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Cop who was shot on VG last year discharged following investigations

Virgin Gorda Police Station. (BVI News photo)

BVI News understands that following an investigation, the police officer who was shot in Virgin Gorda on April 17, 2020, has been discharged from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

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It is understood that the policeman, Officer Shawn Williams, initially told investigators that he was shot by an unknown assailant while in the Spring Bay area of the sister island.

However, investigators later found that the cop accidentally shot himself and lied about the incident. Although the exact date isn’t known, BVI News understands that he was discharged during the latter part of 2020.

It’s also understood that the shooting incident isn’t the only reason he was discharged from Force. Among other things, it’s understood that drugs were found in the clothes he was wearing when the shooting incident took place.

He was then ordered to undergo drug tests which returned positive results. BVI News hasn’t been able to ascertain the quantity of drugs discovered or the exact substance for which the cop tested positive.

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  1. hmm says:

    Not surprise at all…Another investigation that need looking into is the one with those 2 young men also in VG who claim that a “mask man” shot them. That sounds like a make up story also. Please dont stop investigating….because I dont believe anybody shot them. Also, the Situation with the Young man who die from that Scooter incident in VG also NEED checking out.

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    • @hmm says:

      Completely agree with your comment. I feel and think the exact thing.

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      • Humpy says:

        Last names has a big part to play in these two young men who claimed they shot themselves.
        Isn’t it one of those same guy who was in the bank robbery at ****** Bank VG. He also was in ****** robbery when he Claimed they robbed him when he set it up.
        Where is he now on the streets still let it was another poor people child they never would of gotten bailed but he is out getting into more and more illegal things ,all because of his Last name and who he belongs to

  2. Lunar says:

    Where are the men? Oh sorry, they are attending Road Side University burning a joint and writing their thesis after being involved in a scoter accident.

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  3. Wow says:

    He wanted to shoot the gun for fun lol

  4. LoL says:

    This story wreaks of sensationalism. Drugs? Are we talking about Marijuana that is legal around the world and used by everybody on all levels? Why this story come out now? Seems like the police trying to protect themselves and took a preemptive strike against this man to tarnish his name in the public space before he tries to take any kind of legal action. No proof he shot herself self.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    So accidents dnt happen it sounds like and excuse to caz u all no he will cum after u all so before d incident how is it dat non of d police had to do drug test the whole force need to do drug test caz we in d public no alot of u police dat do drugs live d boy alone he was a good cop

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  6. What!!! says:

    “Hmmm” writting English not your strong point?

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  7. vg says:

    Yes, these cases need serious investigation please…the stories are ALL made up. The Family of Glenford “Stash” Young need closure mehson, I see the hurt on his family everyday. It could not have been a Scooter accident and nothing happen to his bike or no proof of another vehicle crashing with him. Somebody saw something that night. Seems like we have some real criminals living among us.

  8. Musa says:

    If these young guys killing and hurting them self where the next generation will come from?

  9. No justice in the BVI says:

    Where was this cop from? Guaranteed he was not a belonger.
    A year ago a VG man ran over 2 snorkelers killing one. No charges filed. Boat owned by prominent island owner.
    It is who you know. How much money you got.
    BUT the same crappie police And no justice!

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