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Controversial billboard erected in Road Town

BVI News captured a photograph of this billboard near the roundabout in Road Town on Wednesday, February 28.

A billboard recently mounted in the of heart Road Town is stirring up controversy in the British Virgin Islands.

The sign is rallying for support for a movement, which is effectively calling on locals to condemn the United Kingdom’s hand in the Recovery and Development Plan for the territory.

The UK has offered to be a guarantor for the BVI in relation to any loan of up to £300 million the territory borrows to finance its recovery plan.

But, the UK has attached some strict conditions to its offer; among them being that the BVI must implement an Agency that will have full control over how monies for recovery are spent.

The BVI was also told that representatives of the UK must get seats on the Agency. However, the group who commissioned the controversial billboard is not amused.

“Do not support the framework for the recovery plan,” said the group, whose members have only identified themselves as VE Virgin Islanders.

They erected the billboard just days after Premier Dr D Orlando Smith asserted that the BVI is still in control, even though the UK Government is cracking the proverbial whip on the BVI.


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  1. Maggie says:

    So any tourists and future investors there will see that the BVI really can do everything on their own!

    Good luck with that!

  2. Mon says:

    Be careful what you wish for. If the UK turns its back on the BVI, then we are in real trouble.

  3. Hopefull says:

    Do you think if the UK thought we could manage our own resources without those in control of the $$ stealing the money they would want to be bothered by this? The UK is trying to deal with their own disaster BREXIT… but as historically the BVI has proven to not spend money wisely or without issue the lender wants to keep a close rein on it!! We the BVI islander should be happy about this as this will ensure the dollar goes further and reaches further into our communities.
    I trust the VE Virgin Islanders will provide an equal sum with no strings attached..
    Tis only the hole we already dug!!!

    • BankRoll says:

      The UK is not dealing with a disaster in terms of Brexit. Europe is dealing with a disaster in terms of the EU. Like any divorce there is a lot of posturing and bad blood but it generally blows over after a few years. What’s happening now is just a bit of d**c waving.

  4. Albion says:

    It is a sign of how little faith they have in their message that those who are behind the billboard refuse to be publicly identified with it.

    If you don’t want the UK’s money, then I am sure that they will be happy to withdraw it.

    But I sincerely doubt that the people behind the billboard speak for most Virgin Islanders.

    • @Albion says:

      This is what I was saying….how come the people behind it can put their name on it…and they expect us to rally behind something it is clear they half-heartedly believe in…. SMH

    • watcher says:

      The UK is not actually providing the money. It is guaranteeing the loan that the BVI will take from commercial or international funding sources. Without the UK guarantee the BVI could borrow next to nothing. And without a loan, the schools, roads, ports etc will stay like they are for the forseeable future.

  5. Sam the man says:

    Surprise, surprise no desire to be honest, accountable and transparent with how much needed money from the UK is spent… It’s not control its called responsibility and being accountable but these are concepts the “No Direction Party” don’t subscribe too. If I was lending money the BVI wouldn’t get a dollar because they are so arrogant and self serving – when was the last time the Finance Director published the countries accounts? hmmm never – exactly….The UK is understandably cautious because every Government project here is late, poorly constructed, over budget and often unexplained costs that mysteriously get siphoned off…

  6. Bystander says:

    Vote no and get no repairs done; it’s already taken far too long.

    The next hurricane season is on its way. Look at the state of the place; there are still hardly any functioning schools. There is no alternative to taking the loan money and accepting supervision of how its spent. You never know, you might get some functional roads ad sewers.

  7. HA! says:

    That’s fine… don’t take the money. Loans come with conditions. Good luck finding one without conditions.

  8. Online Now says:

    Six months after the hurricane and there is no plan for the future of the BVI. Apart from the natural beauty, the place is still a mess of broken buildings, broken coats and broken cars.
    Yet, we don’t want to borrow the money as we would have to pay it back. Don’t want to provide information on how it was spent. Don’t want charity from wealthy foreigners as there may be strings attached. Yet no wealthy locals will put their hands in their pockets.

    It is no surprise that there are basic mistakes on the sign – and no-one would take accountability for that either.

    I’m not sure where the BVI is going any more …

    • Fear not says:

      Don’t worry the “No Direction Party” will continue to mislead us and provide no coherent plan of action 6 months or apathy and they haven’t even got finances sorted – now about that race track, cultural village and runway expansion – that’s what they will focus on …sigh should be called the NHP party – No Hope Party !!!

  9. yes says:

    BVI govt lost control and now just want the money

  10. Hmm says:

    NDP is that you? Is that you trying to push the agenda of going independent? Stop speaking for us when you know that’s not what we’re thinking.

  11. Disgusted says:

    That sign needs to be removed NOW !!

  12. Martin says:

    The BVI need a new generation leaders whose steps will be ordered by God. That will everything will be done above board.

    • SMH says:

      What is God waiting on to send them?

      • Well says:

        He might be waiting on you! why don’t you step up to the plate, since you know so much about what God is going to do or not do, what He is waiting on or waiting to go forward with?!

        I find you very disrespectful…a la Alliston.

  13. BVIlander says:

    I wish someone would remove that billboard, as the majority of BVIlanders are not in agreement with it. I have spoken to several persons and not ONE person is against the UK and CDB guidelines, which only point to fiscal responsibility.

    Would some knowledgeable person please let the rest of us know what the process would be to swiftly get rid of our elected government if they do not wish to accept the UK guidelines.

  14. Billbords shoul be Zoned says:

    There is no doubt we need the loan, (actually we need more, timely investments once projects are progressing but that is another discussion for another day) so I say thank you UK.

    A concern at this time, is the Influence the UK members would have over the ultimate wishes of the people of the Virgin Islands. In my humble opinion, there is an inherent power dynamic with our Mother Land. With money and now perhaps direct influence the wishes of the British Dependent Territory maybe supplanted.

    Not so recently, the British public voted against remaining in the EU. With much uproar the UK is now schedule to leave the EU. Would the voices of the BVI people carry that same level of “destiny” with persons from the UK a part of the Overseeing Agency?

    Loans have conditions, monitoring is necessary but direct control-No. The UK should step back within a measured space and if need be then step forward but don’t initial directly management the affairs of our country.

    In the end, if those responsible for the management of rebuilding, fail; then we would have no one else to blame but our collective selves.

    The true issues is to build a formidable multifaceted team, to manage this fund. No familiar, hand pick favorites but true character, talent, and vision and let them get on with managing this very hard task ahead.

    • Bystander says:

      The trouble with waiting to let “…those responsible for the management of rebuilding fail..” is that (a) a load of money may be wasted, which can’t easily be replaced/supplemented; and (b) there is no time to waste before the next hurricane season.

    • Publish accounts or accept the strings says:

      Think of the BVI as the person needing a payday loan, and without a credit rating. Not a single large project has ever been delivered on time, or budget, so the credit rating is non existent, and we all know why. This is not a control dynamic, rather just making sure money is spent properly, with suitably experienced contractors, not some friends of the budget controller. This is the sort of overseeing BVI needed long before Irma.

  15. ????ha says:

    Where do I go to vote yes?

  16. Positive says:

    I want to VOTE YES Too!! Where do we come to show our support?

  17. Branch says:

    The problem with this is that they haven’t provided any alternatives, just saying vote ‘NO’, how does this make sense? The Territory needs to rebuild and fast which takes lots of money, which we don’t currently have. Unless an alternative solution is being put forward I don’t see how this can help the BVI.

  18. Eh?? says:

    “WE VIRGIN ISLANDERS DO NOT SUPPORT………” Who “WE” are they speaking about, because as a Virgin Islander, “I know I ain had no discussion wid whoever you are…..and I know many more will say the same.” Join which movement? The movement of hidden agendas? The devil’s movement? Which movement? Who’s behind this movement? Next thing you know, we joining a movement to hell? Come forth and be recognized, and explain yourself so that people wouldn’t be joining a “movement” blindly. That’s the right thing to do. Well meh boy!! My Disclaimer: The views written on this billboard do not necessarily reflect the views of all Virgin Islanders. “It don’t wuk suh wid we!”

  19. Jeremy says:

    You’ve forgotten where the UK loans and guarantees come from. The UK Government? Wrong. The UK taxpayer. If the man in the street knew where his tax money is going they’d be outraged. They are paying to support a country that enables rich people to pay no tax -so they have to pay more. I would take it with grateful thanks and shut up if I were you.

    • Have some cash says:

      Easy solution, get someone else to guarantee the loan without any stipulations. Oh wait, those people don’t exist. Get with with it and get this place rebuilt properly.

  20. Island man says:

    Did town and country planning approve this ridiculous bill board?

  21. Hopefull says:

    I vote yes to the British taking complete control.
    Speak up Yes or No?

  22. Mmhmm says:

    I vote yes!

  23. District Rep for the 9th says:

    I vote yes if the BVI government control any kind money some will just end up unaccounted for just like with the millions still missing from the pier park project ……let the UK control the I vote F**king yes…

  24. MacAVelli says:

    It’s time for politicians to listen. WE, the People have the power, and are the Power! Yes, the loan has conditions attached, that is expected and normal business, but why not inform us the People of the stipulations? Especially if you note that they are a bit onerous on the country and it’s citizens. The issue I see here is this current government lacks transparency and the people need to hold them accountable. No need to get emotional, I voted NDP straight! NDP said they were ‘government in the sunshine’ and ‘our best hope for the future’ so what now? I don’t get a say in that future, or at least be informed of matters that directly impacts my country and me!

    What I interpreted from this banner? This is a culmination of a deeper issue which must be addressed. Why does the Premier not come out and say what’s going on with the UK loan, and inform us properly from having leaked documents and leaving us to guess, fill in the blanks, and speculation? What is wrong with coming to the electorate and educating us? What’s our negotiating position? An informed people, results in a unified people. Talk to us, report to us, bring us along. These flood and disasters rocked our core, we were shaken and tramatized. But that does not mean the people don’t deserve to know. You can lead, but if you know everything, you’ll soon learn you have no followers.

  25. Bvi says:

    It would be nice to know WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW people decided to make representations on my and other bvislanders behalf

  26. Bvi lover says:

    I’m american. I love tortola. And visit as often as I’m able.. I wish the US would offer a deal like this to Puerto Rico and the USVI instead of doing nothing. Somehow BVI tourism has to come back and better than ever. I don’t want to speak for all of you but I’m personally so afraid the drug trade and crime will worsen in the aftermath of this disaster if you don’t take help that’s offered. We love all of you and want you to be safe and happy and secure!

    • well says:

      USA helped PR a ton! They are just corrupt and wanted a blank check. PR was run into the dirt years ago by politicians and now cry that the USA isn’t helping.

  27. hmmmm says:

    BVI Islanders dont know anything about handling finances. Expats, who are hired by BVI Islanders, handle the finances What is your problem?

  28. The Visitor says:

    Looks like somebody don’t want a lid put on the cookie jar.

  29. The Real Boo says:

    Who are “We Virgin Islanders” cause the rest of us know government needs controlling.

  30. Eyes says:

    BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS. The ones who paid for the billboard still live in an alternate world and believe that they are not beggars. You are beggars.

  31. Sam the man says:

    I suspect that the cowards that put this bill board up are within the No Direction Party (NDP) and others that have continually banged their drum about being independent – fools that just will lead the BVI to disaster! …

  32. Josh says:

    How dare That sign tries to speak for me!

  33. BVI TO THE BONE says:

    Why is that sign still up?? It certainly do not speak for me and I dare say nor any Virgin Islander with common sense. How in heave are we going to get back on our feet without loans and thank God that the loans are guaranteed. It has a set of people on the radio with a lot of talk, talk and no solution LID IS NEEDED ON THE COOKIE JAR!!!

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