persons make growing list

“More people have become eligible to vote so I think they have taken an interest in registering to vote” — Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn

Considerably more persons are registering to vote in the upcoming general elections compared to the last elections in 2015.

Of the current 14,095 registered voters, more than 500 of them are new, Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn told BVI News on Tuesday.

“That is the figure we have up to today (January 22) and we still have entries that we have to make; meaning we have registrations to enter. So, this is not a final total.”

She continued: “It (the number of voters) is more than the last election. We have an increase in 510 so far, which is a three percent increase. More people have become eligible to vote so I think they have taken an interest in registering to vote.”

Breakdown of voters per district

Penn said the breakdown of eligible voters across nine polling districts are as follows:

In the First District, 1,508 persons have made the polling list thus far while 1,438 have registered in the Second District.

Some 1,626 voters have register in the Third District, 1,357 in the Fourth, and 1,825 have enlisted in District Five.

A total of 1,717 voters comprise the list for the Sixth Electoral District so far, while 1,310 form the list in District Seven.

In District Eight, 1,653 have already registered. A total of 1,661 have registered in District Nine, so far.

In September last year, Penn said roughly 200 voters were struck off the list because they were no longer alive. That figure represents the single largest ever to be taken from the list in any one year.

A final list of persons eligible to vote in 2019 General Elections will be released after the House of Assembly is dissolved.

On election day, which must come by April 16, voters will have the option of using an electronic voting system to cast their ballots. With that method, the machine will scan and tabulate the results instantly. Manual voting is also an option.

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  1. Walla says:

    So no persons were struck off the list for any reason except for death? I have seen double entries, persons registered who do not meet the qualification requirements. The time is now to clean up the mess.

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  2. 10Cents says:

    Yep, time for a change. The Economist says our current problems are the result of NDP’s fiscal mismanagement and corruption.

    We need to put our house in order and start to fix our broken schools, broaden roads, broken everything. We need faster internet. We need to put out the fire at the dump.

    We need a whistleblower law to prevent our elected leaders from misspending our money. We need our justice system to step forward and prosecute those who have stolen from us!

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    • Smh says:

      That’s why the white man have black people down and will keep us (them). Who runs this “economist” that what it says is now law. My gosh, have some sense!

  3. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Ok. Is the surge in registrations and increase in the number of political parties good news for the BVI? Undoubtably, the two party system has not serve the BVI well. The musical chairs we play between the 2 parties is not in the best interest of the BVI. Nonetheless, all the blame cannot be dumped on the system and the politicians; the electorate must shoulder some of the blame. We go to the polls on Election Day and then go in hibernation. Further, as long as we can suck on the taxpayers nipples, we are happy and to hell with the national interest. Tribal politics, political patronage, dependency………etc are ruining the overall health, growth, and development of the BVI.

    Moreover, there is a surge in registrations but it means nothing if voters don’t go and vote. The rolls are small and every vote matters and can make a difference. As President Obama often says to supporters “do not boo, vote.” Fellow Virgin Islanders, the BVI is at a crossroad and this election is critical so make your vote counts. You will have an increased choice among parties and candidates to choose from.

    Further, the campaigns are full speed ahead, political temperature is red hot and with a high fever that needs to be broken. The fever needs to be broken before 16 April 2019. In the mean time, voters are exposed to relentless political pandering, chameleoning, promises, promises……etc. Political parties seems to employing a scatter shot approach to their campaigns. Instead, the parties should have a coordinated message that showcase a cause for why they should be elected. District candidates (party)messages must be in synch with party’s cause. Finally, Doc, dissolve the HOA, set an election date and let the people vote. Time is up and what is not done will have to wait for another day.

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    • RealPol says:

      @PO, real talk, touching on a myriad of subjects, ie, voter, registration, two party rule, increasing number of parties, tribal politics-political patronage-depedency, voting, campaigning…etc. The only thing that is missing is the kitchen sink.

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  4. Sandy says:

    I know that the voter registration has closed for this election. Not sure when that happened, but might be good to let the public know that they can no longer register to vote in THIS upcoming election.

  5. Wow says:

    The blue wave trying to buy the 5th. Watch them closely.

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    • pvim heckler says:

      1 ferry load from st.john and 2 loads from st.thomas

      • SMH says:

        It doesn’t matter who paid the boat fare…smile, say thank you! Yea, man, I got your back…privately it’s their decision. Where the ‘X’ goes/went…only they knows…Mouth, can say what it thinks the ears want to hear, but placing the ‘X’ is what the heart feels is better for the Territory.

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    • Okay Then says:

      Shut the hell up and let the people decide who they want to vote for!! BTW, did you receive an offer to buy your vote? From on here talking piss.

  6. i wanna know says:


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    • And says:

      What about all the other districts? People from Virgin Gorda and west end in east end. This time them and who put them there going get lock up.

  7. wow says:

    How the 3rd district got so many voters? Were they installed there to defeat frazer?

  8. Hoggish says:

    They need to fire the supervisor election along with the entire NDP team.

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  9. Oh no! says:

    This sounds like a scandal? How is this possible? Someone is trying to rig the election. Our democracy is at stake!!! #StayWoke They are trying to take our BVI!!!!!!!!

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    • really says:

      Strupes – everything is a scandal for ya’ll .. people want to register to vote they want to register to vote! most of ya’ll who register still wouldn’t vote anyway…… so STFU

      • @really says:

        Funny, but you did not explain how this is possible… Instead of name calling, let’s have an intellectual debate. I have put forth my idea. Now you come with yours. Because it’s ok for every other country to have strict laws on immigration and voting except my beloved VI. If we don’t defend our land, who will!

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  10. Yall says:

    New york coming to vote hard this year.send de plane.

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