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Construction of new ESHS will begin next year

Premier Andrew Fahie (BVI News photo)

Premier Andrew Fahie has assured that the construction of new Elmore Stoutt High School buildings will begin by 2020.

He made this announcement at the contract signing ceremony for the restoration of the school’s L-shape building at its Road Town campus last week.

“Mark my words, even if I dig and shovel myself and build the foundation … we will get this school started next year,” the Premier said.

Fahie, who is also Minister of Finance, said the building process will begin once a budget for the total cost to construct the new school is decided.

“Bring me the total amount. My job is to find the money and find it I shall … As soon as I know that amount, we will source it and start this project because it is necessary. It is overdue and I am guaranteeing here that we will get it done” Fahie said.

He also welcomed donors to contribute whatever they can towards the project.

“This project is not just a project for me as Minister of Finance or the Deputy Premier and Minister of Education or the government of the day. This project is a project for the people of the Virgin Islands. So anybody out there listening … just have $20 million put aside in your pocketbook to come forward and donate for this project. It may be a little less, but get that in case we may need any extra to go towards any other school and bring it there by the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Finance and we will deal with it from there” the Premier said.

Discussing concepts for the new school

Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley said he now plans to gather all local stakeholders to discuss the concepts for the new school.

“I have some very firm ideas in terms of what I would like to see but I want to speak to the administrators, I want to speak to the teachers, I want to speak to the principals, I want to speak to the parents, I want to speak to the students and ensure that we have a concept that can help firmly establish our education system going into the future” he said.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    The money used to pay your bodyguards anually could’ve started this project

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    • i wonder says:

      if that bodyguard contract went out on bid? by the way isn’t that company owned by someone in the 1st district along with a vip candidate????

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    • Blah says:

      He don’t need no damn bodyguard, he is not that important. Another bill the tax payers have to pay for.

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    • @vip heckler says:

      You sound so stupid.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Anyone who has not done so should visit the tents located beside the former Clarence Thomas store, where pupils are being taught.

      It’s worse than third world shocking.

      Surely we could rent something better until such time as the school is repaired.

  2. Hahaha says:

    I love it. I just love the Fahie/Wheatley duo. God Bless the BVI.

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  3. Hmmm says:

    He can say that because the money is there to do it thanks to the previous government. That’s a fact.

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  4. Quiet Warrior says:

    Admittedly, I don’t have all the details or scope of the ESHS reconstruction project so I may be off key and out of time. However, if the ESHS will be reconstructed sometime next year, why spend approximately $3.5M to repair the L-Shape building( why not name the L-Shape building after an educator, if not already done?)? Will the L-Shape building be an integral part of the reconstruction? Though the old CTL building is expensive and not truly meeting the need, does it make sense and less expensive to keep it a likle longer?

    Furthermore, why not acquire some pre-engineered buildings and temporaroly erect them on ESHS ground. In my perhaps off key tune, this may be less expensive than the L-Shape building repair, rental of CTL building………..etc. Government has the obligation to deliver the best services to the most people/residents at the least cost.

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    • dude says:

      The school is a priority. It is not just an expense it is the future of our BVI and need to be prioritized as such.

      The L shaped building will be renamed once it is completed. (The Teacher Dorothy Turnbull Building is the name I like) but other names are being suggested and welcomed as the powers that be will debate it

      The business community should donate b/c this is where our improved workforce will come from.

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      • QW says:

        @Dude, no doubt school/education is a national priority. Education is a core issue in charting the growth, development and sustainable path forward. Nonetheless, effective planning and maximizing limited/scarce resources is a critical tool in the toolbox. Do you have an answer to my?: “However, if the ESHS will be reconstructed sometime next year, why spend approximately $3.5M to repair the L-Shape building( why not name the L-Shape building after an educator, if not already done?)? Will the L-Shape building be an integral part of the reconstruction?”

        September 06 will be 2 years since Hurricane Irma ravaged ESHS, located in Road Town is the largest secondary school in the territory. As such, given its national priority, the planning of its repair/reconstruction should have been further along in the planning pipeline. However, if the ESHS will be reconstructed sometime next year, why spend approximately $3.5M to repair the L-Shape building( why not name the L-Shape building after an educator, if not already done?)? Will the L-Shape building be an integral part of the reconstruction?

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        • ha says:

          QW, while on this , pls elaborate on the BVI AIRWAYS and TPP over run!! Care too?

          • QW says:

            @ha, I’m a graduate of Manda School so I don’t know very much about politics nor governing. Nonetheless, I will take a shot in the dark on the issues you listed: $7.2M to BVI Airways, and TPP supposed cost overrun.

            A. BVI Airways: This expenditure lacked fiduciary responsibility. BVI Airways, a broke and bankrupt airline, clean taxpayers clock, took taxpayers to the cleaners. The loan/investment should not have been frontloaded; BVI Airways asking for money upfront was a flashing red sign that something was rotten in the state of Denmark. The disbursing of $$7.2M should have been performance-based and at certain interval. The taxpayers need an accounting for its $7.2M. Thus far, there is no return on the investment. This expenditure can’t be water under the bridge or spilled milk; an investigation is needed. Taxpayers need to be made whole.

            B. TPP Cost Overtun: This project was flawed from its rollout. It is a standard rule that no construction project should be awarded without the funding being authorized and appropriated. You cannot spend money that you don’t have or has been appropriated. Secondly, appropriated funds must be spent for intended purpose; to repurpose appropriated fund, HOA needs to act on it. Construction projects rarely if ever come in at exact cost estimate. Often, they come in either under or over. Invariably, they come in over, especially large and complex construction projects. Change orders or modifications is a reality but the cost must be reasonable. Typically, the range may be between 15-25%. Unless owner increases project scope or there are latent defects/unforeseen conditions, contractor(s) should put work in place consistent with his/her bid. Government should not award a contract to a contractor at a bid price that knows that the project cannot be completed for or a project that is way over the government estimate.

  5. Albion says:

    So Irma struck in September 2017. And we are talking about constructing *starting* in 2020. Lord alone knows when it will finally finish.

    That is a national DISGRACE. We have completely abandoned almost an entirely generation of High School students.

    I hope there are people hanging their heads low with shame right now. But I suspect everyone is too busy trying to point the finger of blame at someone else.

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    • Halfway says:

      Yes the storm hit in 2017 but who stop the school from being rebuilt in 2017and 2018 and before election in 2019. People who wanted to VOLUNTEER to clean up the schools were being turned away. Let’s just see how it go this time around before casting judgment no.

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  6. Willing to Assist says:

    Hon. Fahie, I am willing to take up a shovel and help you dig that foundation.

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  7. @vip heckler says:

    How much money did we pay to the Airport consultants and what did we get?
    If fahie has a bodyguard So WHAT?
    We are never proactive in this community.
    Something must happen for us to react.

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  8. E Scott says:

    BVI news please try harder with your articles this is one of the poorest and shoddy pieces of journalism I think I have ever seen.It is poorly constructed with poor English. Mind you it clearly makes good evidence as to why good education is important. I’m confused as to what is the plan with the school can you please clarify what is intended to be rebuilt and what is intended to be repaired at ESHS .

  9. Just my 2 cents says:

    Long awaited and we really should not wait much longer. Its surprising that from since the hurricane to now no major planning was done regarding the reconstruction of that high school. Education should never be taken for granted and given utmost priority.

    However, we must be very mindful when it come to the peoples’ money. Its unfortunate to start a construction project now that may be demolish or will be deemed structurally unsound inn the next few months.

  10. So says:

    OK… I Have partners who can get it constructed for 500 Million. Does that sound good Mr. Premier? You did say whatever the cost, right?

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  11. Really says:

    most country leader have security. why can`t he have a security.

  12. SMDH says:

    Some of you talking piddle about the security around the Premier. How do we know what really is happening? Some of us are so evil minded that there’s no hope.

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