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Control panel for incinerator installed! Electrical works in final stages

The long-awaited control panel for the Solid Waste Incinerator plant at Pockwood Pond has been installed and is now in its final stages of electrical wiring.

Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Carvin Malone made that announcement in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, December 17.

He said: “You may recall that in October of this year I stated in this Honourable House that works related to the incinerator repairs had commenced with electrical installations that would be required to energize the equipment. I am now very pleased to say that a new control panel has been manufactured by Consutech Systems LLC, shipped and transported to the site, and installed.”

“The final electrical connections are now in progress by Skelton Electrics Limited, despite the very sad and untimely demise of the company’s previous owner, Mr Oliver Skelton,” Malon added.

Minister Malone also expressed gratitude towards both the workers associated with the dumpsite and the residents from the nearby community, for tolerating the after-effects that resulted from the absence of a working incinerator at the plant since November 2018.

“We are also grateful to the residents of Pockwood Pond and surrounding communities for their forbearance in the face of the discomfort associated with spontaneous dumpsite flare-ups in recent months, despite our best endeavours to prevent them and to relieve the effects of smoke,” Malone added.

While it is believed that the electrical works will be completed ‘in the near future’, Minister Malone did not specify a date to when the incinerator will be back up and fully functioning.

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  1. So he say says:

    It seem like the people of the virgin islands have to file a class action lawsuit against this government
    This government never had a plan suppressing the local companies an violating human rights an environment regulations

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  2. Joke says:

    This is all a joke. Right??? Fahie bought cars, bodyguards, rental space from Auntie but the incinerator is still not fixed. If this wasn’t a third world toilet bowl nobody would believe it. Keep collecting the environmental tax from the ugly white tourists. They are the ones piling up s**t at the dump not the black man. Right????

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  3. Too True says:

    But when is the scrubber going to be installed to help remove the pollution?

  4. smh says:

    The people of the Virgin Island are not going to file a lawsuit against any government. If they had they would have done it years ago against NDP. The people of the Virgin Island are weak when it comes to really standing up for rights. Only march or protest has been against England. It is not England that is the problem, it is our own people. There are no more Noel Lloyd’s and Lindy DeCastro’s. We just take whatever crap we are handed and stand there and wait for another mouthful. Eight years now waiting for a scrubber,,, BS, it goes on and on. Had they wanted to clean up the mess it would have been done. Still waiting for a reliable source of water! Really here in 2020 and supposedely the richest country in the Caribbean. I will say things are improving now but don’t hold your breath waiting on fellow BVIslander’s to stand up.

  5. /// says:

    Oh, you mean the same scrubber that NDP ordered and paid $400K for about a decade ago? I would place any bets on it!

  6. Managing Director says:

    I am very displeased at this plan. It does not describe the supposed flare ups in its chemical makeup nor does the government share a plan to decrease the burning of hazardous materials. There is a bvi owned recycling corporation that can share its plans and aspirations that it cam finance 100%. be a help by supporting an actual recycling plan that can create over 100 jobs….literally!

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