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Cop arrested for attempt to smuggle contraband into HM prison

A police constable attached to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has been arrested in connection with reports of an attempt to smuggle contraband into His Majesty’s Prison on Friday, July 5.

According to a statement released by the RVIPF, the officer was taken into custody for questioning and subsequently released. The officer has also been immediately removed from active duty pending further investigation.

The RVIPF has not disclosed the identity of the officer involved, nor have they specified the nature of the contraband.

The police force has stated that they are collaborating closely with prison authorities and will provide updates on the investigation as it progresses.

Acting Commissioner Jacqueline Vanterpool assured the public of the RVIPF’s commitment to prosecuting any alleged misconduct by its members or any public service personnel. “We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our force and ensuring that any actions contrary to our values are addressed promptly and thoroughly,” she stated.

Further details will be shared as the investigation continues.


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  1. What? says:

    Whaaaaa? No info? Well sah!

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  2. If is one thing says:

    If is one thing police does arrest them own.

    Never seen the other government departments handling their corrupted workers

    And don’t tell me there’s none

    Don’t forget Andrew fahie was our premier lmfao


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  3. Side Effect says:

    Thank you for posting this story. The police force is riddled with corruption. Not to single them out, but we need to eliminate corruption wherever we see it. We must set examples for the next generation, and if we have a society where no one is held accountable for their actions, then we are on the verge of collapse. We must and should do better.The government recently underwent a salary review, and I believe public officers are now being paid a fair salary. Using crime to compensate for a lifestyle beyond one’s means should not be tolerated. Additionally, since this person is serving the public, their name should have been published.

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    • Show some appreciation says:

      In your comment, you completely missed the fact that it is the police who have taken action against their own colleague, and that is typical of how the police force behave. We have a corrupt society and corruption exist in many agencies of government. The police force is the only government department that appears to have the appetite for taking action against its own staff, and if they did not act, you would not have anything to comment on. So tell them thanks for the chance to make a stupid comment and thank them for their service. If ungrateful was a person, your photo would have been beside the word in the dictionary.

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  4. BuzzBvi says:

    Good Job, Side effect. Pay people right. Help them build lives. They dont need to be criminals. If they get greedy, pursue them with the full force of the law. People in the VI for too long think it is OK to make money illegally on the side. We need to build a society where people dont feel like they need to do that.

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  5. dem dutty says:

    Nothing smells worst than a rotten cop

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  6. Norris Turnbull says:

    That’s disgusting.

  7. JANJAN says:

    These Jamaicans police comes here with one intention, for the US Dollar and to see how much a** they could kiss to be elevated, I was told about the evil [team] who find themselves up the rank, I was told that they have done nothing for the rvipf, I was even told their intention was not to stay in the bvi, but they find themselves in the good graces of the weak senior management, all in all these Jamaicans is no good but they will swim in their own oil.

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  8. Resident says:

    We need the UK police to come in on 6 months rotation. we need clean up Mr Governor. this place is the wild west and is heading in the direction of Haiti.

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    • @Resident says:

      This country has rights.

      The people of these Islands have full rights.

      The people can handle their own affairs.

      They do not need UK white males such as you andothers coming here to be a part of our establishment, that would colonial intervention, as you have been advocating for.

      When we are asked to go to UK to help fix her issues, then we can reciprocate accordingly..

      The world has moved on from colonial thinnking for the most part, but many minds are stuck in the deep past So sad.

      The islands and their inhabitants status have changed. over centuries. Hence, even though you sneakely bring in white boys and girls, pay them handsome salaries, way above. the local, which is so wrong,to bring in more is tantamount to modern day invasion of a soveriegn Black State, which should nt. be tolerated.

      There already to much of them already brought in and is functioning cladestiely in the upper managerial positions of the RVPFwho should notbe there, and likewise in the Governers office.

      Our Black must get a hold of the travesty of justice and rid the country of this colonial cancer and blight.

      It is now 2024 and not the 8, 9, 10 or 11th century.

      That mentality belongsin the septictank of history.. Next, you will be, once your agents are in place, advocating for the renewal of slavery.We all. know some of have retired here and so wiish for the take over of this country to serve the needs of your UK kind.

      Question is, what about the native Black people? are going to usurpthe centuries old right and make them second class and poverty subjects again?

      Both my keyboard and minds like yours need to be fixed.

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  9. De silent one says:

    I hope that he’s remanded into the same institution that he was sending the drugs. He can be deem a flight risk

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  10. Waa says:

    Police ain been in the news in a minute.

    All I was seeing was Andrew Fahie and customs

    Was saying y’all finally clean out all the bad eggs

  11. NO COMMENT says:


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  12. Si Mon Pow Err says:

    We do not need this kind of Corruption and Greed on the force.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Young Black male with ties to the upper Caribbean Is
    Policemen of such description are worldly and infamously known for criminal participation for personal enrichment
    Imported into these VI by these VI.Truth!

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    • SMH says:

      ??? Upper Caribbean. Isn’t that the Virgin Islands are the upper Caribbean ( most northern) I’m trying to clarify the term.

  14. Hmm says:

    All of them will fall there eyes are long just in the force for money and to get drugs all of them do it! For money is just for them to get catch

  15. Blind man says:

    This is nothing new some police officers are assisting the big players in this drug business some years back the video with the police officers west end playing part of west Bank music videos and I sure they were well paid.

  16. Governor says:

    We need the UK police to come in on 6 months rotation. we need clean up Mr Governor. this place is the wild west and is heading in the direction of Haiti.

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    • @ Governer says:

      For your cearly uninformed and probably racist and anti Black rhetoric, it is all of the countries that have been nd are controlled by white people, Uk, Francce, USA,, to name just a few that have Haiti in the centuries old and pepetual conditionit is in now.
      The three richest in Haiti are all white.

      Futher, the moment Haiti got its independence, the white man made a pact with himself and the devil to keep Haiti in perpetual blight, obscene poverty and more.

      Anyone who has read know this. How come you have not?

  17. all angles says:

    The public is being squeezed from all angles. UK Stagnation, Greedy local politicians, Corrupt police, undercover who are saints with less oversight than regular police & politicians, desperate criminals. Low wages, high prices. All angles.

    The only thing that can save us immediately is hospitality & we do the most to drive people away to other destinations. We do not train the youth & punish companies for going overseas unnecessary for work.

    Specific fields & Skilled work yes hire overseas, not EVERY entry level field should be permitted to be outsourced.

    Fully brainwashed retaining the same old when it is not working. Its OK because it works for some people. Government rent.

    People are thinking one step ahead to what they want and dont want, an indentured servant for example, at demise of the country in a changing world.

    A human loses a limb but the mill keeps going, we are moving with the same energy we were freed from.

    I forgot about the officer, but he is one symptom of the problems our leaders created. Imagine what else he has been up to while they victimize the public & the politicians are scared to fight.

  18. Smh says:

    What is the role of the government’s HR department in hiring these officers to RVIPF and other agencies? What is the hiring, onboarding and vetting process in RVIPF and other law enforcement and non-law enforcement agencies to thoroughly weed out undesirables from being recruited?

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    • Bree says:

      Police Department has their own HR Department.

      I have said this before and will say it again. No one who lives here lest than 10 years and do not have resident status should be allowed in the police force and be prison guards. What do you all expect when they show up here today and hire tomorrow to be police officers. A proper background check should be done. This should be done by an outside firm that have no connections to anyone. They should be able to check with their home country, here and an international data base just in case they lived other places.

  19. Terrible news! says:

    Shame on you Z. B.
    Shame! Shame! Shame! I can only imagine the shame your wife is feeling. Prayers for her and your family.

  20. @ JANJAN & ANONYMOUS says:

    We don’t own the US $$ / if he is a jamaican and he breaks the law here ( there is a law for those whoever breaks the law , where he comes from has nothing to do with it ) are they guilty too ❓️ . Why when people work honestly to earn an honest living you watching them like the
    chicken hawk from VG who team up with the dude in Miami to double tax them using money gram as a front , and leaving the holy employers untouched ❓️ those entitled youths who won’t look for work but having out on the block smoking weed & cocaine and renting apartments and robbing and killing people ( like they did to the lady with the gas station ) to pay their rent / and how about those up the same BALO from here who has done drive bys with illegal machine guns and is vacationing up BALO and is ALLOWED to post themselves on FACEBOOK with all their gold chains that they gained from the drug trade and COLDBLOODED EXECUTION STYLE KILLINGS , HOW COME YA’LL AIN’T HOLLERING OUT ABOUT
    THOSE HEAVENLY WONDERFUL ACCOMPLISHMENTS / or that’s how we roall ❓️ are going to blame the whole of tortol for those wannabe gansters ❓️ and there are those who knows some of those COLDBLOODED killers who is walking in the streets amongst us / but we give them bragging rights because the have made their hits and are free as birds / I personally hope they nail his ASZ to the cross . And tgere are people from here who have been SMUGGLING things into BALO for years too , so let’s hear you holler
    out that too ~ HYPOCRITES


    PHOTO or mug shot, please

  22. D offica says:


  23. Welsa says:

    For how it show off, I’m not surprised

    • @well sah says:

      I saw the same thing from my interactions with the chap. Arrogant, ugly and show off.

      Maybe this is the humble pie he needs. He is not beyond repentance, I hope he finds it.

  24. nothing new says:

    They need to get rid of the majority of the Royal Virgin Islands Police force with their corrupt backsides. Its nothing but greedy crooks working to serve and protect on our tax payers money. Joining the force for most of them is just about opportunity while hiding behind that uniform and badge

  25. Festation says:

    The swarms of policemen that are here,police from foreign are here as a result of the imported scums bums and cannibals imported from the worse ofthe worse in the Northern Hemisphere. Black folks all,doing what they do b
    est here there and everywhere,a universal infestation. Policing in these Vi,prior to their arrival numbered barely one or two and they marched in parades and assisted immigration at the
    One and only one Demogaphic ,the sole destroyer. Predictable mashup.
    Drain the Swamp!

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